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wish i'd read the reviews first!
jerryslabber30 July 2015
I watched this movie based on the rating and because I like a decent post apocalyptic film. This was anything but a decent film, no matter the genre! Certainly not worthy of a 6.7 rating! The way the characters acted/reacted were so far from reality it is actually frustrating! Plot was practically non-existent and the dialogue was laughable! The ratings for this film are clearly not deserved so I came back to see if I could see what I suspected what went on here (with the rating it received). So here I was scrolling through every review. A lot were bang on, rated 1 star and warning others how bad the film actually is, but then came the reason(s) I watched this waste of time in the first place! A dozen or more reviews (and I am sure dozens more who gave a 10 rating!) claiming masterpiece, great film making, amazing psychological thriller etc etc etc. So unfair to mislead IMDb members like this, very selfish and void of any integrity! Several of these so called reviews were from family members! You can determine this by their IMDb ID's! Same names as the directors! LOL LOL! I don't know which is dumber, these friends and relatives with their obvious false reviews, or the script and direction of this cliché ridden boring mess! Only reason to watch this film would be to later come back here afterwards and read these reviews. Hilarious!
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gantzu-5346517 May 2015
Mindless and contrived attempt at an art film. I feel someone needed to challenge the writer/directors drone like artistic process and didn't. It felt like there was a lack of a clear plot and they "winged" it hoping a movie would come out the back end if they stumbled through production. What resulted was a series of random minor plot lines that were pointless and illogical, steering away from what was supposed to be the major plot line,then loosely knitted together. The movie droned on at a steady pace and left you with a yearning for an end or actual plot line. This writer/director seems to be proud of what he's accomplished here, but what he created is an awful and misleading waste of time. Maybe he is proud of creating a film. Any film will do.
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Highly overrated rating
mvvaihtoehto14 June 2015
I had some expectations to this movie as I like zombie and apocalyptic movies. I saw the rating and read the review and I thought to myself that this would be something worth seeing. I was so wrong. I had to create my account here to come and warn other people from watching this. The acting was horrible (except for the main woman actress), story was poor and illogical. I wonder why this movie was even made. There seemed to be some potential to create a decent zombie movie but somehow after 10 minutes it seemed to me that the director just hurried quickly to finish it or just didn't care. The movie just didn't make any sense and it was full of clichés and even they didn't work.

Don't waste your time watching this.
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Illogical, appalling dialogue, zero plot, and zero character development
destinedsleep24 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have pretty much spelled out much of what happens in movie so don't read if you want to watch this, well, whatever it was...

I rated this 1 even though it is probably, if stretched, worth a 3, which I would have given if not for the need I felt to counter the clearly subjective ratings obviously given by the filmmakers friends and family. You are taking away the integrity of IMDb by giving such biased, and clearly undeserved ratings. I understand you need to support your loved ones, but if your rating cannot be anywhere near objective, then IMO you shouldn't rate it at all. You have no integrity yourselves by doing this and are not fooling anyone. (One of the directors brothers, by his own admission, reviews the film, gives it an 8/10 but claims he is being completely "impartial".) Sure you were buddy! We believe you...

Now, onto the review. My summary pretty much says it all so I'll spurt off some examples of the utter moronic script and whatever they thought was a plot.

Group want to be as inconspicuous as possible, so what does one character do? Yells and screams out in the open at the top of his lungs! Not once, not twice, but several times! Yep, that's logical! Same character jumps in car and before even turning the ignition starts muttering "come on, come on!", while rocking back and forth in the seat as if he's been trying forever. Just very poor directing!

Skipping ahead we have the rapist and his victim have a scuffle resulting in a plate being broken, her husband comes in upon hearing this and asks if everything is OK. Rapist says all is fine, just an accident, wife is shaking like a leaf and looks like a scared rabbit, husband shrugs it off and walks away outside. Yeah, great script there! Very natural, I say with a big dose of sarcasm... Nothing much happens, as is with the entire film really, but more illogical tripe, as when rapist drags mans wife off, after the husband has a gun to his chest, all after finding out he lied and quite possibly murdered a family he claimed was his, and watches her disappear with rapist inside. What does husband do? Does he pick up the nearby axe and sneak up and save his wife from being raped? Of course not, because that would be the normal and logical response! No, husband instead crawls up in a ball on the ground like a retard, crying like a girl. We get to watch him doing this for around 60 seconds! 60 seconds of illogical nothing! Skipping ahead, rapist shoots the mans wife. Yup, anyway, driving along, in need of gas, sees a farm house, nope, not worth a second look, because being out in the middle of nowhere and in need of supplies, including gas, would be way too logical and natural of a response to investigate said house, so of course they run out of gas. Zombies approaching, man begs wife to get up ,she refuses, man has no choice but to abandon her, so logically she shoots him in leg as he walks away. Yep, zero sense, absolutely mind boggling. The logical way to get the point across that she needed him all that time to step up for her, would be for her to accept his help when he actually started to do what she wanted all along! But inexplicably she decides it better to grievously wound him instead. Like I said, mind bogglingly dumb, illogical and desperate failure!

10 stars indeed! Yeah right!
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do not bother
nospambert18 June 2015
There was literally nothing good about this movie, and plenty of bad. Without "spoiling" whatever there might be to spoil, the characters behave in ways that are inconceivable, annoying, and frustrating to bear witness to. The plot is extremely simple without any background on how events unfolded. There are holes everywhere. I guess the production quality itself is decent, but it's not hard to find movies with gore *and* entertaining plots. The absolute worst thing is just how unrealistic (even in a zombie universe) characters comport themselves. And if you insist on watching, I challenge you to remember any of their names aside from that of the main character, Evie! I just hope I've saved you the time I lost on this crap film! It's too late for me but there's still hope for you!
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Terrible movie.
GrimeyRickGrimes21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am sure most of the 10/10 ratings are from the director and his family.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The main character and her husband are two of the most unlikable people in a film. There is absolutely no story whatsoever. It starts fast then quickly slows down to the wife selfishly bullying the rest of the group as only her life matters.

The husband is week and needy and pretty much worthless. he actually lets his wife get raped while he has a gun in his hand.

The ending on the other hand is a whole other level of silly. The husband finally gets the nerve to stop his wife from getting raped. Goes in and shoots her attacker. Problem is the attacker doesn't die right away and shoots the wife.

Long story short the husband and his wife drive away and the car shortly breaks down. The husband desperately tries to get his wife out of the car and get her to safety. She falls on the ground and refuses to get up as she is weak from getting shot. Her husband decides he has no choice and decides to leave her. He walks about 20 yards and is shot in the leg by his wife who is suddenly chasing after him. It makes zero sense. This is like the only action in the movie as there are a total of 8 infected seen from a distance in the entire movie.
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Not worth it
da_mongoose5 August 2015
This film is not worth the time to watch it. It starts out really strongly but as it goes on it gets continually more boring. The characters are totally unbelievable, unlikable and how they made it as far as they did is nothing short of a total miracle. I was lead to believe that they've been surviving for a few weeks, so why everyone still screams all the time and are constantly in a state of panic when anything happens is beyond me. It speaks volumes about a movie when the guy they are trying to portray as an asshole who is hardly even in the majority of the movie, comes across as the most relatable guy.

I was also hoping that what I can only describe as "socially awkward dialogue" would die out at some point but it never does. The majority of the conversations would never actually take place in any kind of situation, the man who loves his wife can't seem to take obvious hints that she isn't okay.

The plot seems to have no sense of direction. The almost non existent combat scenes are all too stupid to comprehend, like they literally just thought "oh f**k it, even i'm getting bored now", it feels like it was hastily made. The production quality is sound but everything else is a no go.

In short: Slow movie, annoying characters, little plot but decent production quality. If you want a zombie movie, this isn't the one.
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Dumb, can't get dumber.
PhoenixCongo18 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so dumb I have no idea how it got funding, why the actors appeared in it unless it was to make the rent. The girl gets raped while her bitch boyfriend lays on the grass and cries like a coward, this after he held a gun to the man's chest who eventually rapes his woman...its so stupid, badly written. The guy can shoot his female friend who is infected but can't shoot the man dragging off his woman. Can point a gun at a soldier outside the farm while his woman is getting raped inside the farm. John can kill the soldier, but couldn't put a bullet into the soon to be rapist throat before the lunatic rapes his girlfriend? And then after taking a rifle from a soldier, and shooting the rapist, the rapist is able to get a shot of at the girl. After all that, still the woman feels safe to travel with John? I wish she shot the rapist and then shot John, and drove off. The woman is nothing but a screaming prop. She deserved better as an actress and as a character. Movie is dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
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In my opinion this movie is not worth your time
eydunn23 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers: This movie is pretty horrible, the main actress just whimpered and cried throughout the whole movie. She seemed to think she had the right to tell everyone what they should or shouldn't do. As the film went on every thing she did in the movie made me hate her more and more. The main actor wasn't any better. His character was very inept just like his wife. I thought it would be a decent film based on the reviews; however after watching it i can not recommend this movie. If you hate when characters are outright stupid and would not do what normal people would do in the same situation, please do not watch this.
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Slow with no suspense
chrismackey197215 May 2015
The beginning was interesting. It had suspense, and around the 15 minute mark, something shocking happened that I didn't see coming. However, afterwards...gosh, it was so slow. I know it was low budget movie that was more like 28 Days Later than The Walking Dead, but I was not taken with it.

I didn't have a problem with the actors, but the storyline was not fast moving at all.

They kept locking themselves in the barn at night, but I don't know why they didn't build some ladders so they could climb to the roof to keep safe.

I gave this a 4-star rating. I wouldn't watch this again. You might like it if you like subtle movies about some virus/plague that makes the infected secondary to the personal drama. I like action/adventure, and this was neither.
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worst movie ever
seano-4989821 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
this was the worst movie i have ever saw and i have seen every syfy original movie there is.

spoiler alert the main character is an awful actress i hated her more than Lorie Andrea and fr Gabe from the walking dead and king Geoffrey from game of thrones combined.

what she did at the end to make me hate her is that she is to weak to stand up but she is strong enough to stand catch up to her husband and shot him than to continue to walk for a couple more miles

and since when do zombies scream. there were a lot of other things that i hated about this movie but i want you to find out yourself
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Beyond Disappointing
juliettegreen-2540915 August 2015
Any person who thinks this is a good film needs an IQ test as far as I'm concerned, either that or they have a vested interest in the success of this film. I will never get that time back is all I can think at the moment. The acting is atrocious, the script is mind bogglingly dreadful. I would have congratulated any GCSE (16 yr old exams) as a good attempt in film making using their relatives as the main characters but any older and its a massive thumbs down. It's not scary at all, in fact actual zombies are few and far between in this and even when they do arrive they don't seem to be able to get through flimsy tin doors despite several attempts. It's truly awful.
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Unlikeable Main Characters Ruins The Film
HorrorOverEverything21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This flick started out great, it throws you right into an interesting situation and makes you excited to find out what will happen next, however that excitement doesn't last very long.

The interesting characters quickly exit the film in the first 15 minutes and we are left with nothing but the female lead, who is just plain out uninteresting. Then we meet her husband who is equally boring, this is a guy who minutes ago our female lead was ready risk the lives of 4 survivors to rescue but now she just doesn't seem to care about him. 50 minutes of lazy dialogue and an antagonist who is super poor developed leads to a very dumb finale.

In a film that focuses solely on 3 people it would be nice to care about at least one of them but you won't, the female lead is suppose to be the person we are rooting for but I found it hard to do so since she causes about 85% of the conflict in the film. Overall this was just a pretty boring a pointless flick, I get that they were going for a psychological thriller type film but it just didn't work for me.

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Movie is a Plague in itself!
strati-635-259505 January 2016
i don't get it, how could ppl be giving this long fart a rating above five stars!? the whole story was totally senseless. I'm totally into zombie stuff,...even into low budget productions, but this....was just a big waste of my time and i really feel the need to say it! this is my first "review",... and I'm telling you... if you re searching for some post apocalyptic zombie movie, you don't want to watch this one,... really poor character buildings,...everyone could have died i didn't feel attached to anyone in this movie. Zombie Loew Budget movies mostly suck,.... if u want to see a good one you should watch The Dead 2010 (for instance) , its worth your money and your time ;-)
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Strewth Zombies!
s327616921 January 2016
Strewth, its another Australian, zombie film and not a bad little film at that.

Plague makes rather clever use of an Australian outback setting. Its harsh, stark, landscape, is a metaphor for the choices a small band of survivors of a plague pandemic face. They can either adapt to the harsh realities of their stark, new existence or perish.

This is the premise this film is built upon. It defines the dynamic that develops between the survivors, who gradually start to fall into two obvious categories; those who are determined to live and those who, sooner or later, are destined to die. The decisions made by the survivors, are not judged in moral terms but instead, have a Darwinian quality, where only the strong survive.

There's is then, a little naked savagery about Plague. As in nature, some die because others make ruthless choices, that aid in their survival. This primal quality is reflected in the zombies. They are not your garden house, moaning shufflers but instead, are imbued with a predatory menace and slathering, screaming, ferocity.

The acting in Plague is reasonable. What I did like is the manner in which each character is presented as a real person, as opposed to an over the top caricature. The decision to downplay the characterizations lends this film a sense of authenticity others in the same vein lack.

All in all, I like Plague. Its not an exceptional film but given its modest setting and low budget its an above average effort that shows that much can be accomplished with very little. Seven out of ten from me.
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Let my People Go
adrossan3 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone has to start somewhere.....this is the bottom.

No plot.

No exposition.

No acting.

Not even sincerity in voices.

No use of the remarkable Australian terrain. Thankfully the unique light in this country did its own work & shone through.

Rip off from every Romero movie going.

WTF a Henry Martini rifle ? Where does that weapon come from ? Where do you get rounds for that ?

Poor sound in vehicle.

No time setting.

No location information.

Positives: Many false and cringe-worthy reviews from what must be friends, family, returned backpackers used as free crew or extras. the writer has friends so we need not worry about depression.

The .357 looked real.

We hate the characters within 5 minutes & couldn't care less what happens to them, so it's a relief to see the end of the film.

If you've read the bible you know Moses leads his people away from the plagues & spent 40 years looking for the Promised Land, that's the best you can do rather than watch this rubbish.
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A relationship psychological thriller ... with zombies
krachtm20 July 2015
The plot: After being abandoned by their group, two struggling survivors of a zombie apocalypse find salvation in the form of a highly competent stranger who offers to help them.

Evie and John, a married couple, don't seem cut out to survive a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Both are academics, and they have little skill at foraging, surviving, or managing stress. Enter Charlie, a man who seems to be doing quite well for himself. He's got a rifle, car, supplies, and knows where to find more. He doesn't seem to want anything but a place to stay and companionship.

From this point, the film becomes a psychological thriller. John and Evie become increasingly dependent on Charlie, and the story becomes more concerned with their relationships than it does the zombies, who become more of a background element. It's not too different from your stereotypical psychological thriller, but the Australian setting and occasional zombie attack may make it interesting enough for viewers tired of Cape Fear ripoffs.

There are a few scenes that seem to drag on a bit. In one particular scene that kind of bothered me, Evie wanders through their dark and foreboding shelter, calling out quietly to John. Alright, a bit of suspense is good. But the scene just seemed to go on forever. I kept thinking to myself, "This is time that could have been spent on character development. Or plot. Or anything, really." Overall, the atmosphere was pretty good, but the intensity had a tendency to morph into melodrama at times.

The characters are a bit frustrating at times, but if you're willing to cut them some slack and see this as a character study rather than zombie-killing outing, it's a lot more interesting. The original Dawn of the Dead packed a lot of action, character development, and satire into its runtime, and that's my gold standard for a horror film. This doesn't quite measure up, but it's not even trying to be an action film. For fans of slow-burn dramas, this will be a more enjoyable experience, as long as they can overlook the low budget.

I guess it comes down to how tired you are of low budget zombie films and how much tolerance you have for slow-paced psychological thrillers. I'm fine with the latter, but low budget zombie films are becoming a bit tiresome. I'll still watch them, of course, but I've lost a great deal of enthusiasm for them in the past five years. I liked how stark and gritty this film was without becoming exploitative, but it wasn't exactly the most original thing ever.
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Good zombie movie, but that ending?
nbtc97130 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was well done and interesting. The characters were also fairly well done. Now for the spoiler..


I get that the husband was a pretty sorry, useless person in that situation. He let his wife down on more than one occasion and when the going got tough was going to kill himself and leave her behind. But in the end he was trying to save them. She was hurt, I get that, but he begged and pleaded with her to MOVE. She wouldn't move. So he decided he wanted to live, left her the pistol, and started walking away.. only to have her SHOOT him? WFF? If she was too hurt to move, how is it she suddenly has the strength to shoot him and walk away unaided? I liked her character up to that point and I thought that twist at the end really took away from the movie.
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I wish there was a rating less than 1 star!
jak-ward-6916 September 2016
As a fan of post-apocalyptic titles i'm always on the look out for films of this genre and was intrigued to give this one a go.. I Wish I had read some reviews before wasting 1hr 24 minutes of my time. Literally no plot line to follow and terrible acting. I was so under-whelmed by this film I felt I had to leave a review in the hope that before anybody decides to watch it they read them! I would of spoiled a few things (with a warning) but to be honest there is pretty much nothing you could spoil apart from it's boring as hell. I've always trusted in the user reviews on IMDb and the stars films are given but 6.7 for this is a joke, i think some relatives or someone tied to this film have left misleading and false reviews to boost the rating. I honestly wish i could rate this film less than 1 star but seeing as this isn't possible I thought i'd leave a review.
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I liked it.
sforrester-320 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Be warned..this is not The Walking Dead. This film is more of a character study and the "zombies" are basically there so the two main characters end up in the situation they are in, not as the main focus of the film. I've seen plenty of films where a zombie apocalypse occurs only for people to suddenly turn in Rambo-like weapons and combat specialists. This film is more like how people would actually react. The woman was a survivor but scared, wanting to be protected and the man was weak and ineffectual. She desperately wanted him to be her protector and he couldn't and was in fact, more than happy to leave her to her fate as was demonstrated on a number of occasions. Even when he tried to save her, he couldn't see it through. There was a little bit of gore but no more than was required for the story and mostly it was a human drama but for me, raised an interesting point about our expectations of men in that should they have to sacrifice themselves to protect women? A fascinating little film that bucks the the trend of having the hero role as there were no heroes in this.
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Hold tight as you discover what lies beneath the surface
sophieker27 May 2015
If zombies and horror are not your idea of a good flick, don't dismiss Plague. For the lovers of the zombie/horror genre there is enough fun, visual creativity and a good story to keep you entertained. For the rest of us, Plague is a drama with interesting characters whose mettle and loyalties are tested as they meet challenges and make choices in order to stay safe and survive a world that is thrown into disarray. The film holds the audience captivated as the characters navigate encounters with zombies and strangers, and share experiences with friends and kin. As they discover themselves but also what lurks beneath the surface of those they thought they knew, we are taken on a tense journey full of surprises. Can they trust anyone and can they even trust their own instincts? Well crafted cinematography of the Australian outback evokes and reinforces the feeling of isolation and despair of the characters and adds another layer of obstacles in their struggle to stay alive. The makers of this film successfully use this backdrop that's too vast, too empty, too distant and where anything can happen. A must see.
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"It had me writhing like a fish out of water..."
marygiotopoulos3 June 2015
Not usually a fan of the horror genre... I hate that roller coaster journey that exploits ones irrational fears and the dread that leaves you feeling empty like a used up dish rag... BUT... Plague was a lot more than that. A 'meaty' drama with insightful character development… It certainly leaves you with a lot to think about. Yes... it will hold you on the edge of your seat... it had me writhing on mine like a fish out of water... as it masterfully carries you through an emotionally turbulent journey of 'do or die.' When survival is the bottom line, and the characters are pushed to their outer limits... only then do they see 'the stuff they are really made of.' I thought the film had a maturity and sophistication well beyond my expectations. I liked the restraint... paired back to essentials... nothing gratuitous . The stark, comfortless, hostile Australian outback echoed the character's internal desolation and despair. It was indeed a compelling drama. I give it 'the thumbs up.' ~ Mary
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More of a Psychological Thriller than a Horror Film
Kenosti28 May 2015
If you're expecting an action movie you'll be disappointed. If you want a psychological thriller then this is up your alley.

I will start off by saying this review is impartial even though one of the directors is my younger brother. I'm not a big fan of horror movies in general but I went to the the premier at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne to support him.

However, I came out of the movie liking it. If you're in the U.S. ignore the advertising. They make it look like an action movie where zombies attack every 15-20 minutes. It isn't. It's a psychological thriller that centres around the survivors, their states of mind, and the question of "What would you do to survive?".

I give it an 8 out of 10 because it could be tightened up in places (and I let my brother know this), but overall I enjoyed the movie as this is my kind of horror movie. It's in the same genre as Identity (starring John Cusack).
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A Real Thriller
paul-137224 June 2015
Amidst the blood and gore, Plague provides a refreshing approach to the Zombie genre by focusing on an array of characters who must overcome the physical and psychological challenges faced by them in their new world. In their quest to survive, the decisions they make,their interaction with each other and the strangers they encounter, will ultimately determine their fate. The uniqueness of the Australian outback, with its empty vastness serves to highlight the feelings of despair and isolation of the characters and adds a unique backdrop to this film with stunning effect. We are never quite sure what lies beyond.

This movie was a real thriller and definitely one worth watching.
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a psychological thriller
pantelc2 June 2015
I am not one for horror movies generally, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this movie had a lot more to it than blood and gore, though there was certainly that. Indeed, the horror component of this movie provides a backdrop, a motif, to explore an unfolding human drama that explores the psychology of people placed in extreme situations. This is certainly an interesting theme given the real life horrors we see unfolding on an international stage on a daily basis at present. The two young directors are to be congratulated for developing the psychological components relevant to the characters and their survival. I will follow with great interest their next projects to see how they develop such themes in greater depth. Their first feature low budget movie is a great start that holds the promise of bigger and better things to come.
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