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Tae-ri Kim: Sook-Hee



  • Sook-Hee : I need to remind myself that I want to be rich and then travel somewhere far, eat foreign foods, buy bright shiny things and, most importantly... forget about Hideko.

  • Sook-Hee : My aunt said when you hear that guests will come, drop everything and go bathe the children. The guests like the smell of a clean baby. Miss, you are my baby. My aunt also said, give the babies candy when they bathe, to teach them that bath time is sweet.

  • Lady Hideko : [whispering]  What does a man really want?

    Sook-Hee : What?

    Lady Hideko : What I mean is... the weeding night. How would I know? I grew up without a mother to teach me. I have no idea about any of this.


    Lady Hideko : Probably kissing first?

    Sook-Hee : [thinking]  Alright. Let's try to put her to sleep. So adorable. In a foreign country and without a mother. Alone in this giant mansion. Reading useless books. And learning nothing of value.

    Lady Hideko : [thinking]  Why did the taste change? Sour and bitter. Within the bitterness changes to sweetness. Sweet with a nice scent.

    Lady Hideko : How do you know? Have you done this before?

    Sook-Hee : Nope, not at all, my friend showed me this.

    Lady Hideko : Showed you? By describing?

    Sook-Hee : Yes, by describing.

    Lady Hideko : So this is the felling!

    Sook-Hee : This is what the Count wants!

    Lady Hideko : Really?

    Sook-Hee : The Count...

    Lady Hideko : Would it be like being with a corpse? You know, my hands and legs cold?

    Sook-Hee : Is that so?

    Lady Hideko : Do you want to feel it?

    Sook-Hee : I just feel relieved!

    Lady Hideko : Relief? Do it to me. I want to personally know if it's relieving.

    Sook-Hee : The Count will want to do this too. And also... So cute! If the Count sees this...

    Lady Hideko : Will he be as gentle as you?

    Sook-Hee : Of course! The Count will also... also...

    Lady Hideko : Continue! Just like that! As if the Count was doing it!

    Sook-Hee : After that, he would say "How soft and warm." So... so wet. Your beauty leaves me breathless!

  • Sook-Hee : Where I come from, it's illegal to be naive.

  • Sook-Hee : [For Lady Hideko]  She's so naive, even if a man pulls on her nipples she won't know what he wants!

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