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When in Rome, Do as Romans do-Excellent Cinema
ajit210619 April 2016
Stefano Sollima Suburra is astounding and remarkable with a plot revolving around many lives and organized crime in Rome.

Suburra was the name of a suburb of Ancient Rome. Many mafia families, politicians and gangsters covet for an ambitious project to be passed by the law which will fill their pocket with money and lives of their next generation will be in complete leisure. In order to achieve this goad everyone has to surpass the basic rule of humankind and go on a rampage of deceit and treachery.

The screenplay and narration is top notch, it gives a motivation and development for each character. As the repercussion is going to affect many lives, the deeds of characters are well defined.

Every actor has done a tremendous job as we see right emotions and expressions at the right place. The background score adds a great feel to the scenes and it flows with the emotions of the audience. The production value and technical area of the film is of high quality.

Overall, it is a tale love, treachery, corruption and betrayal. Stefano Sollima has done a noteworthy direction putting several lives together and entangling them into each other.

"Behind every fortune there is crime"-Balzac A must watch movie.
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Itialian Film Noir
jfreeman1215 December 2015
I had this on my list on Netflix because we are headed to Rome in the spring. Thought we would see some on the Roman sights but this is NOT "3 Coins in a Fountain". It is an excellent movie...very good acting, interesting but not likable characters, fascinating story line. I would not normally recommend a movie where almost all the characters are anti- heroes. The pacing and interesting camera shots move the movie along and we really could not stop watching. My wife and I both really liked this film. It involves much of what we think of as the disreputable portions of many great cities; politicians, gangs and their rivals, organized crime and even the church. I was surprised that no major US critics reviewed the movie which is a shame. It is very good, gritty film making.
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As MUST SEE as it gets, a different kind of "crime" film
ecam1228 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I discovered this subtitled Italian film randomly on Netflix late one night. I liked the description, and recognized Pierfrancesco Favino, actor in the Ron Howard films Angels & Demons and Rush, and thought I'd give it a shot. I was mesmerized for the next two plus hours. And in the next couple weeks, had watched the movie 4 times. I'll probably watch it again soon. This film is that good.

The surface story revolves around an aging but feared and respected gangster named "Samurai" (cool name huh?) who, on behalf of the "Southern Families", schemes to use the Vatican, Roman politicians and other gangsters to turn the quiet beach town of Ostia into the "New Las Vegas" - a project that could ultimately bring in billions. Worlds collide during Samurai's quest, and no one gets out unscathed - not the priests, politicians, pimps, party planners, prostitutes, gangsters, or gunmen. Everyone involved in, even tangentially connected to, these dirty deeds gets a comeuppance of some kind. And this is where we find the substance of the film.

Because this is really a story about dreams and nightmares - the dreams the characters have, that because of their not so wise choices, become nightmares they might not survive. The gangster Samurai (Claudio Amendola) is old school. A quiet but imposing man, he has an old slash scar across his throat. We can sense he's a "been there, done it all type", a man "committed to the idea", as one character puts it. And if he can make this idea of a "New Las Vegas" a reality, he'll finally be able to retire once and for all.

The politician Filippo Malgradi (Favino) is another dreamer. He dreams that he can balance a double life, one as a well-respected, possibly corrupt politician and family man, the other as a man of many vices, including crack smoker and user of underage prostitutes. The latter, unsurprisingly, gets him into much trouble, and leaves him exposed to blackmail, which ultimately sets the tragedy of the story in motion.

The young Ostia gangster, bald and bearded "Number 8" - so called because the number 8 he has tattooed on the back of his skull (portrayed with excellent menace and subtle insecurity by Alessandro Borghi) dreams of being respected, of stepping out from his father's shadow. His father licked the "rear ends" (politely put) of the Southern Families, and 8 wants to do no such thing. But to avoid that, he has to obtain all the property contracts for the Ostia waterfront, by any means necessary. 8 has quite the chip on his shoulder, wanting respect but not wanting to wait for it. He displays a subtle twitch whenever challenged, whether its by a superior, such as Samurai, or an inferior, such as the young gypsy gangster Dagger, who seeks to blackmail politician Malgradi. 8 is completely capable of battering someone into submission or stabbing them in the throat because of the slightest insult, but incapable of sacrificing what it takes to achieve his dreams - his ego. In this respect he might be the film's most interesting, and tragic character. Much credit to the actor Borghi - he's got a bright career ahead of him.

The film's standout scene involves Number 8. At night he stands in his lavish beach front house at a foggy window, pouring rain outside. His girlfriend asleep behind him, we see him wrapped in his own world, a sparkle in his eyes, as he traces a line across the window, and describes the magnificence of what his "New Las Vegas" will be like - the key to the respectability he so desperately desires. On the opposite beach, we see the lights of this dream appear and brighten - ambient dreamlike music accompanying it. It's a simple, but stylish, almost fairy tale like scene. Soon, the lights begin to fade, as 8's dream will soon fade. Inevitably 8's next scene is a nightmare, as he's attacked in a mall where he's making a collection. The rest of the film is a nightmare for each of its characters, as plans and dreams fall apart, and the selfish, short-sighted decisions they've made, all come back to haunt them.

Top points go to the cinematography, which is at times gritty and seedy, other times soft and flashy, but always fitting. Credit also to the soundtrack. The group M83 makes multiple appearances. Some might think the repeated use of this ambient-pop type music overbearing, and even I did at first, but when I thought of it in the context that this is a film about dreams and nightmares, I realized how superbly fitting the music is.

Not enough can be said about the acting - half the characters I don't have time to get to, but they're all memorable, directing as well, writing too - just when you think someone might survive, you're shown just how silly you are. It's a superb film all around. To be followed by a Netflix TV series in 2017. Except we'll be seeing plenty of new faces, because as I said, dreams turn into nightmares for many characters in the film...
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Yes. YES. More, please!
nikola-borissov14 December 2015
Boy, was that a good film. Italian. Neo-noir. Dark. Masterfully shot. Omnipresent debauchery and depravity of all sorts have rarely looked this good on screen. What's not to love?! I have a soft spot for Italian cinema of the good kind, and that leaves me constantly hungry for more, considering the fact that except for Maestro Tornatore's magnificent opus the last few decades have been... Well, disappointing to say the least. Enter Sorrentino (I firmly believe "La grande bellezza" is one of the top 5 Italian films ever made, with "Youth" not so far behind), and now Sollima too. The only reason to give "Suburra" 9 stars instead of 10 is the microscopically imperfect acting in a few instances, but other than that the film is practically perfect. No need for a wordy review, just go see it. It grips you by the innards and doesn't let go. If you happen to be fluent in Italian and especially the Roman dialect, that adds at least 30% more enjoyment. A big, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who worked on this fantastic film!
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James_De_Bello21 October 2015
This is the first time I happen to be writing the first review for a film on IMDb and it is so fitting I am doing it for a film on which I have so many thoughts to throw out there.

Finally Italian cinema has something to boast really proudly after the two slightly underwhelming years that followed the masterpiece that is "The Great Beauty", of which we will speak more later. Talking solely about cinema "Suburra" is such a great addition to the Italian canon, it takes into account everything that came before it and quotes it really respectfully, especially some of Fellini's work and even more Sorrentino's.

This film's review can be summed up in one phrase in my opinion: it takes you by the throat from frame one and never lets go until the end, gripping it slightly too hard sometimes. Now let me explain this statement with all the positives and negatives it takes into account.

Firstly, there is no denying how intense this film is. It is some of the darkest stuff I've seen in quite a while. People might contradict this, but to those I would respond that they don't actually understand what dark stuff is. We are not talking about murder, drugs or graphic violence, even though here there are aplenty. Truly dark stuff is what makes you feel dirty or dead inside, it is what makes you twitch, it is what makes you doubt your beliefs. Now that can often go hand in hand with violence etc., and it does here, but lets not forget why it works in the first place, which is because it goes deep into exploring human nature and behavior and what goes behind it. In the same way, even if not to the same extent, something like "Requiem for a Dream" uses the drug background to rip your soul apart, "Suburra" uses its story to explore themes that will not leave a smile on your face, even more so if you're Italian.

To this I might add that I felt the movie to be slightly too heavy hitting at times. It really is pessimistic, or at least that is what I caught from it. It is engaging to be offered such an interesting and passionate point of view though such a well crafted film, but honestly sometimes it was a little too much. There isn't one single element that tries to counter what is going on and because of this the result is absolute, pitch blackness. It isn't necessarily a negative element of the film, but it is one that I noted and got uncomfortable with.

It is wonderful to see a true story told this fantastically right. By that I mean that it doesn't put the emphasis on TRUE. It uses it as a background and never shoves down your throat emotional beats that feel manipulative, wrong or educational. Furthermore it tells its story perfectly, never loosing you even if you have no idea beforehand what the film is about.

Stylistically the film does have many clear inspirations and for the most part they are welcome, never being over-emphasized. I think it is impossible to make an Italian film after "The Great Beauty", especially if set in Rome, and not in anyway quote it. Sollima takes a lot, really a lot, from it but handles it really well and manages to give a truly personal stamp on the movie. Especially the opening which is a directorial triumph. With amazing photography, editing and even better use of music the director, at least for the first half of the film, manages to convey so much with actual cinema, through visual medium. He adds really a lot of subtext and makes the first hour a riveting and almost scary experience, because of what is being implied.

Talking about the second half of the film, it is where it kind of gets to caught up into its plot and forgets what it was doing so well earlier on which is the thematic aspect of what is going on. It becomes really one note and mechanic, leaving you slightly hungry for what you had been given earlier on, even though it partially picks back up in the conclusion. Don't get me wrong, it hits that one note really well, performances, characters, technical and story are all fine, but it just misses what it is about.

Still I beg you to check this film out and support good Italian cinema, you will not be disappointed to do so and will come out with quite some thoughts to stir in your head.
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Mob reality
deloudelouvain18 January 2017
I never watched a lot of Italian movies but this one I will certainly watch again in the future. If you like crime stories then Subbura is for you. It has everything you can ask for. Corrupt politicians, different mafia families, bloody violent scenes, drugs and sex, religious scumbags, scandals and so on. The actors are all excellent and play their roles with much conviction. If you didn't knew they were actors you would really believe they are all mob related. The darkness drips of this movie. One of the better Italian film noir I've seen in a long time. If Stefano Sollima is planning on making more of those movies I'm going to be a fan. It's a long movie but with all the twists, violent scenes and great discussions you will never get bored.
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Apocalypse...Roman Style.
tmaria123 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Italian cinema is alive and well. Saying this is time well spent is an understatement. If you like dark movies that explore the absolute demon inside all of us then this is for you. The movie really is a masterpiece. The movie moves like a 24 hour road race. There is no bright light at the end of the tunnel. You know that all these characters are headed to unhappy end since the movie counts you down to the apocalypse. But the way the movie takes you there is what I love. I don't remember a movie that was so cold hearted as this is...and thats what makes it so good. You love and hate these characters at the same time. Some very strong performances complimented with a great script add to this movies excellence. This dark film is beautifully textured visually...lots of scenes in pouring rain to further put you in the mood that Im sure the director intended. Do not miss this one!
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Right up there with the very best gangster movies.
valleyjohn3 July 2016
A couple of years a go it was Scandinavian TV that was all the rage and now , thanks to the brilliant Gomorrah it seems to be Italian language mafia based TV that is the in thing. Suburra is in the same mould as Gomorrah although the protagonists are a little higher up the food chain . This is the story a politician who gets caught up with the local mafia when he asks someone to help him sort a problem that involves a dead girl in his hotel room. Firstly let me say this film looks stunning. The cinematography is breathtaking at times and it's complimented by a fantastic soundtrack from M83. There are some good performances especially from Pierfrancesco Favino (Malgradi ) and Alessandro Borghi (number 8) who I think we might be seeing more of in the future. Suburra is a film that will stay in the memory for a very long time. Highly Recommended.
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Fresh and haunting
student-sfv21 April 2016
I have seen and loved Gomorrah and the Gomorrah series (season 2 is coming this year in case you don't know, yeey), and went into seeing this with high expectations. I was not disappointed. Somehow after 3 weeks I keep thinking back to it and searching for similar movies/TV series. The main thing that detracts from the experience in my case is a movie with unrealistic/unbelievable plot/actions, this one doesn't have them imho so I was always focused on the action, not thinking about "this isn't believable, nobody would do that". The soundtrack definitely helps, I may be exaggerating but I put it up there with Drive and The Guest, it adds a whole new dimension to otherwise just above the average movies, making them great, making you want to watch them again. That's something I can't say for a lot of movies I've seen. So yeah, I think I'm gonna watch Suburra again tonight, enjoying it's high action pace, realism, brutality and soundtrack.
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Intense !!!!!!
cool_metz29 June 2016
I went into this movie with a friend having only read the summary and we were not disappointed. The movie, although over two hours long, did not feel as such and was intense and gripping from start to finish.

The movie is set in Rome over 7 days and shows how the paths of people from various walks of life come together in an all too catastrophic and tragic way. This includes corrupt politicians, a hooker, and warring mafia gangs. The movie plays out like a snowball effect,starting with one event descending into the tragedy to become.

The movie does not shy from graphic sex scenes and excessive violence, but it is not done in poor taste. In fact, it actually makes the film so much more potent. The acting is of course superb, and the actors really embody their roles. Production is excellent from all aspects.

Definitely worth a watch, especially in a theatre.
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Living in the (Italian) gangster's paradise.
lizardjims20 September 2018
Wow! This was a superb sample of high-quality crime movie making. ''Suburra'' is an excellent Italian production with a storyline which involves politicians, the clash between the mafia and gypsies clans and the Vatican as well as young thugs, hookers and junkies. The centre of the plot is the building of a series of casino hotels in Ostia a suburb in Rome. The bill has to be approved by the Italian parliament which is not oblivious to external influences such as the mafia or rich businessmen. The notion of corruption is omnipresent throughout the movie, leading to crucial questions regarding the Italian political life. The first forty-five minutes of the movie is a bit confusing as the viewers introduced to a multitude of characters with no obvious connection between them. The story covers a time span of one week, in the form of a countdown to the day of the ''Apocalypse'' which is also the finale of the film. The plot is even-paced reaching a bloody, nevertheless redeeming, finale with a high body count. The performances from all the actors in a movie that has no central character are top-notch while the direction by Stefano Sollima offers many moments of true artistic beauty in the beautiful Roman setting. It should be also noted that ''Suburra'' has a captivating soundtrack which suits the atmosphere of the film and that a tv series under the same title began in 2017. European crime fiction seems to be alive and kicking! Highly Recommended.
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Excellent view of organized crime
khsooners2 August 2018
This is an outstanding achievement. While many European productions basically look like made-for-tv films, this is cinematic in the best way. Still, you have to be patient to be rewarded. Much like Soderbergh's "Traffic", the movie features several protagonists and sub-plots that, in the end, all come together. The violence is all there, but not in a show-off action movie style, it is really closely connected to plot and characters. I have not seen a contemporary movie that shows you so much about the power of organized crime. Throughout the movie, police is nonexistent. The crime is not just restricted to gangsters, politicians are part of the system, even the Vatican (just some hints of it). The actors are great, for non-Italians some are real discoveries. Production values first rate, music, locations all combine to create something really special. I watched the movie in its dubbed German version because my Italian is just shaky, but it was still great!
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Mesmeric, stylish and brutal Italian crime drama.
t-dooley-69-38691614 September 2016
Set in 2011 in the port of Ostia (Rome) we meet a plethora on ne'er do wells from politicians, gang types, and just low downs caught up in a bigger plan. That plan is to turn the port into a modern day Las Vegas (I mean really!!). This entails a gangster called Samurai in buying up all the real estate in readiness to cash in.

The problem is the politicos have a taste for young flesh, hard drugs, money and power which equals corruption. Throw into the mix the Vatican connection a whole 'traveller' network of crime types and you have all the ingredients for a roller coaster of a film.

I thought this was superb, the acting and style were all seductive. The violence visceral and brutal – yet seemingly expected. It is one of those films where the time just flies by and almost makes you hold your breath. It has made such an impact that, according to IMDb, Netflix are making a series to follow this up, I am glad a that I subscribe as if it is half as good as the film it will be well worth the fee.
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A must watch movie
Venom_813 December 2016
Suburra it's one of the best crime / drama movie of the last year. The story is settled between Rome and the suburbs and it's a web of relations between politics, mafia boss, prostitute, criminals and normal people. But it isn't a movie of gangster or mafia boss , I mean there are a boss and criminals but it's more a movie about how the common people from the richer to the poor interact with the criminality in some ways for their pettiness. Solima is the same director of Gomorrah the series, so the style is pretty much the same..the movie starts with different stories that start to became a dense plot with a common story. I don't want to spoiler too much about the story and the character because I think it's a must watch movie. Bytheway the cast is great and works very well, the direction it's sublime and some shots and cinematography are really greats. It's definitely not suitable for children since some sex act and nudity, drug use and violence. The soundtrack is done by french M83. If you liked Gomorrah the series you have to watch this movie.
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Good until a certain point
Prodicio6 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What I thought I was watching was a puzzling cross section of the modern roman social and political panorama, a glimpse into the luxuriant local fauna made of creepy characters, politicians, religious men and criminals that fill everyday's Italian commentaries. Until a certain point it was sadly authentic even if I personally found the overall stile a little redundant with an overwhelming and intrusive soundtrack that, together with an accurate cinematography gave me that "MTV videoclip" sensation. Then the ultimate "pop" turning point, with the last "revenge of the nerds" 15 minutes. There was no need to it, the movie already told us everything it needed to and that was good, why ruining it all with that comics style ending..?
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Terrific movie from the makers of Gomorrah
shantanu_sss2 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. Gomorrah is one of my all time favorite movies (and book) and I was really excited when I came to know that the same team was behind Suburra. And they didn't disappoint. The movie almost inspired me to learn Italian to appreciate the nuances of the dialog, but even with subtitles, I was spellbound. I saw the movie yesterday and HAD to see it again today. I have seen Gomorrah many, many times and will often find myself watching only a specific scene from Gomorrah. I can see the same happening here, particularly the scenes that feature Manfredi. Manfredi is a true bad ass and his viciousness is very effectively played by Dionisi. What a performance! Whats interesting is that the REAL power brokers are never shown even once. Samurai represents them, but you never see them. So its a movie that features the mafia without ever seeing the face of the mafia. Brilliant!

I cannot wait for the TV series.
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Absolutely brilliant !!
julianrosser-440-78783916 December 2018
A blockbuster of a film up there with the greats in gangster and organised crime thrillers like the Godfather series. Just watched it for the second time and it's a riveting story brilliantly scripted, acted and directed.

A must see and you won't look away for a second.
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Dark on dark
conannz6 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Every action has consequences. Unintended or otherwise. Just when you don't think it can get any darker someone goes over the edge and commits an act that at first looks like the end of a story.

Of course most of the time those acts are just links in a chain of never ending violence and far reaching consequences. The main feeling you get while watching this film is one of being being sucked down by a giant whirlpool of corruption and crime.

There is so much rain it looks like a monsoon. That it (the story) ends in a waterlogged courtyard is fitting. For some reason most of the outside scenes of Rome take place in rain at night. Whether that is a metaphor or not it fits the tone.

Dark on dark - but then again maybe the water will wash everything away.
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Awesome Intelligent Marvellous Raw Black Noir Art
devrules00726 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am a Sollima fan from India.His previous works inspired me a lot.I am a wannabe director.The film is masterfully shot.It successfully hold the rhythm of noir art.Sollima did it again.I read someone's post that it lacks subject and strong script I agree but want to point him that there is the victory of the director who played technically and artistically and fantastically.He is successful producing the black noir flavor.Music is fantastic so as Paolo Carnera.Hats off to Rai n Cattleya team.This same team was behind the success of Romanzo Criminale Gomorra.All the actors specially Favino was extraordinary.No more exaggeration 10/10 from me.
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There's beauty in misery.
bola_de_pu10 September 2017
My 2nd Italian film, my 2nd hit. Gomorra type level (movie and TV show) and hope the new show on Netflix with the same name be at the same level. Well, where I'm start . . . these movie was so good that even the sex scenes between Sabrina and Filippo worth the time. And I'm not a fan of pointless sex and nudity on movies, but even that type of scenes where beautifully filmed in Suburra. I don't know if it's a combination between the dramatic music, the facial expressions of both of them, the surreal beauty of the Italian cities, the beautiful way the movie was filmed or even the great style the italians have to personify people that work on the underworld and corruption. If you're a fan of mob-style crime dramas, I truly recommend these movie and if you don't know yet the Gomorra TV show, give it a look (my favorite TV show produced out of Hollywood) and better than a lot of overrated American TV-shows.

PD: That bed conversation scene between Sebastiano and Sabrina was so sad and lovely at the same time.
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Hard and likely
eryui17 March 2016
In a frame that follows the events of 2011, the fall of the government and the resignation of the pope, the film plunges us into the panorama of the capital, Rome, in an intertwining of political, church and the underworld by dynamic rather bloody and equally plausible.

The director already well-proved by some successful productions like the unmissable "Romanzo Criminale, The Series", the amazing "Gomorra, The Series" and "ACAB", focuses once again on target with a well-made and quite compelling thriller. A crime story, a veiled complaint, that shows how the underworld branches off the power by means of politics and corruption.

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I'm not sure if there are any spoilers but this is a good one.
kynick214 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
WOW...color me impressed. I just finished up and I have to say with the exception of a few moments that make me scratch my head in disbelief, I have to say this is a very good film. I was really shocked at how it ended with the two characters. I knew the dog would come into play sooner or later but where were the dudes people? Did they think he just stayed out in the rain. How unexpected was it that the very end played out like it did? VERY but I liked it. My questions below.

What was up with the little boy? What happened to the hooker? Why did 8 have so few men around him? How on earth did dude manage to sneak up on him with all that open space? It is so weird that I find myself pulling for these bad guys?

"8" really just wants a better life and he loves his girl. The girl just had his back and loved him...I guess. This was a suspenseful film and having lived in Italy, it's always a pleasure to see the country on film. I have no idea what the one guy that rated this film "1" was thinking about but after looking at his other ratings it would appear he is a kid that has no clue. Watch it. Solid 8 for me maybe 8.5 but I can't give half points and it's closer to 8 than 9.
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Sad but true
livetdv21 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Italian neorealism is alive, different than De Sica's or Visconti's neorealism, what we have here is a new, direct and probably more "hollywood oriented" kind of neorealism.

Living myself in Rome I see these characters every day: The corrupted politician, the violent gypsy family, the rich, fashion and selfish pimp, the right wing former terrorist now working with the mafia from the south, what we would here call "coatto" (Number 8) the uneducated and violent kid who run his territory and who's been involved in the "waterfront" project just because it is "his" territory....the Vatican and all it's power....all you can see in this movie, all those characters are real, not that you meet them walking on the streets of Rome, but you know they're there and it's sad to say but there's nothing you can do to stop them, you can only watch this movie and think for a moment it is just a movie, it is not real.
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Pretentious Artistic Film with Mafioso Elements
IKnowGoodFilms11 February 2016
The entire film is nothing but artistic scenes of very, very gratuitous sex, violence, and drug use. It more focused on the disgusting world of dirty politicians than it did with any sort of mafioso element. Nearly every scene was highlighted by modern electrica by M83, the film literally had 12 songs by them. So of a 130 minute run time approximately 100 minutes of it had loud techno playing. Felt like I was watching a music video and not a movie. I wouldn't recommend this. What little dialog existed was pretty decent, but there was just not enough substance in the film to convey much of anything. The first 25 minutes or so had around 30 words spoken, the rest was nothing but hardcore sex bordering on pornography. I am very baffled at the high reviews this is getting. I understand 'artsy types' enjoying this, but to anyone with opinions based in reality will find this disgusting. 1/10 stars.
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Cinefill1-VanHerpeHugo13 December 2015
-Suburra is 2015 Italian neo-noir film directed by Stefano Sollima, based on the novel by Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo De Cataldo of the same title. The movie was financed by Netflix and RAI. The movie focuses on the connections between organized crime and politics in Rome in 2011. Suburra was the name of a suburb of Ancient Rome.

Cast: • Pierfrancesco Favino as Filippo Malgradi • Elio Germano as Sebastiano • Claudio Amendola as "Samurai" • Alessandro Borghi as Aureliano "Numero 8" Adami • Greta Scarano as Viola • Giulia Elettra Gorietti as Sabrina • Adamo Dionisi as Manfredi Anacleti • Giacomo Ferrara as Alberto "Spadino" Anacleti • Antonello Fassari as Sebastiano's father • Jean-Hugues Anglade as Cardinal Berchet • Nazzareno Bomba as Bacarozzo • Marco Zangardi as Rognati
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