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  • With no options left, Annie and McQuaid must sneak into Russian territory to hunt down Belenko. Unanswered questions surrounding Auggie's past lead to a chilling confrontation.

  • Belenko has escaped and must be found before he probably murders Auggie, who guessed right he's next in the list of killing-targeted members of his CIA-employed USArmy veterans team. The CIA works out he's not a native Georgian but from Chenchenya. While torturing Auggie, and as he doesn't break his kidnapped ex Natasha Petrovna, Aleksandre Belenko admits being the brother of an insurgent who was killed during a prisoner exchange. Een Ryan's money couldn't get his Grozny contact Omar Zakayev to meet him and Anie at the Russian border, scared of Belenko's Kremlin buddies, but cruel persuasion makes him indicate the site where Auggie may be held and tortured. Arthur succeeds, unlike Joan, to convince commander Richard Wheeler to send in a military extraction team by helicopter, a one-shot, without definite confirmation. As their approach is spotted, Belenko resorts to explosives.


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  • In the ruins of an apartment building in Chechnya, Alexsandre Balenko begins his inquisition of Auggie.

    Annie and McQuaid drive through Kazbegi National Park in the Republic of Georgia.

    Back at Langley, Eric Barber finds Auggie's unit had seven ops in Grozny during his special mission time but doesn't see any links to Balenko.

    Arthur Campbell calls everyone he can think of to get info on Balenko, but gets nothing, despite the fact that they now know Balenko is a Chechnyan posing as a Georgian.

    He joins Joan and Calder Michaels for a meeting with Richard Wheeler, a SEAL commander whose team will be handling Auggie's extraction. Wheeler doesn't do much operations anymore after losing his son in the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

    In Chechnya, Balenko tells Auggie he wants information on James Decker, a man Auggie worked with in 2005.

    (flashback) Grozny, Chechnya, 2005 In a market, Auggie sits down next to James Decker (Kenny Johnson), an undercover operative with the Chechens, and they discuss an upcoming prisoner exchange. Decker is twitching from a long time on his mission, his nerves clearly frayed.

    Back with Balenko, Auggie tells him he doesn't know Decker and Balenko busts out the serious torture tools.

    At the Chechnya border crossing, Annie and McQuaid pose as British aid workers, expecting to meet McQuaid's contact Omar. But he's not at the crossing. Annie waits for the other guard to find the bag of cell phones in the back, which he takes and lets them cross. Annie worries they're compromised, but McQuaid urges her not to give up on Omar.

    At Langley, Stephanie finishes her debriefing and thanks Calder for the opportunity to do more than her old job (as an escort). She invites him over for dinner.

    With Balenko, Auggie still isn't talking, so Balenko's men stuff him in a box and leave him.

    2005 Auggie returns to his unit, including Tony and Charlie (both since killed by Balenko), with details on how to get their comrade Mueller back from the Chechens in exchange for Mikhail Corcoran. He relays Decker's warning that their "favorite psychopath" Imran Umarov will be there.


    Annie and McQuaid check out a building where Omar used to have a safehouse. Annie is wary of a man out front who seems to be watching them. Omar hesitates before buzzing them in.

    Inside, Omar tells McQuaid that he's gotten nowhere with Balenko. McQuaid wants to know why his reliable source is so spooked, but Annie gets impatient and shoots Omar in the leg instead, demanding to know where Auggie is. He's afraid Omar will kill him, but gives Annie an address.

    At Langley, Wheeler insists Annie confirm Auggie is there before he sends in the SEALs, pointing out that they'll be entering Russian airspace and Russians will converge immediately so they only get one shot.

    Balenko's men take Auggie out of the box and string him up again. Auggie says Decker is dead.

    He says Decker was undercover at the prisoner exchange. Imran showed up with one more man than they agreed upon but Auggie pressed on. But the Chechens opened fire. Mikhail died as did all the Chechens and Decker.

    Balenko says Auggie's lying. He thinks Auggie can withstand torture, but wonders if he can handle listening to someone he loves in pain. He drags in Auggie's old girlfriend Natasha and strings her up.


    At the exchange, gunfire broke out and one of Auggie's team was hit. The two sides exchanged fire and Decker shot a Mikhail Corcoran before he could kill Auggie, blowing Decker's cover.

    At Langley, Calder has to cancel on Stephanie. There's a knock on her door: it's McQuaid rogue operative and current terrorist-for-hire Alan Langer.

    At the location Omar gave them, Annie and McQuaid see several armed men out front and Annie recognizes one as a Balenko goon. Annie plans to call Langley, but warns McQuaid that if they balk, she's going in. McQuaid doesn't argue.

    Inside, Balenko tells Auggie that Mikhail Corcoran, the prisoner they were exchanging, was his brother. He plans to kill Auggie in the same building where Mikhail died. But Balenko still doesn't believe that Decker is dead.


    Decker comes to Auggie after the gunfight and tells Auggie that he wants out. He asks Auggie to tell the CIA that he disappeared. Auggie agrees, and shows Decker a back way out of the building.

    Annie updates Joan, who promises to get her back-up. Joan confronts Wheeler, but he still won't go in without visual confirmation.

    Back with Auggie, Balenko starts electrocuting Natasha and Auggie agrees to talk. Suddenly one of Balenko's men comes to him with information and they all head out.

    Natasha tells Auggie about the building and he realizes Balenko is telling the truth, that they're in the same building as 2005. He remembers the back way out. Auggie starts working on getting off the chain he's hanging from.

    At Langley, Arthur diplomatically talks to Wheeler, asking for his help with Auggie.

    Meanwhile, in Chechnya, Annie walks up to the guards, pretending to be lost. She gets close for a cigarette and draws a gun. McQuaid starts to disarm the other guard but he gets away and McQuaid goes after him. Annie sees Balenko outside and is ready to shoot, but he says he's holding a dead man's detonator switch and it'll go off if he drops it. He gets a text message then gets in a car and tosses the detonator, saying he wants Auggie dead.

    The building explodes.

    Back at Langley, they see it on the satellite footage.

    Annie picks herself up in the rubble and McQuaid finds her. He helps her into the rubble to shout for Auggie, then they turn around and see Auggie and Natasha behind them. Annie runs to hug him.

    Joan shares the good news back at Langley. Calder is interrupted by a call and goes to the hospital. Stephanie was shot and fell through a window trying to escape, but is in surgery.

    As Annie and McQuaid help battered Auggie away, he tells them that Balenko will now be after James Decker, who is alive. They have to find him first. The SEAL arrive to pick up the group.

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