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Littered with clever dialogue, a beautifully constructed narrative, as well as moments that shift between the energizing and sheer terror, there are a slew of endearing qualities worth sifting through.
Just on a technical level, the film represents such a big jump forward for Saulnier that you should expect the studios to immediately start arguing over which giant soulless franchise should occupy his time in the near-future.
The Playlist
An exciting, splattery, funny genre movie that somehow never once feels disposable.
Scary and funny by turns, Green Room has the potential to become a cult hit, with a genuine midnight movie appeal, and furthers the growing reputation of this young director.
Saulnier’s ability to take a well-trodden road and fill it with grisly surprises is quite something.
Time Out
This is a brutal movie that finds unusual freedom in limitations, as do wiry bassist Pat (Anton Yelchin) and bleach-blond concert attendee Amber (Imogen Poots), who both turn out to be pretty handy with weapons. Chalk it up to their killer instincts.
Slant Magazine
The film is an unambiguous endorsement of violent revolt as the only effective response to such inhuman savagery.
As action, it's niftily executed, the suspense neatly built, and the shocks expectedly surprising.
There may not be a lot of depth to Green Room, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t sufficient thought and care.
Characterization and emotional investment, however, are in disappointingly short supply, while crucial tension is permitted to dissipate in an anti-climactic final third.

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