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This Review is going to be Short and Sweet
moviewizguy1 October 2015
Don't let ANYONE spoil you ANYTHING about the film.

Don't see the trailer when it comes out.

Avoid clips and any promo materials they may release in the future.

Go in knowing as little as possible.

Just know that watching Green Room is like getting a shot of adrenaline that doesn't let up until the very end.

It's fantastic, tense, and entertaining.

Take my word for it.

But also...

Don't get too caught up in the hype.

See the film when it comes out.

You'll be glad you did.

P.S. Jeremy Saulnier is definitely someone to look out for.
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White Knuckle filmmaking at its best
Deimos-remus12 July 2016
First off, want to say R.I.P Anton Yelchin. Such a tragedy for someone so young and promising to pass. He was incredible in this, I felt he was really coming into his own as an actor. --- After watching Saulnier's excellent and understated Blue Ruin, the director immediately became one to watch out for. A director that knows how to direct characters with subtlety and nuance, but with intensity and brutality as well.

Green Room is perhaps the most stressed out I've ever been watching a film, and if I'm not clear, that's actually a good thing. Few films ever get such a visceral reaction out of me, but Green Room managed to do that, and then some, delivering on many fronts as a contender for my favorite film of the year. Since the beginning of the year, A24 has been unstoppable, putting out some of the most unique and incredible genre movies to be released in quite some time.

Green Room is certainly violent and grim. Its sense of dread and brutality is unending and relentless, yet never overstays its welcome or becomes cartoonish or fetishistic. It could've very easily gone into Saw, Hostel or Martyrs territory, letting the bloodshed become the most memorable aspect of the experience, but it did something much more. Not only does the brutality feel real and impactful, unlike the aforementioned films, the characters feel totally believable and genuine, completely immersed in their roles. The protagonists are naive and brash, yet fresh and relatable delinquents. The antagonists are subdued, quiet and strategic, yet animalistic and complex. From a character standpoint, it is such a welcome and ultimately more human change of pace.

For a movie so steeped in violence, it's a very humanistic movie, filled with rich and complex characters that feel like they're apart of something completely real and also very intimate and small-scale. The story is not a black and white 'good vs evil' kind of thing, all characters have their own shortcomings and sympathetic sides, making for an incredibly dynamic cast. It's a debilitatingly horrifying film, yet done with the same amount of care and understatement as Blue Ruin. It's a white knuckle thrillfest, and one that pits a lump in your stomach from the intensity witnessed on screen.
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Violence at its most chilling and effective!
WalterSoprano1 May 2016
I have seen some crazy violent films from cannibal holocaust to a Serbian film but no other film that comes to mind executes violence as un settling as this. For me I mean this in a positive way for others the violence could be the very thing to turn them off to it and possibly ruin the movie. May this be a forewarning for some and a recommendation for those who might be interested.

To start with the usual things to look at as far as acting and writing I would say this film does an excellent job. The acting from all is believable and extremely convincing. The writing is good with some humor and plenty of good dialogue. What the film masters completely is tension. Jeremy has truly shown his talent as a director with this one. The tension and situations that spawn violence are all very believable and realistic only adding to the tension and overall tone. Speaking of tone they set it incredibly well with one of the first acts of violence which will stick with me for a long long time.

Funny thing about this movie is that it's considered a thriller. What I mean by funny is that as a thriller (which it really is) it is more chilling and horrifying than most if not all the other horror movies I've seen recently. There are jump scares but they're done properly. This isn't a scary due to monsters and ghouls though, it's scary because of how realistic and effective the violence is to where it really sticks with you.

As you probably already know this is a film best going in knowing little to nothing to get the full experience, personally I went in knowing more than I should have, however, it didn't matter. I was on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms due to how tense and unpredictable it is. There is a lot to talk about with this film but a lot of it cant be discussed without spoilers so all I can say is see it yourself. If you can't handle violence then I am strongly telling you to avoid this film. On the other hand this is among the best films I've seen this year no doubt. As a display of well executed violence and tension this film will definitely make a name for itself. I hope this is useful thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the movie.
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Extremely violent, gory but wildly exhilarating from beginning to end
Screen_Blitz26 September 2016
Director Jeremy Saulnier exercises high pressure suspense and astonishing realism in this white-knuckle thriller following his surprising success with the ultra-violent 'Blue Ruins'. Though it doesn't fall deep in the category of originality or even groundbreaking in any sense, the intriguing fashion in which Saulnier executes this film and the immersive cinematography by Sean Porter used to capture the harrowing intensity and gloomy visuals result in a highly effective slasher treat; and even labeling the results effective feels like an understatement. While the shocking level of bloody violence and gore more than not make this tough sit-through, especially for the weak stomach; Saulnier pervades a true sense of realism in a way in which the film never feels exploitative, but wildly authentic. So this film follows a punk rock band consisting of twenty-something year olds including lead singer Tiger (played by Callum Turner), guitarist Sam (played by Alia Shawkat), bassist Pat (played by Anton Yelchin), and drummer Reece (played by Joe Cole). When the band is offered a gig by a radio host named Tad, they find themselves performing at nowhere other than an old bar run by neo-Nazi skinheads. After a successful performance, the band and their friend Amber (played by Imogen Poots) rushes out to their green room where they witness a murder by the hands of a sadistic skinhead. In fear of being held responsible for the murders, skinhead leader Darcy Banker (played by Patrick Stewart) arrives an orders his gangs to eliminate the witnesses, leading the band to a bloody fight for survival.

Jeremy Saulnier grants this intensely violent thriller with a gift to not only leave viewers shocked and squirming in their seats, but present an atmosphere so visceral to the point of giving viewers the feeling of not watching a gruesome slasher, but a real-life event unfolding on camera; and the scariest aspect of this film how brutally realistic it turns out on screen. Saulnier does such an amazing job on capturing the brutal intensity of each moment as the characters desperately battle their way through a violent bloodbath against a gang of white supremacists that threaten their young lives, and the camera work done by Sean Porter makes for great use to capture these dreadful moments. At various moments, the film intensifies to the point where you may constantly remind have to yourself you are not trapped inside the bar with the characters. While Saulnier's execution and Sean Porter's cinematography do justice, they only make up the half of the equation. The latter half is successfully achieved by Saulnier's screenplay. Instead of relying on the usual slasher horror stereotypes like the jock, the pot smoker, or the hot chick, Saulnier populated the film with characters that feel very believable and the dialogue these characters deliver more often than not feels typical to real-life college kids, thus adding to the insane realism. While the performances the actors are decent, the biggest stand out by far is Patrick Stewart, suiting the role of the main antagonist. Stewart gives a truly haunting performance as what is a major departure from his usual typecast. Though his character is limited to do nothing but giving orders, the portrayal Stewart lands as this character truly hits hard.

Green Room is an exhilarating slasher-horror thriller with a constant sense of fright and thrills, making it one of the most spine-chilling horror films to be released in recent years. Though the extreme violent and realistic depiction of gore can may make this one a difficult sit-through, it is a must-see for all horror fans.
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James_De_Bello13 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A punk rock band is brought into playing at skinhead club. After their set, whilst hey are leaving the club, by mistake they end up in the wrong room and witness a murder. Tension rises between the club managers and the band who are forced into a room and trapped in there whilst Darcy (Patrick Stewart), the head of the skinhead fellowship as well as the owner of the club, tries to put together a plan before things go too south.

Written and directed by one of the most promising rising directors of this time, Jeremy Saulnier, "Green Room" is one of those perfectly packaged thrillers, with originality of premise and style, perfect pacing and tight well-knit editing and whilst it may be a little chaotic it never looses the investment in character.

One of the big surprises of 2016, after all the buzz I simply couldn't wait to check this movie out, its intriguing premise and unique cast were fascinating and I can confidently say that the film delivers on both.

Whilst we have had many thrillers in the past where people get locked into a room and have to find a way to escape, we haven't yet had one with this unique voice behind it. Saulnier manages to spin around with the premise and deliver a thriller that is stylish without being noisy or overdone. The catalyst of the whole plot works perfectly and the characters who are set up brilliantly in the first ten minutes work wonderfully in this environment.

The instant world building the director manages to convey through visuals is absorbing, it places the viewer right in the middle of the chaos and manages to never loose the geography of the setting. The cinematography of the film early on delivers some beautiful and insightful shots that perfectly serve the story and set up, but once sh*t starts hitting the fan the editing of the film comes majorly into play and does a superb job. The tense atmosphere conveyed through color and pace never leaves the screen and pervades the audience in every second of the movie until the end.

Just as deserving is definitely the make up department which has a couple of really key moments that hit the viewer like a brick and contribute in giving a sense of anxiety and fear that once again is appended to the audience for the whole duration. Ultimately it also comes down to the three central performances by Yelchin, Poots and Stewart, whom are all remarkably great, the highlight definitely being Poots for me who manages to totally disappear in the role to the point that I didn't know she was in the film until I read the cast list. I have been a big supporter of her and can't wait to see what she gives us in the future.

Where the movie slightly looses its flow is in clarity of motivations and the logistical movements where I found myself repeatedly uncertain. As I said before, you never loose the thrill nor the location and empathy for the characters, you are always behind them and want them to get the fu*k out of that hell. The problem resides in the fact that too many times I was unclear on why what was happening was happening, why were the skinheads acting the way they were and why were they going batsh*t crazy. This also takes something away from Stewart's performance which on its own stands as great, yet never really plays into the big picture because of the chaos which ensues not being ever understandable by the audience.

"Green Room" still remains a more than worthy effort, a great thriller, a fantastic lesson in editing and a magnificent does of anxiety and adrenaline.
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The Green Room may not be the best movie I've seen this year (although it also may be). It is the most entertaining and thrilling one by far though, that's for certain.
horrorinpureform17 September 2015
A punk band made up of poor friends tours in a broken van, playing their songs at hole-in-the-wall places. They unknowingly are sent to play a gig at a neo-nazi commune. It goes "OK" until they accidentally enter a room where a girl has just been murdered, and are locked inside by the neo-Nazis. A mostly-enclosed game of cat- and-mouse ensues between the band members and the skinheads.

I liked so many things about this film, I will probably forget to mention half of them. The slow beginning which really lets you get a feel for the characters, the progression into an enclosed-location movie for a lot of its running time (I love one-location movies), the "opening a can of worms" moment that just makes everything descend into chaos, and the very funny one-liners which are fortunately very infrequent so they don't hinder the serious mood one bit (quality over quantity). It tried to circumvent some genre conventions and expectations, while still staying true to itself, with thrill scene after thrill scene. It was just flat out entertaining but also very well-made, with unconventional editing between scenes, very interesting sound design, and amazing acting by every cast member. They were all so likable!

I can't really complain about anything on display here, just see this film, it deserves it.
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A must watch if you have any appreciation of indie efforts
nitro9991 December 2018
I watched this movie because I so enjoyed Jeremy Saulnier's "Blue Ruin" in which I thought all the characters were 'real' people and the action believable. If you want a brief respite from Hollywood's high-dollar, high-tech gloss then you will probably enjoy this depiction of a nitty gritty, down and dirty, all out, no holds barred fight for survival. Set aside a couple of hours and give this movie a watch. The acting was good, particularly from Patrick Stewart whose appearance in this Indie effort lent it some Hollywood 'depth'. The movie would have been just fine without him, but it was good to see him playing a cool part in a low budget show. Okay, there were a couple of 'oh-I-wish-I'd-had-my-eyes-closed-when-that-happened' moments but nothing too far out. As in "Blue Ruin", all the characters had a 'real people' feel. Highly recommended - by me anyway. On my 0 to 9 scale an 8.
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Not for the faint of heart
annaily22 August 2018
Wow, this movie intense. I knew nothing about this movie going in. Nada. I didnt even know the genre. So i was very shocked by how crazy it was.

Its violent and gruesome. Its dark and terrifying. I had to pause it periodically to breathe. Maybe im just sensitive.. but wow.

The acting is fantastic. The cinematography is top notch. It is so well done that you cant stop watching even though your body tells you to stop.

Something I personally consider to define a good movie vs a great one is how well they can hold a tone. A movie can have a lot of flaws, but if they can find a tone and stick with it or mold it as needed, then they know how to write a good movie. A movie can be fantastic in every way, but if the tone of the movie ever sidetracks, you can tell that they arent the best writers.

This is tonally one of the best films ive ever seen. They kept the intensity there at the right pacing the entire time. It never lost its tone. It never fizzled out or sidetracked. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Theres no traditional corny horror aspects whatsoever. Its a thriller to the utmost degree. No sound-driven jumpscares. Although there are some jumpscares, they arent the stupid sound-driven jumpscares. These are actually scary and well done, and not just meant to surprise you with a loud noise.

About the gruesome parts: Do not watch this movie if you can't take gore. The gore is well done though. Its as tastefully done as gore can be. Not corny and in your face. Its very realistic and they often use cinematography and lighting to hide it some so its not constantly overwhelming you. I personally am not a fan of gore, but it worked in this movie. The most ive handled is watching The Walking Dead. This is far far more intense and realistic.
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Not what I expected...
jmb-6808528 July 2018
This was on my to-watch list for quite a while before I gave it a chance. Holy crap this movie is good. Not ten stars good, obviously, but man it throws some curve balls. All of the actors were competent and believable. The tension builds and builds. The ending was stereotypical but didn't detract from the film at all. Wonder how much time Patrick Stewart had to spend in makeup to play a skinhead lol.
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Tension galore
drownnnsoda15 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Green Room" follows a vagabond punk band traveling through Oregon, where they book a show at what they come to find out is a neo-nazi skinhead punk club. The show goes well enough, but after they become witnesses to a murder, the group—along with a female regular at the club— are held hostage at the instruction of the community's head honcho.

I went into "Green Room" with little expectations, unsure of what exactly to expect; I'd heard good things about it, and the fact that it was filmed in the area I grew up in further piqued my interest. The film undoubtedly deserves the critical and public attention it's gotten, especially from horror fans, though I'm hesitant to necessarily label it a "horror" film. It's more a suspense-thriller akin to something like "Panic Room," except with a starkly different setting and a group of twenty-something punksters in place of the family home invasion prototype.

What is perhaps most jarring about the film is that its entire premise springs out of a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenario that spirals entirely out of control. The script and direction lend an increasing oppressiveness that comes on like a vice grip; the audience can easily sympathize with the arbitrariness of the entire premise, and the claustrophobic sense of inescapability is well-drawn out on screen. The film is nicely shot with emphasis on darkness and its titular color, and the photography of the landscapes effectively capture the ominousness of rainy Oregon backcountry.

Solid performances from all involved further elevate the film. For a film that's plot is so constricted, the material demands solid performers, and we get that from the young cast, with Patrick Stewart effectively playing counterpoint as the aloof villain-in-charge with an army of intimidating henchmen. The film's finale is extremely effective, and, barring a few convenient plot devices, is more or less believable.

Overall, "Green Room" was one of more tense experiences I've had at the movies in quite awhile. The way writer/director Jeremy Saulnier is able to spin such an arbitrary, unfortunate situation into an oppressive, character-driven splatter thriller is remarkable. It may not be enough to turn off punks from their waking-up-in-urine-and-beer lifestyle, but it's enough to make any prospective venues in the Pacific Northwest backwoods seem at the very least questionable. A recommended nailbiter. 9/10.
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Enjoyable Thriller
blueclementinex15 July 2016
So, i finally got the time to watch the movies so far in 2016. I read an article that said this movie is one of the best movie so far this year, and i agree.

'Green Room' is about a struggling punk band that got into a wrong place at wrong time when one of them, Pat, witness a murder after the show they got into at secluded part of the Pacific Northwest. They, then play a mouse-and-cat game with group of maniacal skinheads.

The story might move slowly, but it's still well developed. What really stands out to me is the cinematography and the score. the dark cinematography actually helps the audience to feel the dark and tense tone of the movie. and the score complete some moments at the movie.

Newcomer director Jeremy Saulnier did a pretty good job, and i actually looking forward to see his next works. The performances of the movie is also great, Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots did a wonderful job, and so is the rest, except Patrick Stewart. His performance here is really weak and actually defeated by the plot. The character might written to be the silent yet deadly villain, but he just do the silent part and leave the deadly, leaving his character, as i said before, really weak.

the ending is simple, and actually predictable, but left me satisfied.

I really recommend the movie, if you're looking for an enjoyable thriller. but, if you're looking for a horror, i actually don't recommend you since this movie is actually far from what horror is.
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Maybe i watched the wrong film?
MikesIDhasbeentaken8 July 2016
After seeing all the great reviews i was really looking forward to this,

So maybe i watched the wrong movie, because all i saw was a few kids locked in a room at the back of a nazi pub and then they wheeled Pat stewart in to mumble a few lines to them from the other side of the door and then a couple of things happened so i gave it 3 stars.

Stewart might as well not have been in this, he doesn't do anything, defiantly doesn't do any acting, does't even raise his voice, he doesn't even come face to face with any of the 'victims', he's really just an overpaid cameo, I really don't know what others here have been watching.

nothing in this makes sense, it's not trying to be clever, but nothing anyone does makes sense, right up until the end. If your looking for a horror movie, don't watch this, action movie? don't watch this, thriller? don't watch this, any other type? still don't watch this

If you love patrick stewart for some weird reason and will love anything he gives his name too, you'll prob think he deserves an Oscar, so watch this.
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Good premise poorly executed
JontheLobsterLover22 April 2016
Green Room combines both a used idea and a fresh one, and even though I think the concept is very interesting, the movie itself was not.

The premise following a group of "survivors", who must survive a night as monsters of every kind continuously try to kill them, is the used idea. A lot of horror/thriller movies use that concept in one variation of another. It's a great idea, and it definitely works for most movies. The fresh idea is that the survivors are members of a punk band, who are fighting their way out of a run-down punk venue in the middle of nowhere, while be hunted by white supremacists led by Patrick Stewart.

The movie's problems begin with the characters themselves. In horror/thriller movies some sort sympathy for the victim(s) needs to be there, because if you don't care about them, why would you care if they die? The band members were so unlikable that I actually found myself hoping they would die.

Aside from a handful of people, the acting was pretty bad. Patrick Stewart did a good job as the leader of the skinheads, and Imojen Poots did a fair job as well, even though I was trying to figure out if her character was stoned or in shock. Some of the actors had their moments, but for the most part the talent in the movie was scarce. On a related note, Anton Yelchin has one of the worst cries/screams ever.

Parts of the story either didn't make sense, or didn't lead to anything. The sharpie camouflage scene was one scene in particular that just seemed to add nothing. All it managed to accomplish was make the characters look mentally challenged, and not in the way I think they were going for.

The characters also die way too quick in this movie for me. A good horror/thriller movie should pace out their kills, not kill two people in two minutes, and then make you wait thirty or so more minutes for the next death.

The movie definitely had potential; however, in my opinion it fell pretty flat.
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johnwiltshireauthor2 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Like a lot of people I suspect I was hooked by the trailer. This purported to be a lot of gory fun. Initially I was quite impressed with the set up - a no-hope punk band touring deadend bars for little or no money, still hoping to make it in the music scene. Hence accepting a slightly dubious gig at a remote bar for white supremacists. There are quite nice little bits which really kept my interest--like when they arrive at the bar to set up in rural hicksville with Neo-Nazis all roaming around with their skinheads and they're told not to leave their gear in the hallway because of the strict fire code the bar has. Heh. But from that point on the whole thing went badly wrong. One of them witnesses a "horrific" crime. ? He walks into the "Green Room" to find a girl stabbed on the floor. Given the place they are in, the free- flow of drugs, the hideous (imo) music blasted at intolerable levels in the dark, the smashed bottles, the knives, the violence all natural at such a gig, why would finding one stabbed girl be such a shock that the whole band goes into meltdown from that moment on? I didn't get it. Anyway, they do and so they have to be contained until the situation can be resolved. Again, I was totally lost by this time. Why did the Nazis not just kill them and hide the bodies? Feed them to the pigs? Dogs? Skinheads? Whatever. No, an elaborate plot had to be invented that didn't involve them being damaged by human means so they could be set up as having trespassed at another place and attacked by the dogs? Err... yeah. Overly complex and ridiculous. This could have been really good. It wasn't. I was rooting for the dog. He was sort of cute, if you can get over him tearing out a punk-rocker's throat. But it did pass a wet afternoon. I suspect more beer might have been needed to truly get this movie.
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Jeremy Saulnier Does it Again
ThomasDrufke16 August 2016
Green Room is full of visceral thrills, gritty violence, and real characters forced into situations where they have to do despicable things. And to be quite honest, that's absolutely terrifying to watch for 90 minutes.

Jeremy Saulnier is back directing after his brilliant, Blue Ruin, which unfortunately no one saw. His job on Green Room is just as impressive, if not more. While the former is a much more personal story about one man on a revenge mission, Green Room covers a band who is accidentally thrust into a life or death situation at a skinhead bar after they come across a horrible crime. Both are extremely disturbing takes on violence, I found Green Room to have a few more thrills and ideas being explored.

Joining Saulnier is the late-great Anton Yelchin, Joe Cole (from Peaky Blinders fame), Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner, and Patrick Stewart. Stewart is as terrifying as I've ever seen him as he plays the diabolical bar owner who takes matters into his own hands. It's difficult to watch Charles Xavier do the things he does to innocent band members, but with Saulnier's direction, it works.

But I think the band's innocence may be what I found to be most compelling about this story. They aren't a clean cut or crime free group of young-adults, they have their own shortcomings as well. Of course, they aren't as horrible as the skinheads who spend time at the neo-nazi level of bad, but they aren't completely innocent either. Saulnier paints them as inexperienced and terrified which gives the action scenes more weight.

It's not for everyone as the violence is more brutal than something you would find in a Scorsese film, but it's one of the most impressive thrillers of 2016 with creativity and grittiness that is up there with the best of them.

+Performances are grounded with realism

+Saulnier's relentless direction


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Not Interesting At All
rcadavidson16 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I never really heard of this movie until I saw it a Redbox. With the reviews I read online, I was led to believe that it would be a good movie, but honestly, I wasn't even close to hooked. The story is about a punk rock band simply trying to find a good paying gig but end up being trapped with murderous skinheads after seeing a dead body. Honestly, from the concept alone, it scores points in being more original than other horror movies, assuming we're all tired of stereotypical teenagers fleeing from a murderous psychopath, but that's about the most good I can find out of this movie.

The story was just too boring, and the voice acting is hard to love. Not saying it's mostly bad acting, Patrick Stewart done a decent job as the owner of a skinhead bar, but the others just sound so monotone to me that sometimes I wonder if they're just not high throughout the whole movie. What also hurts the movie is that there wasn't much of a reason to care about these characters, and there was hardly any character development. Heck, I couldn't remember which of the characters were in the movie in the beginning, so that tells you how badly written the characters are. All this is also bundled with a story that turns out to be a drag. Other than the ways some of the characters were killed, I can hardly remember anything of it.

Overall, it's just flat out forgettable and was not even worth the rental. I didn't see why this movie had so much praise, and I SURELY don't recommend it.
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Sorry, B movie if ever there was one.
Boristhemoggy10 July 2016
I'm flabbergasted with some of the reviews on here, and especially when someone stated that Patrick Stewart had said he had to set his security before he went to bed as the film was that horrific. I think that's marketing because it's not the horrific at all.

It's utterly unrealistic in terms of plat, scenes, injuries, peoples' actions and overall story. The violence is just violence porn and not tense or horrifying. Think Saw on a lesser budget.

The acting is appalling but I think that's partly because the dialogue is so bad and the scenes so ridiculous that it's difficult to consider the acting alone. I am amazed Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart put their names to this: they've both gone down in my estimation. Patrick Stewart's performance isn't that good anyway. If you're a Star Trek fan don't watch this because it will ruin the captain's persona forever.

Imogen Poots gets worse with every movie she does. I think the problem is in the movies she chooses, they're usually bad choices. As far as B movies goes this isn't too bad although I have seen better B movies. If you're utterly bored and have nothing better to do with 90 minutes watch it if only to see how awful it is. If you like movies, don't waste your time at all, it really isn't worth 90 minutes.
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The critics must have been paid off, but what about the IMDb users?
maestro7PL11 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of horror films. The trouble is they are rarely good. This piece of excrement is even miscategorized. It is not a horror film at all. There is no story, there are absolutely no thrills, no scares, no characters of any interest, and the cinematography is so dark throughout that it is impossible in some scenes to make out what is happening. More than an hour of the film takes place in one room. The actors mumble their lines. The film is dull from beginning to end. Do not waste your money on this impostor of a movie. What is Patrick Stewart doing here? He is totally miscast as a Neo-Nazi. I don't think it is possible to add spoilers to any reviews of this film, because nothing happens. This was 95 minutes of my life that I'll never get back!
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Dumb characters ruined the movie
blitzhighboy30 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of the movie Green Room the story instantly hooked me in. This might have been one my most hyped movie this year. I have been waiting forever and now I finally got to see it. Was it any good? I was extremely disappointed. The first 30 minute of the movie was actually pretty good, it all turned sideways when the character are trapped and have to find their way out. I have to say the characters make the dumbest decision ever, also every time they try to run a minute later they run back into the same room and hide and have stupid conversations. That is basically the last hour of the movie. The only reason I gave this movie a 5 is Patrick Stewart. He was great in this movie and I wished they included more of him and had a better role for him. I was disappointed in how little screen time he had. Also there were some good dialogue throughout this movie. Other than that I was bored out of my mind. Really. I give this movie a 5/10.
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Ugly, violent, ultimately pointless film
nipakiyok10 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It's safe to say that you couldn't ruin the plot for this film, as there isn't much of one. If you read the IMDb summary that is pretty much it with a bit of violence.

The characters are one dimensonal, uninteresting, you can't but not really care as they are stabbed, shot or eaten by dogs.

The violence is a bit pointless as it isn't combined with a strong script or a few plot twists. With no interesting dialogue between the protagonists your left watch a group of uninteresting boring people butcher each other. In the end the film is predictable, conventional and offers no surprises.

All in all a wasted opportunity given that the film had a strong cast.
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Pointless, stupid. Inaudible. Reviewers connected to film or marketers
imdb-452 July 2016
The concept had a good idea. But the script was very poor and a complete waste of a cast with eye catching talent. My guess is that all the positive reviews came from either (a) marketers; (b) people consoling one of the late actors by giving the movie a good review; or (c) living off of a "cool line" or two; and (d) an easy target to hate. But neither group is particularly likable.

1. The sound recording and mix was so terrible I had to watch with subtitles. My hearing is fine. Voices were muffled and conversations (at least from one side) were completely inaudible. Sound levels were uneven and drastic increases and decreases. Read the bad reviews and they will say the same thing. Same goes for the darkness in this film making seeing what is going on impossible.

2. The first thing you'd do if you're in the middle of nowhere is to... infuriate dozens of scary looking people in conversation, in song. Do it because you want to provoke your own end or ruin a gig that will pay you money. Why they needed these losers I don't know.

3. What started out promising turned incredibly stupid and pointless. It doesn't take a four star general to snuff out a bunch of young people in a room - especially when you've got a big guy with a gun!!! And you've got dozens of men with guns. But no, guns are not a solution. Why? No explanation. But don't worry, they can be if you need the plot less story to move on. The solution devised to "remove the guns from the equation" was SO illogical and ridiculous it was hard to take the movie seriously from that point.

4. Speaking of taking the movie seriously, it's amazing how the common laws of medical science known to everyone just don't seem to apply when you'd most expect them to do so.

5. Bad C movie syndrome. You've got an army at you're disposal and it's always "send in just 1 or 2 of our dumbest people" and have them act so ineptly that it moves the story on to the next milestone.

This was nothing but a long, needlessly drawn out affair.
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Painful , very poor
mikey187-818-89962019 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Poor film. How anyone can rate it I don't know . It just makes no sense . A couple of feeble humans stuck in a building on the middle of no where while the skin heads have numbers in abundance , guns , human eating dogs , but a women with a fire extinguisher and a high pitched microphone can do better. Why don't they all just go in the place in the beginning and kill them? They know the band aren't armed yet they don't go into the room with a thin rotting old door, and instead they send packs of two in. It's just so stupid . It's a situation that in real life , would have been over in 5 minutes , yet you have to sit and wait for a painful amount of time for them to escape instead.
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Simply one of the most dreadful movies I've ever seen in my life
hemispheres_8915 May 2016
Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most abysmal, confusing, and vapid film I've ever seen. There isn't one single redeemable quality about it, nor is there any form of recommendation from me to see it. I want to write this review with the hopes that I can spare as many people as I can from viewing this awful dreck.

From the critics' point of view, this film fails on every single metric that's used to gauge what comprises "good cinema". Let's run through it, point by point.

The sound editing is muddled to the point where dialogue is vastly inaudible.

The cinematography is hazy and dark, and NOT in a good way that would give the supposition that we are seeing a "disturbing" film with a grittiness to it.

Every character is unlikeable to the extreme!! The acting is horrid! The movie is factually incorrect. There were so many negative and misleading stereotypes about punk culture that it made me fume on the inside. This movie conveys the fallacy that punks are all about being hateful and self-loathing, and bashing in peoples' skulls. I'd expect this from the Hollywood propaganda machine, but not from an indie project such as this that aims to tell us a tale with some kind of meaning behind its subject matter. That's part of the reason why I went to see this movie in the first place. But instead, all I see are a bunch of biased and anecdotal generalizations of a subculture that's meant to establish peace and anti-authoritarian mentalities.

And most importantly, there is absolutely ZERO plot. Don't let any other positive reviews here fool you on this point - they are lying through their teeth and quite frankly, I think it's a marketing ploy to get you to spend the money to see this film! The "story" is incomprehensible. From the first minute until the last, I was completely lost. It's cliché to say this, but I kept trekking along, hoping.......hoping......that there would be some kind of revelation at the end or a climax that would make me question and rethink everything I had just seen in the previous 90 minute runtime. But nope! As you get further into a film, that window of hope gets smaller and smaller. After all, if you don't care about the characters or the story within the first half an hour, you NEVER will. No matter how decent the ending might be.

I'm seeing all the good reviews praising this movie's concept of "gore". If that's what passes for "entertainment" nowadays, then I will never set foot in a movie theatre again. You can absolutely incorporate gore into a movie and make it highly watchable, a la "Saw". But Saw actually has a plot... and a point! It had horror, drama, thrills, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Green Room had none of that - just one mundane scene after another, culminating into a collage of worthlessness and nothing to make heads or tails of once the end credits started rolling.

Save your money.... PLEASE! If you want to watch a disturbing masterpiece, watch Blue Velvet!
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Incredible, Realistic, and Perfect
zombojenkins3 July 2016
I came into the movie knowing basically nothing about it. All I read about it was the summary here on IMDb, and I was not disappointed. The movie is rather violent, so I would suggest it not for the squeamish, because the violence is not only copious, but also realistic. It doesn't have the ever-common loud sound effects in movies that occurs when someone is hit with a knife or likewise. They instead provide a more realistic, quiet sound. Not only are the sounds incredibly realistic, but the actual visual gore can be pretty great in this one. Screenshots of it could be easily passed as legitimate gore to someone who didn't know this was a movie, with little rebuttal. Realism aside, it also is a rather creative concept that I haven't really seen before in a movie. It provided a pretty great story, and was executed perfectly. I would not have made this movie any other way. For what the movie was and what it wanted, I'd say it's a perfect 10/10 in my book, but that's just me. Also, the ending really makes the film. I'm not going to spoil it, but it was actually one of my favorite parts, and it cuts out at just the right time. Once again, I would not make any changes to this movie. It was absolutely incredible.
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A Brilliantly compelling thriller
t-dooley-69-38691625 September 2016
A punk band are on tour trying to build up a following and get the 'vibe' going. It is going down like a pork pie at a bar mitzvah and then they get offered an actual paying gig; only it is out in the wilds of the Pacific North west of America. On arrival it looks a bit down market to be honest.

Then they sort of realise that they might be playing to some sort of white supremacists or something and yet decide to carry on – after all they are guaranteed a pay day. Then they stumble into a room where a crime has been committed. Now they are the only non locals to have seen it and all of a sudden they go from being guests to being in deep trouble.

Now I thought this was going to be a slasher horror type and so was a bit non plussed at the thought. However, it is a rollicking and very tense thriller. There are some superb performances here too. Macon Blair as the well meaning MC is superb – but he is always excellent and Patrick 'beam me up Scotty' Stewart (I know he doesn't use that line) is deliciously ambiguous. This is a case of ordinary people having to do extraordinary things and it all hangs together really well – so an easy one to recommend.
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