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Season 2

9 May 2016
Episode #2.1
After 4 Months working undercover as the CIA's mole inside the DGSE, Malotru is threatening to cut ties with the Americans unless they take action to save Nadia, who is still held prisoner. While Marina discovers the indiscretions of Iran's gilded youth, the DGSE faces a major crisis when one of ISIS's executioners is revealed to be French and must be neutralized.
9 May 2016
Episode #2.2
Malotru secretly bypasses his superiors to oversee Marina's mission in Iran as she is getting closer to Shapur Zamani, the son of a high-ranking Iranian official. Nadia is transferred to Syria and placed under house arrest. Meanwhile in Paris, Cyclone returns to duty to get closer to the French Jihadist's family and Duflot is on a hunt for the mole operating inside the Bureau.
16 May 2016
Episode #2.3
The Bureau is orchestrating an operation to recruit Sabrina, the French Jihadist's sister. Meantime, Marina tries to learn more about Shapur's professional life, unaware that he is being watched by the Pasdarans. Malotru asks Celine to update him on Nadia's status in Syria, where she's being interrogated by one of the most devious judges of the regime.
16 May 2016
Episode #2.4
When Marina's mission becomes compromised, she is ex filtrated to Paris and forced to distance herself from Shapur. But without his access to the young Iranian, Malotru loses his only leverage with the CIA to secure Nadia's rescue. In Paris, the Bureau's mission to neutralize the French Jihadist takes a step forward thanks to Sabrina and Sisteron.
23 May 2016
Episode #2.5
The DGSE no longer knows whom to trust with its missions and its agents. Malotru's double game backfires and Sisteron is on the front line for a risky mission: Sabrina and him are set to meet the French Jihadist at the Syrian border. Meanwhile, Shapur becomes a priority target again for the DGSE.
23 May 2016
Episode #2.6
Sisteron's critical situation becomes the priority at the DGSE, where the hunt for the CIA's mole is still ongoing. Malotru is assigned to a new mission to help neutralize the French Jihadist. Finally, Nadia discovers that freedom comes with a price.
30 May 2016
Episode #2.7
When Nadia holds the DGSE accountable, they take action to ensure her safety thanks to Malotru's inspired input. Meanwhile, Shapur is about to be recruited as an asset and Malotru is resorting to unorthodox methods to bring an end to his mission regarding Toufik Boumaza.
30 May 2016
Episode #2.8
Still embarked on their delicate mission, Celine and Malotru have to manipulate Andreas Schnabel, a German journalist with connections inside ISIS. Duflot is also struggling to understand how the Americans managed to double-cross them on their own ground.
6 Jun. 2016
Episode #2.9
Shapur's carelessness puts Marina in serious danger. Meantime in Paris, the DGSE is holding the CIA accountable and demanding to know their mole's identity. Finally, the mission to neutralize the French Jihadist ends up in serious jeopardy and Malotru has to put his life on the line to achieve his end.
6 Jun. 2016
Episode #2.10
In Iran, Marina is being transferred to another prison. Meanwhile in Raqqa, Malotru is bent on bringing an end to his mission and finds himself waiting to meet Toufik with Schnabel.

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