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It Works Despite Itself
Christmas-Reviewer28 September 2016
******Christmas Cliché #1 Main Character Name is Nick****** ******Christmas Cliché #2 Two Leads are Adversary's That Fall In Love****** ******Christmas Cliché #3 A Happy Ending******

However the film is still worth watching

"Best Christmas Party Ever"

With the holiday season at hand, a young party planner Jennie Stanton (Torrey DeVitto) learns that her boss, Petra (Linda Thorson), will be retiring after Christmas and hopes she will be left in charge of Petra's Parties, New York's premiere event planning service. Jennie's hopes fade when Petra's charming and handsome nephew, Nick (Steve Lund), arrives on the scene and Petra announces that he will take over the business. She is none to happy but you can figure out what is going to happen.

My only main complaint about this film was that it is suppose to be Christmas time but every time they have an skyline shot of New York there is no snow and it seems to be Summertime!

The acting in this is fine and the story line works. I give major points to this film because they do not make Nick's girlfriend a jealous woman. This was a major plus in my book.

Family safe but in general kids will be bored but adults will like this one!

Now would I watch this one again? "Yes I will".
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As far as Christmas movies go, this is as good as they get.
tedphx13 December 2014
Here's what I really liked about Best Christmas Party Ever - everybody looked great, and I mean everybody, there were no "bad guy" caricatures, and the plot was coherent, reasonably believable, and the ending made it all a satisfying fairytale.

The only Christmas movie I can recall liking better than this is Crazy For Christmas starring the magnificent Andrea Roth, but I could easily come to regard this one as an equal and Torrey DeVitto as magnificent as well.

If you think It's A Wonderful Life rates a 10, Best Christmas Party Ever is at least a 20.
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Oh So Close
cammietime29 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Overall this movie is better than most Hallmark Christmas movies, but it doesn't stick the landing. Jennie is the leading lady, and unlike most Hallmark movie leading ladies, she is rather up tight, stuck up, and dresses like a barbie doll. She is also too pretty for the role with her model looks, a 'girl next door' type of actress would have fit the role better. Jennie was overacted throughout the movie, often defrauding Nick of his scene stealing qualities. Nick was a refreshing take on the leading man, and not only was his personality quite different than the usual wooden acting from leading males we've come to expect, Nick also is the main character that has to give up his acting dream - the total opposite of all other Hallmark Christmas movies where the leading female character has to give up her dreams to be with the guy. This time around the guy gives it up for the girl.

The romance works much better in this movie, but it moves too slowly and then is smashed all together at the end, it's like they go 15mph for the first hour 45minutes, then hit the gas in the last 15 minutes. With only 4 minutes left on the movie, I still had many, many questions and there were many story lines that needed to be resolved.

I liked Nick, I did not like Jennie very much. Jennie was woefully miscast in this movie.

The old grandma lady was nice in that she was witty but also not naive. The Todd character was a bit forced and didn't quite work, but again, Nick made up for these faults.
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Leopards change their spots
Jackbv1238 November 2017
This movie chose to spend a lot of time on adversity as faced by Jennie. That alone makes it a little different from all those other ones that give us 90% cheer and eggnog and adversity is just a very brief pause in the action.

I wish Nick hadn't made me hate him so much in the very early part. I mean, I really hated him, and Aunt Petra too. I think this is a case where the leopard changes his spots a little too unrealistically.

Meanwhile, Jennie, as portrayed by Torrey DeVitto, seems too insecure and too easily shaken to be realistic to think herself as Petra's heir. She also changes her spots, so as to become all courageous.

My biggest problem, though, was that they didn't sell me on the blooming romance. From where I sat, it looked too much like Jennie changed her whole attitude toward Nick based on one tender, caring gesture. She might have begun to respect his imagination prior to that, but that's not romance. They didn't have a lot of positive screen time. Steve Lund, as Nick, at least show signs of being drawn to Jennie a little more gradually.

In broad strokes, the story was entertaining. We can see some of the general things that are coming in the story, but getting there is not as predictable.
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Best part ever movie
krichter-247247 November 2018
Boring, lacks something. Put me to sleep!!! Did not like Devitto's acting. Too superficial.
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Started strong, but really week ending
MIamiReviewer24 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As the previous reviewer noted, this is actually pretty good on the scale of Hallmark Christmas movies. Pretty people, cute plot that was slightly more substantial than the average Christmas movie. The leads were good enough, and he was charming and unlike most of the leads in most of these Hallmark romantic comedies, didn't come across as an asexual non-suitor. The leads here actually had a little chemistry, and my cringe moments in the first hour and forty five minutes were few and far between. Then the last 15 minutes came, and ouch. They threw everything together on the backdrop of this manic, low-budget movie Christmas party, which completely distracted from the sweet plot that had otherwise been developing. And managed to put together a get-together final scene that was entirely devoid of chemistry. It felt like the end of Wayne's World where every character popped out in the last thirty seconds and awkwardly and quickly tied up their lose ends.

As an aside, the obsessive emphasis on the value of party planning was a little over the top in this movie. All the poor kids telling the party planner that her previous charitable Christmas parties changed their lives -- all while ignoring the toy store that paid for and provided the gifts for said parties? Really? Of those two people, the party planner was the one responsible for changing your life?
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Not a good movie
titosalamanca29 December 2017
I expected so much more from this movie. Very predictable. Worst wardrobe ever.
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