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If 11/10 was an option, I'd click it. *almost* no spoilers! (unless you didn't watch any of this season)
piekarskia14 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Unbelievable. Very very few episodes of the garbage that's on TV these days literally leaves me on the edge of my seat. Let alone for basically the entirety of the episode. I don't throw out 10/10 ratings for anything too often, but this one rightfully gets it. From Proctor's shenanigans with his smack dealing, to the sheriff's thieving and tom foolery, every minute of this episode is epic. Complete with a superb cliffhanger ending to the season. Absolutely amazing. The only thing that upsets me is now we have to wait another 8+ months for more. Maybe I'm still too pumped up from this episode last night, but right now I can't think of a single episode of any show I've watched that tops this.

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Double-Dog Dare you Not to be Impressed..
A_Different_Drummer4 July 2015
And that is a bet this reviewer is going to not going to lose.

The irony is that going into the second season the biggest competition for this show was ... itself. In other words it had created so much buzz that producers were put in the enviable position of having to top .. themselves.

The season ends using the "trademark" visual match-cuts, two incredibly dangerous "hit teams" go into action looking to settle some scores.

Did I forget to mention that the action sequences (as always) are as good or better than anything in the A-List Hollywood movies and, a bonus, each hit team is certified co-ed? Seriously, does it get any better? Over the course of this season -- check my reviews of specific episodes -- I might have preferred if the writing team was not quite so willing to eat its own young and kill off some of the most interesting characters I had ever seen in 7 decades of watching TV.

But those are mere quibbles. This series is still setting the bar for a dramatic action series. And will I think go down in history for the risks it takes each and every episode.
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