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  • A team of Navy SEALs discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake.


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  • The French-American army-heist action-comedy "American Renegades" is appears is an unintentional recreation of the 1970 Movie Kelly's Hero's with Clint Eastwood. In Kelly's Hero's during World War II a German Colonel is captured by the Americans Ex-Lieutenant Kelly, Clint Eastwood who manages to reach the Colonel, get him intoxicated and learn that he the Colonel is on a secret mission to ship $16,000,000 of gold to a base in France. Kelly is determined to get the gold and plans for himself and a few of his fellow soldiers. "American Renegades" is almost the precise and same story. Yes, using Nazi stolen gold and military personnel planning and instigating a process to get it. Both movies are entertaining movies are primarily with unrealistic plot scenarios. One 1970 and the other 2017.

    American Renegades is enjoyable and fun because, well, it's fun to watch attractive celebrities be confident and stylish while also doing impossible things, like shooting fancy guns, getting into ridiculous fist fights like John Wayne did in the his fifties military movies for no real reason. In American Renegades it is amazing how the viewer is lead to believe that moving 27000 lbs of gold with just Five Navy Seals and a Bosnian woman waitress which one of the Seals is engaged having a love affair is easy. The Gold is in a Bank Under 150 feet of water and its night time with Grenades being hurled at them from the protagonist general who figured this plot out in a boat above just in time from Lara's brother. He sends three of his men down in the water to stop them but were all killed by the Navy Seals.

    Now what's fun here is the General J.K. Simmons a career strict officer somehow at the end the movie becomes an ally and can distribute 150,000,000 dollars back to France and get the waitress the highest award that the French can award to a civilian and wears the medal around her neck. This same GENERAL also has a rich brother who takes delivery of the remaining $150,000,000 in gold and sells it and get that money back so the general can distribute the funds to the team and the waitress character Lara has the full $150,000,000 to distribute angst her people in Bosnia for building schools and hospitals.

    Matt Barnes (Sullivan Stapleton), an American soldier, is convinced by Loverboy Stanton Baker (Charlie Bewley), his second-in-command, that Loverboy's Bosnian girlfriend waitress, Femme Fatale with a Heart of Gold Lara Simic (Sylvia Hoeks), tells him of an underwater cache of 70 year old Nazi gold. Jack Porter (Dimitri Leonidas) and Kurt Duffy (Diarmaid Murtagh), and Ben Moran (Joshua Henry) round out the crew. Simple cast. Most of the actors here except J.K. Simmons deliver Mostly Undistinguished performances. The viewer, watches and waits but the story never intensifies. Unfortunately, Steven Quale the director contrives, creates and ties several visually uninspired stories such as the no logic fight with a group of British SAS army men.

    Because the film's cast members are primarily not inspiring or dynamic the movie kind of drags on as the audience is hoping for some excitement. However, the movie is full of old past story plots, fifties beat em up scenarios, fantasy technology and impossible scenarios with strange scenes with Lara's brother. This movie is a movie that the plot with even a better director would not have made much more of a positive impact. The story is old in concept and UN-realistic plots and their delivery makes this at best a mediocre movie. The Delivery, direction and story line of Kelly's heroes was a much more believable fun believable movie and although this one is actually a remake unintended of that movie this one just does not hit the mark. - Martin Snytsheuvel

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