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Season 1

18 Jan. 2015
The Pilot
Calgary Alberta; 1980: Young rebels, Ian and Shinky decide that instead of going to college or into the work force like their parents want, they must find their great destiny! But when Ian's sister Belinda moves back home after a fight with her boyfriend, Ian becomes determined to restore Belinda's honor, prove his father wrong, and blow some minds with power of punk!
25 Jan. 2015
Working for Cowboy
Determined to not end up like his father, Ian takes a construction job with Shinky - but gets more than he bargained for when the boss turns out to be his sister's scary ex-boyfriend, Cowboy #3 - who wants Ian to become a double agent by helping his new boss win back Belinda's love. Back in Brae Vista, Lloyd tries to prove that he's a 'cool' boss by being nice to his employees for a change.
4 Feb. 2015
The Van
Ian and Shinky turn an old van into the coolest party-wagon in town. But when the van threatens their friendship - the guys have to decide if they'd rather be friends with each other, or with the van. Meanwhile, Belinda and Lloyd team up for some father-daughter crime fighting, and Helen takes up jogging - only to find that she's exercising her eyes as much as her legs!
18 Feb. 2015
The Clash Is Coming
Lloyd wants Ian to get along better with him, so he continues to annoy him. Belinda and Helen list things that they dislike about each other, creating tension between the two. In the meanwhile, Ian and Shinky's favorite band, The Clash are coming to Calgary and struggle to get tickets.
1 Apr. 2015
Sound Judgement
Ian and Diane's relationship is off to a rocky start, and when another problem arises it may be the end.
8 Apr. 2015
Space Invaders
A new game arrives at Brae Vista and causes a variety of problems.

 Season 1 

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