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Elden Henson: Foggy Nelson



  • Foggy Nelson : Me and you, pal. We're gonna have big, fancy offices one day, with steel and glass and chairs you don't even know how to sit in. Murdock and Nelson, attorneys at law!

    Matt Murdock : Nelson and Murdock. Sounds better.

    Foggy Nelson : You think?

    Matt Murdock : Yeah, trust me. I can't see worth shit, but my hearing's spectacular.

    Foggy Nelson : Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen.

    [both laugh] 

    Matt Murdock : Best damn avocados.

  • Foggy Nelson : we are both one day gonna be fine, upstanding members of the legal profession. El grande... How do you say "lawyers" in Spanish?

    Matt Murdock : Lawyers? Abogados.

    Foggy Nelson : El grande avocados!

    Matt Murdock : [laughs]  That's not Spanish, that's fruit.

    Foggy Nelson : Pfft. It's a vegetable at best.

  • Matt Murdock : This city needs me in that mask, Foggy.

    Foggy Nelson : Maybe you're right. Maybe it does. But I don't. I only ever needed my friend.

    [Turns to leave] 

    Foggy Nelson : I wouldn't have kept this from you Matt. Not from you.

    Matt Murdock : You don't know that, you don't know that.

    Foggy Nelson : Yeah. I do.


  • Matt Murdock : Excuse me, is this room 312?

    Foggy Nelson : Yeah, who're you looking for? Oh... uh, sorry.

    Matt Murdock : What for?

    Foggy Nelson : You're blind, right?

    Matt Murdock : Uh, yeah, so they tell me. I hope that won't be a problem.

    Foggy Nelson : Why would it? Oh! You're my roomie!

    Matt Murdock : Uh, Matt Murdock.

    Foggy Nelson : Foggy Nelson.

  • Foggy Nelson : So, you can see.

    Matt Murdock : That's not... You're not... Are you even listening to what I'm saying?

    Foggy Nelson : Yeah, world on fire, I got it. But you can see, right?

    Matt Murdock : Yeah, in a manner of speaking. But I...

    Foggy Nelson : [Cuts him off]  No! No manner! How many fingers am I holding up?

    [Holds up his middle finger] 

  • Foggy Nelson : Okay, so you get these whatever-you-call-thems when you're a kid. How do you go from that to what you're doing now?

    Matt Murdock : When I was a kid, before the accident... I'd lay awake at night listening to the sirens. I liked to put stories to them. Trying to figure out what they were for, ambulance or cops, robbery or fire. I don't know, just a stupid game. But after I lost my sight, after my abilities developed, I realized how many sirens there actually were... how much this city suffered every single night.

    Foggy Nelson : You've been running around doing this since you were a kid?

    Matt Murdock : No. I... I tried not to fight... to make my dad proud. To... to block it out. The sirens, the pain, the fear, all strangling Hell's Kitchen. For years, I buried my head and turned away. Then one night; right after we quit Landman and Zack... I heard it.

    Foggy Nelson : Heard what?

    Matt Murdock : A little girl... crying in her bed, in a building down the block. Her father liked to go to her room late at night... when his wife was asleep.

    Foggy Nelson : Oh, Jesus.

    Matt Murdock : I called Child Services... like you're supposed to. But the mom, she wouldn't believe it. Said it wasn't true. And the dad, he was smart.


    Matt Murdock : He made sure what he did, how he did it, didn't leave a mark. The law couldn't do anything to help that little girl. But I could.

    [Murdoch remembers hus first night as Daredevil, when he attacked the father] 

    Matt Murdock : He spent the next month in a hospital, eating through a straw. And I never slept better.

  • Foggy Nelson : You say all this, like... one day you'd just had it with how things are. But to do what you do... you had to keep training, all those years since that Stick guy, knowing you would do something like this. Maybe it isn't only about justice, Matt. Maybe it's about you having an excuse to hit someone. Maybe you just can't stop yourself.

    Matt Murdock : I don't want to stop.

  • Foggy Nelson : You're going to get yourself killed, you keep this up. You know that, right?

    Matt Murdock : I can take care of myself.

    Foggy Nelson : What about the rest of us? Me, Karen... we're a part of this now, because of you. And we didn't get a say in that.

    Matt Murdock : What do you think's gonna happen if I give up now, Foggy? Who's going to stop Fisk?

    Foggy Nelson : Oh, I don't know... the law?

    Matt Murdock : Tell that to Elena.


    Matt Murdock : If you could have put on a mask and prevented what happened to her... you telling me you wouldn't have?

    Foggy Nelson : It's not fair, Matt.

    Matt Murdock : We don't live in a world that's fair. We live in this one.

  • Foggy Nelson : It's a drawing of a sign. "Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys At Law."

    Matt Murdock : You, uh... You really want to do this?

    Foggy Nelson : No, I'm pissing my pants. There is actual urine in my trousers. But I trust you. You think this is what we should be doing... then I'm with you. For better or worse.

    Matt Murdock : Sounds like we're getting married.

    Foggy Nelson : This is way more important than a civil union! Come on, we're gonna be business partners. We're gonna share everything with each other. Our thoughts, our dreams, bills, crushing debt... There is no one I'd rather be doing this with, buddy. Seriously.

    Matt Murdock : Me, too, pal.

  • Matt Murdock : Foggy? What are you doing?

    Foggy Nelson : Well, I'm gonna steal as many bagels as I can fit in this box. With you as my partner, there's no telling when I'll be able to afford a real meal again.

  • Foggy Nelson : What are you doing, Matt? You're a lawyer. You're supposed to be helping people.

    Matt Murdock : I am.

    Foggy Nelson : In a mask! Do you know what they call that? A vigilante. Someone who acts outside of the law.

  • Foggy Nelson : That news footage of you... in the alley, after the bombings... the way you were flipping around... Your dad was a boxer. He didn't teach you any of that stuff, did he?

    Matt Murdock : He didn't want me to fight. You know that.

    Foggy Nelson : So, how'd you get so good at it?

    Matt Murdock : An old man named Stick.

    Foggy Nelson : [Scoffs]  You're shitting me.

    Matt Murdock : He found me at the orphanage. Blind like me. Well, almost like me.

    Foggy Nelson : A blind, old man taught you the ancient ways of martial arts? Isn't that the plot to Kung Fu?

  • Foggy Nelson : You tried to kill him, Matt. You told me yourself. How is that any different than the way he solves his problems?

    Matt Murdock : I made a mistake. I know that.

    Foggy Nelson : Misspelling "Hanukkah" is a mistake. Attempted murder is a little something else. You ever stop to think what would happen if you went to jail? Or worse?

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