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A successful modernizing of Lupin
q_leo_rahman4 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Lupin III, the cops-and-robbers saga that began in the late 1960s, has gone through several iterations in its long history. This new series is the most contemporary one to date, with the ambition of using past iterations of the saga (notably combining anti-heroic and chivalrous Lupin) in a new format to provide a blend of new thrills and old favourites.

The show is fully set in the land of Italy, which has a unique culture (from the seedy Mafioso to the glorious Renaissance) that makes it a great setting for the Lupin cast to caper about. The show also presents two new characters: the thrill-seeking billionaire Rebecca Rosselini who marries Lupin for the challenge he presents to her, and the secret agent Nyx who frequently crosses paths with Lupin while he goes about his work. Both characters are well- developed and present a refreshing foil to Lupin's rivals Fujiko and Zenigata, making things more unexpected and exciting. There is also one character that sets in motion a grand plan involving all of Italy...

However, the show is still vintage Lupin, and there are a fair amount of episodes that are dedicated to individual adventures starring Lupin or his acquaintances. These episodes do not take away from the main plot and are pretty enjoyable, presenting a wide variety of escapades from an assassination plan to a pet dog running off. These stories do justice to the Lupin cast in the modern era; they were always slightly anachronistic due to their 60s-70s origin, and these stories enable them to adequately manage contemporary times with their unique attitude and style. Speaking for myself I find these stories to be the best part of the show, Lupin is best enjoyed in such tales. And special mention must be made to bringing back Lupin composer Yuji Ohno, who not only revives the iconic Lupin theme song but adds some beautiful atmospheric Italian tunes to the show.

The show has its problems, though. The aforementioned secret character and his plan are basically inspired by the mastermind of the 1977 film, which can reduce the appeal for those who know the Lupin history. As I said above, Lupin is best enjoyed in small-scale episodic adventures.

I also find the artwork to be slightly extravagant; the artwork is definitely beautiful, but the character design tries too hard to replicate the special work of Lupin artist Hayao Miyazaki. Lupin's artwork is primarily sketchy and cartoonish, which helps to enhance the fun and noir-esque element of Lupin. To be fair, the previous Lupin show THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE had beautiful artwork that set a difficult standard to match; this show just barely manages to be as good.

And on a personal level, I dislike how serious Zenigata was in the show; it was a matter of improving him from a comical but tenacious inspector into a policeman who could be taken seriously, but I do miss the comical antics Lupin and Zenigata carried on with each other.

In the end, the show proves to be a successful modernizing of Lupin, and a worthy watch for both old and new fans of the unstoppable thief.
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markq-7565413 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This series is alright, not bad. It's very different from the previous Lupin series. Im a fan of Lupin, my favorite series is part 2. I've seen some part 1 is was good. Part 3 I have not seen. Part 4 is unique, this series is more modernized. You see new TVs, IPhones and much more.

Another thing different about this series is that it has story arcs. The previous Lupin series were just random funny over the top heists. It's was a serialized series. This series has story arcs.

Also Zenigata is much smarter in this series, which is strange. Compared to previous series he was much dumber and clumsy.

Last the reason I gave it a lower is because this series they didn't do as many heists as the previous series. That disappoints me when the series is about the greatest thief ever.

Overall a decent series.
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Lupin the 3rd Part 4
Tweekums17 November 2018
This series sees master thief Lupin III and friends, sharpshooter Jigen and samurai Goemon getting into a number of scrapes in Italy and San Marino. Inevitably where Lupin goes sometime lover, sometime rival Fujiko Mine and Interpol officer Inspector Zenigata can't be far behind. Over the course of the series he gets into many single episode adventures as well as having some plotlines that run through the series. Key among these are the introduction of wealthy thrill-seeker Rebecca Rossellini, who marries Lupin in the opening episode; Nyx, an MI-6 agent and a rather surprising famous Italian whose identity I won't divulge.

I really enjoyed this series; the regular characters are nicely established and keep the classic look rather than making them look more like the standard characters of today. Things started really well with Lupin and Rebecca's wedding... something I was not expecting then continued with a succession of enjoyable adventures. These adventures provide the great mix of comedy and excitement. The Italian setting is used well incorporating plenty of interesting locations. The animation and backgrounds are impressive. I went back to this series after watching 'Part Five' and would say they are of a similar quality although I slightly preferred this season. Overall this is definitely one to watch if you like other Lupin films and series.
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