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Season 1

El tiempo es el que es
Three Ministry of Time agents travel to 1808 to recover a modern pistol that could change the course of the Peninsular War if it fell in the wrong hands.
2 Mar. 2015
Tiempo de Gloria
The Ministry agent in 1588 Lisbon, Gil Pérez, raises the alarm when he notices that would-be famous playwright Lope de Vega has missed his historical appointment to serve in the Spanish Armada.
9 Mar. 2015
Cómo se reescribe el tiempo
Lola's use of an unregistered time door in 1940 Montserrat Abbey to save Spanish members of the French Resistance goes sour when one is captured and shares his knowledge with Heinrich Himmler.
16 Mar. 2015
Una negociación a tiempo
Salvador sends the team to 1491 to save the first discoverer of the time doors from the Spanish Inquisition, and Amelia hides her job at the Ministry by telling her 1880 parents that she has a boyfriend.
23 Mar. 2015
Cualquier tiempo pasado
The team is tasked to recover one of three receipts for Picasso's 1939 painting, "Guernica". If they don't succeed, the painting will not return to Spain in 1981. But while in the past, Julián discovers an ugly truth about his father.
30 Mar. 2015
Tiempo de pícaros
The Ministry is called to investigate when archaeologists find a cell phone belonging to a missing 21st century corrupt executive in a room that was sealed off in 1520.
6 Apr. 2015
Tiempo de venganza
Armando Leiva faked his death and is ready to strike back against the Ministry of Time - in 1844, when it was visited by young Queen Isabel II.
13 Apr. 2015
La leyenda del tiempo
The team travels to Madrid's Student Residence in 1924 after a Dalí painting depicting a graphics tablet is found. Once there, they find strange photographs that were seemingly planted to taunt them.

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