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Raymond Cruz: Julio Sanchez


  • Sgt. Staples : We've uncovered an unacceptable pattern of behavior that absolutely has to change. Although we've cleared you of criminal charges, during the course of our on-going investigation, we found several interactions with suspects in which you displayed an unwarranted amount of physical contact.

    Louie Provenza : And, as I've pointed out, in each instance Detective Sanchez was severely reprimanded.

    Sgt. Staples : And those reprimands are not having the desired effect, it seems, are they, Lieutenant?

    Sharon Raydor : In consultation with Professional Standards, the sergeant and I have come up with a compromise that will allow you to remain on active duty.

    Sgt. Staples : L.A.P.D. requires that you attend two anger management sessions a week over the next twelve months. Detective, I urge you to follow this solution in-in the hope that it can resolve this ongoing issue you have at work, and it seems, in your life. I will forward the paperwork over. Okay?

    Julio Sanchez : Yes, okay.

    Sgt. Staples : Very good.

    Sharon Raydor : Thank you, Sergeant.

    Sgt. Staples : Captain.

    Sharon Raydor : Mm-hm.

    Louie Provenza : Julio, this anger management is a "get out of jail free" card, and the compromise that the captain has worked out...

    Julio Sanchez : I appreciate it, Captain. I do.

    Sharon Raydor : I know, Julio, but you have to follow through with it, otherwise this deal falls completely apart.

    Julio Sanchez : Don't worry, ma'am. I'm ready. In fact, I'm gonna need all the anger management help I can find.


    Julio Sanchez : Excuse me.

  • Julio Sanchez : Wow... After everything... that I've done here... you two treat me the same way... that you would... a dirtbag suspect off the street... Am I under arrest, ma'am?

    Sharon Raydor : No. Julio, everything we've done is to...

    Julio Sanchez : My mom needs my help. Excuse me.

    Louie Provenza : Julio.

    Sharon Raydor : Of course.

    Louie Provenza : Julio, we're doing this for your own good.

    Mike Tao : [Sanchez walks to the elevator]  Julio.

    Julio Sanchez : Why didn't you tell me what was going on?

    Mike Tao : There's an open I.A. investigation. If they knew we told you Tino was murdered before they questioned you, it's not good.

    Julio Sanchez : Did you see the guy?

    Mike Tao : I did.

    Julio Sanchez : I messed him up. It's not like he was unconscious or anything. I mean, he ran away, Tao.

    Mike Tao : I know you didn't do it. Meanwhile, you gotta follow procedure right now. Procedure is your friend, okay? Let us find the suspect.

  • [last lines] 

    Julio Sanchez : Mom, I'm home.

    [sees Mrs. Sanchez] 

    Julio Sanchez : You look so pretty.

    Ramona Sanchez : Well, if you're going to move home, the least I can do is dress my best.


    Ramona Sanchez : I can't believe that you're gonna be living in your old room again. It'll be different now. Now you'll have your own bed; and, maybe when I get better, you stay. Don't unpack now. Come into the den. My show is about to go on. And maybe you can make us some sandwiches. And, Julio, get me some socks. My feet are freezing. Oh, and I can't find the remote control anywhere. I know it's here somewhere, but it's not on the sofa where I like to keep it.

    Julio Sanchez : [as Ramona keeps talking]  Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

    Ramona Sanchez : Julio? Julio? Where are you going?

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