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Samuel L. Jackson: Nick Fury



  • Agent Coulson : So is it true? That the Kree burned your eye out because you refused to give them the Tesseract?

    Nick Fury : I will neither confirm nor deny the facts of that story.

  • Carol Danvers : You have three names. What do people call you?

    Nick Fury : Fury.

    Carol Danvers : Just Fury?

    Nick Fury : Yep. Not Nicholas. Not Joseph. Just Fury.

    Carol Danvers : What does your mother call you then?

    Nick Fury : Fury.

    Carol Danvers : What do your friends call you?

    Nick Fury : Fury.

    Carol Danvers : Kids?

    Nick Fury : If I ever have them? Fury.

  • Nick Fury : We have no idea what other intergalactic threats are out there. And our one woman security force had a prior commitment on the other side of the universe. S.H.I.E.L.D. alone can't protect us. We need to find more.

    Agent Coulson : More weapons?

    Nick Fury : More heroes.

    Agent Coulson : You think you can find others like her?

    Nick Fury : We found her and we weren't even looking.

  • Maria Rambeau : You call me 'young lady' again, I'll shove my foot up somewhere it's not supposed to be.

    [awkward silence] 

    Talos : Am I supposed to guess where that is?

    Nick Fury , Carol Danvers : Your ass!

  • Carol Danvers : [Referring to the front of the baseball cap that Fury has given her]  What is this?

    Nick Fury : It's a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.

    Carol Danvers : Does announcing your identity with branded clothing, help with the covert part of the job?

    Nick Fury : ...said the space soldier who's wearing a rubber suit.

  • Nick Fury : Coulson. New guy. Guess he doesn't hate me yet.

  • Nick Fury : Space invasion, big car chase... truth be told, I was ready to hang it up. 'Till I met you today.

  • Nick Fury : [petting a cat]  Aren't you the cutest little thing! Aren't you cute. And what's your name?

    Carol Danvers : Fury.

    Nick Fury : Hm?

    Nick Fury : [to the cat]  I'll be back.

  • Nick Fury : You know anything about a lady blowing up a Blockbuster? Witnesses say she was dressed for laser tag.

  • Nick Fury : I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.

  • Nick Fury : So... you're not from around here.

    Carol Danvers : It's hard to explain.

  • Nick Fury : Congrats to you, Starforce lady. You're under arrest.

  • Nick Fury : [Species: Human male. Threat: Low to none]  That thing is clearly busted.

  • Carol Danvers : Name a detail so bizarre, a Skrull can never fabricate it.

    Nick Fury : If a toast is cut diagonally, I can't eat it.

    Nick Fury : You didn't need that, did you?

    Carol Danvers : No. No, I didn't. But I enjoyed it.

  • Nick Fury : [after Goose The Cat has just killed a group of soldiers] 

    [Holding him ] 

    Nick Fury : I'm Going to trust you not to eat me

  • Talos : No one's going to hurt the girl. Just, don't kill me. We got a really complicated situation.

    Nick Fury : I'm about five seconds from complicating that wall with some ugly-ass Skrull brains.

  • [Fury grabs Goose] 

    Nick Fury : That was a close call, huh, Goosey? Huh?

    [Fury laughs while Goose meows loudly] 

    Nick Fury : Those bad guys still don't know who they're messing...

    [Goose suddenly scratches Fury in his left eye] 

    Nick Fury : Ow! Mother Flerken!

    Maria Rambeau : Are you okay?

    Nick Fury : Yeah. It's just a scratch.

    Talos : No.

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