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This show changed my life!
mekalola2 May 2018
Before I watched this show, I had a void in my life. There was an uncertainty in my life. When someone asked me what was the worst thing I ever watched, I could not answer that question instantly. I could stop, think about it, consider options and try to find out what would deserve that. But now, everything changed. If someone asks me that question again, I will not have to stop and think about it, I will not hesitate, I will not drown in uncertainty! Now I have a definite answer for that question! I can now answer it instantly without a second thought! Thank you Marvel, thank you ABC, thanks to everyone involved in this show for having such an impact in my life. Thank you!
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Awful! An insult to Stan lee and Jack Kirby!
madridartist1 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We recorded it and watched it last night...I am a huge Marvel fan from long ago, and the Majestic, Mysterious Inhumans were among the most Brilliant of Stan lee and jack Kirby's creations. This is NOT them in any way. The acting was stiff and awful, but that fit the amateurish writing to a T....I'd say it was like they let High School Film Students write and direct it, but I honestly think kids could have done a much better job. And it committed the WORST sin of was long and went NOWHERE slowly. All of this could have been forgiven if they had given the characters ONE IOTA of SOMETHING that made them stand out....something Majestic. But no, Crystal (who can control Earthquakes, and summon the Elements like a Goddess in the comics...and who was for a long time one of the most Powerful members of the Fantastic Four)was reduced to a frail, weak, dim teen hostage. Gorgon was trapped in a slow developing, going nowhere sub storyline, Karnak had potential but the fight scenes look like they were choreographed by an imbecile , and he finally just fell off a cliff and quit mattering ...literally and figuratively. Medusa, Regal Queen of the Inhumans, just another hostage. Mercifully Triton, who can peel battleship steel off with his hands and has BATTERED the Sub Mariner, was just shot in his lame, lazy green scale-less make up in the first scene. And the worst was Black Bolt...MIGHTY Black Bolt. you know? The guy who BEAT the Thing in hand to hand combat? Who took down the Hulk? Who can peel off Iron Man's armor with his bare hands, or fly in the air and match against the God Of Thunder THOR, or fire Electron Bursts that defeated Shatterstar and made the Sphinx cry for mercy. Black Bolt the guy who fought toe to toe against the Near Gods Vulcan and Thanos? He was outfought and clubbed unconscious by two cops.....AFTER he ran from them in a STUNNINGLY feminine fashion (the actor looks so macho, HOW did he manage to run like HAD to be intentional). My wife has collected ALL the Inhumans Graphic novels and is a huge fan as well....and I thanked AGON she was in the kitchen making chicken wings for me and missed the Black Bolt girly run. These characters have so much potential, it is personally insulting to the fans to turn it into just another teen style "heroes" like show....especially when from Directing to key grip it was so poorly advice to Marvel is STOP. Completely start from scratch. This was beyond awful it was an insult to your legacy AND to your fans. These are TENT POLE characters....every bit as Fantastic as the Four they first appeared in....or the Avengers whom they match...OR power. Introduce them as such. Give us at least SOME of the Majesty, the sheer God-Like Power, and the Magic that was intended when Jack Kirby first put Pencil to Paper and Stan wrote those Mighty words (Black Bolts CITY destroying ones included). Marvel deserves better, the Inhumans deserve better, and we the fans deserve better.
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I had no expectation of this show yet still it managed to disappoint me.
dhruv_jain200001 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched just because it is a Marvel show. There is literally no other reason to watch this show. Within a span of just 2 episodes, Maximus grows to hate the King, plot to overthrow him and successfully does so without so much as a fight from the King's side. The King chooses not to use his own power and gets dethroned very easily. If they are living on the moon for centuries, can't they make sure that none of the rovers from Earth touches their city's external wall? Don't get me started on the acting, absolute nonsense.
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The worst thing I've watched all year.
nicktracy42030 September 2017
You know those cringe compilation videos on youtube that are physically painful to watch? Well that's how I felt most of the time watching this. The only good acting came from Iwan Rheon which is sad because this will not look good on his resume.

I would not recommend watching this unless you are extremely high or have a tolerance for horribly written and badly acted TV shows that never should have been made.

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Disappointing on every level.
rehan_abbasi9331 August 2017
This show fails on every level. The acting is stiff, the costumes are cheesy and the CGI is awful. The drama, or the lack thereof, is so poorly done that it makes sitting through the show boring. Regarding Lockjaw, the CGI is poorly done which makes the character stick out and thus makes him not believable. Overall, the show is a big miss. 2/10.
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farmisen-9261230 September 2017
Bad writing, bad directing, bad editing, poor acting, terrible costumes, shitty sound track, decent sets and CGIs.

This show should have never been green-lit and is a total waste of money, time and energy. As much as I try, I can't imagine a situation that would make this bearable to watch. Vacuuming while wearing a welding helmet may be?
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Worst Marvel production by far
TheTopDawgCritic20 October 2017
It doesn't get any more lame and amateurish than this.

This is by far the worst Marvel production I've seen.

The writing is terrible.

The acting is so bad, it's like a high school drama class.

The dialog is just as bad.

The only thing decent is the directing.

I'm giving this 1 season if it doesn't up it's game.

A very generous 2/10 from me
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Calling Inhumans Hot Trash Is A Compliment.
Oyabun129 September 2017
I'm shocked this was released in theaters. I understand pilots can be bad at times but this show is weak. Bad special effects don't help the bad writing. The stunts are stunted like the maker's Iron HamFist on Netflix. The electronic versions of 60's hits playing make it pretty funny. There's a reason fans or ABC/Disney is downvoting negative reviews here. That reason is even Variety(who gave The Dark Tower a good review) went to levels I've never seen before to let it be known they thought Inhumans was pretty horrid. If I had to guess, ABC's attempt to draw in teen viewers who aren't familiar with the comics turned this into something you'd expect to find on ABC Family. Prepare yourself for the Chronicles of The Inhumans, or better yet don't. Unlike the low-budget scifi shows you can find around cable, this production doesn't understand its limitations. If you were disappointed by Agents of Shield this won't lift your spirits. Another bad Marvel production. Disney isn't very good at this.
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Sad - pilot episodes
jim9tan29 September 2017
It's a another fantasy/adventure story.

The set and costume designs were okay. But, the dialogue was terrible.

The actors were so stiff. Looked like a high school play on a stage.

The physical fighting was truly terrible. Total lack of fluidity and commitment.

The plot has promise. But, the execution lacks magic. Please try again.
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Started account just to say how bad this show was.
rivenforest29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I gave it a 2 only because I have seen worse, but not many. I'm a fan of all forms of sci-fi/fantasy, and honestly, it doesn't take much to entertain me enough to at least sit through the entirety of a show/movie. I almost made it through this, but just couldn't manage the last 15min. The acting was bad, the story was worse, and the dialogue in general was horrible. Even some of the commercials were written and acted out better. The main "bad guy", Maximus, was one of the worst villain type characters ever. (vague semi-spoiler) When told people are plotting his death, he basically tells them to stop and walks away. At which point, I also walked away.
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Boring and full of flat characters
FieryMaid6 October 2017
The visual effects are probably the only things that were interesting in this.

There was no world building. Only a quick show and some lines from a few characters tell us the basics of a have and have not society. Nothing about how and why this world exists, just that it does.

The characters were not developed. We see some glimpses and get a few lines about powers. That's also it.

And ALL of these characters are incredibly stupid. Life or death decisions are about as well thought out as when someone decides to put on a pair of slippers. Yet it's such a shock when things don't go well....seriously?

And lastly, how in the world could a Shakespearean or Greek tragedy type plot of betrayal, revolution, revenge, brother against brother, and life or death situations be less exciting than a yawn? I have to say, two hours never felt so long. And I have only myself to blame for continuing to watch as I hoped it would get better. It didn't. If this was green lighted, I know I don't need to waste my time on the rest.
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Please... stop.
david-5691 October 2017
Please. Stop. Who ever allowed this to get out of concept and into development needs to not work in the industry.

Concept - dull Writing - horrendous Direction - impossible to make compelling, nay, tolerable, without decent writing, which this has none. Editing - impossible to make compelling, nay, tolerable, without decent writing, which this has none. Acting - impossible to make compelling.. dittos above Costumes - impossible to.. dittos above. Sound track - impossible.. dittos above. CGI - imposs... dittos above. Everything else - dittos above.

This is just plain bad. I cannot drum up enough imagination to add more commentary because it is impossible to write compelling commentary when.... dittos above.

OK, let me add one creative nit pick. If they are on the moon, which has 1/6th gravity, at least try and act like there is 1/6th gravity. Is that asking too much? Of course it is. Buck Rogers from 1939... muy better.
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Disagree with everyone
sarastro72 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are currently nine user reviews here, all of which give the pilot show a rating of between 1 and 4 stars. I utterly disagree with every one of them. They are all just trying to appear cool and fashionable by playing into the negative buzz and negative expectations that have surrounded the show before its premiere.

It's not a masterful show; there are elements that appear clearly low-budget, but it's nowhere near bad enough to warrant a ridiculously low rating. It's a solid 7, and worth following. It respects the original Inhumans comics very much indeed, and it's great to see such faithful interpretations of those characters (but of course only an actual fan and reader of the comics will properly appreciate this). It's also beautifully shot on Hawaii, with lots of nods to the indigenous populace.

The story is a bit over-simple in its structure (although it does feature some admirable world-building), and the double-episode (which seemed more like 75 minutes than 90) doesn't have any closure of its own by the end. But I really enjoyed the (sort of) mute Black Bolt; the actor does a great job of playing him. Medusa's prehensile hair does seem like it was very hard to get right on this budget, which is probably why they cut it off rather too quickly. I guess prehensile hair is still a very difficult thing to make good-looking, even in this day and age. At least they tried. And it will of course be growing back.

Looking back on this show I actually find that the image I remember most vividly is the close-cropped Medusa; a striking short-haired female in a striking purple outfit in lush, green surroundings. That made an impression. Which is good.

In short, I enjoyed this show and as a superhero fan I consider it unmissable and must-see! Even if it obviously doesn't have the productions values that "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." has. But, if it is successful, it will get more funding in time.
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Is it as bad as everyone thinks?
josephslater1 November 2017
Inhumans has been on my list of TV shows to watch for a little while now, episode 7 is about to be released and I have just watched the first 6 episodes. I will admit that I was fairly skeptical at first after reading some extremely disappointing reviews from many a critic and MCU fan alike. I was extremely surprised however when I found myself really enjoying this show. The cinematography and locations are absolutely stunning, the CGI (considering it is a TV series and NOT a Marvel movie) is actually done really well, and the acting, despite what other reviews have said, was 100% up to standard. One other review I have read stated that a lot of the reviews seem to be focused on the first two episodes which were shown in IMAX theaters as a sort of mini-movie, and perhaps they were correct when talking about these, but reviewing the first two episodes and nothing more is like eating just the bread of a sandwich. I am not overly familiar with the comic Inhumans, I know a little bit of the characters and powers they have but have never picked up an Inhumans comic book, so jumping into this whole new side of Marvel comics by all means should have been a bit difficult, but it wasn't. The characters were set up great, you can really understand the antagonist's motivations (very similar to Loki in Thor) and really find yourself rooting for the heroes as you get further into the show, although you learn that maybe the heroes, despite them being literal royalty, aren't always right. The show tells both sides of the story extremely well. The actor for Black Bolt (can't remember the name unfortunately) is surprisingly really compelling despite not saying a word the entire first 6 episodes due to the nature of his powers, and this is due to some great writing and acting. Medusa was equally convincing and the CGI for her character came out great, which surprised me. The star of the show, however, was Maximus, absolutely stellar acting and writing, clear motivations, one of those bad guys you completely understand and want to root for even as you see him slip further and further into full-on villain mode. I would recommend this show as I have to many of my friends, maybe it's not your cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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Expected so much worse considering all the harsh reviews
amohammed-996065 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing all the super negative reviews of this show, I was expecting something really terrible but it actually wasn't that bad. In fact, I wouldn't even call it bad. I enjoyed what I saw and look forward to seeing how the rest of the series unfolds. The plot is intriguing to me so far because although Blackbolt seems to be a good king, there's a caste system on Attilan. Those who have no powers are required to work in the mines for the rest of their life. According to Maximus, this cast system is only necessary because of the small confines of Attilan. I want to know more about why Blackbolt keeps this caste system going. Its interesting because its understandable why Maximus felt the need to carry out a coup.

Inhumans definitely has a corny vibe at times, but hey this is a show based on a comic book. I've seen a lot of people complain about the special effects...come on folks. This isn't a movie with an enormous budget, it's just a TV show. Even if you don't enjoy where the plot is going, you might appreciate the acting. The first set of reviews for this show were definitely way too harsh. If you usually enjoy Marvel stuff, you should give this show a chance.
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A New Experience
rbr-4129930 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I confess that I almost let the bad reviews discourage me from watching the show. (Some people seem predisposed to being negative.) And, I'll admit that the first ten minutes was kind of boring and did not draw me into the story so I switched to another program. I think part of the problem was that I had no prior experience to draw on. I've never read the Inhumans comics. I loved Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from the first moment because I liked the characters from the Avengers film. But, the characters of Inhumans were total strangers to me.

Fortunately, I had recorded Inhumans, so I decided to give it another shot. I'm glad I did. I think the acting, overall plot and the special effects were all excellent. The royal family (minus Maximus), plus Karnak, Gorgon and Lockjaw were all likable characters. I found Maximus easy to hate, so the actor definitely sold the twisted psychosis of the character.

I think Marvel's Inhumans will turn out to be a solid entry among the Marvel programs. I think the potential is there in the future for a cross-over episode with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I look forward to the next episode.
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Worst Marvel show ever
DJNormand29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was a comic book? I don't know how readers got through all the plot holes in the story, like what story?

It was all I could do to finish watching the first show. This is the worst Marvel show I've ever seen. Made absolutely no sense like for instance, this group of inhumans are living on the moon, well then why aren't the regular humans like Black Bolt's brother not frying from the radiation poisoning from the sun since he apparently has no powers? Remember the moon has no atmosphere unless there is a shield around Attilan, which is another part of the story that wasn't explained. Actually nothing was explained; how they became inhuman; how they got to the moon and don't tell me the damn dog brought the entire population to the moon,so where did they come from? Then Black Bolt played by Anson Mount; we don't get to hear this character speak throughout the entire show. His voice apparently is lethal so he doesn't speak just goes through a series of gestures I guess considered inhuman sign language.

The series is horrible and I suggest canceling it now before Marvel embarrasses themselves further.

I was looking so forward to this show but am sadly disappointed.
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Great as Pilot, not that great for cinema
Aries_cz5 September 2017
Let me preface this by addressing some of the negative reviews, a lot of which seem to come from people who went into IMAX expecting a movie. Inhumans are not a movie, it is a pilot episode for a TV show (and both Marvel and IMAX theaters promoted it as such, if you still expected a movie despite that, that is your problem).

With this being a pilot for a TV show, some expectation adjustment is in order. You cannot expect a fully resolved story (you only saw a quarter), which I have seen certain reviewers holding against the episode. You also cannot expect Marvel-ous CGI, because obvious budgetary restraints. However, when CGi is used (Lockjaw/Medusa, mainly), it looks pretty good.

Now, to some actual reviewing.

As one can expect from a Pilot episode, the story presents all major characters of the "Royal Family" of Atillan and does some amazing world building. The setpieces and filming locations are beautiful.

As someone who has not read the comic books, but is somewhat familiar with some the characters and their powers, I think the pilot episodes do them justice. Anson Mount, given extreme limitations on range of expressions, was great as effectively mute Black Bolt. He shows extreme restraint when faced with danger, as a single word can obliterate everything in from of him, and a single involuntary grunt can send a squad car flying several dozen meters away. Serinda Swan as Medusa was also very good, playing a caring wife and queen. As I mentioned above, when she is using her prehensile hair, the CGI is pretty solid. When not, it deviates from her comic book version and just behave like regular long hair (probably to save budget). Iwan Rheon as Maximus is very much Ramsey Snow from GoT, but much more charismatic and somewhat less psychotic. Gorgon looks like he will be a very fun character to follow. I am still a bit on the fence regarding Karnak, whose powers are not really explained very well (I guess he sees probabilities and short term outcomes of choices, but the CGI of him visualizing things is pretty good).

I am certainly looking forward to seeing the rest of the show, as I was intrigued by most of the characters and the basic premise of the story, and I hope the CGI quality will not dip. However, I personally did not really notice any major benefit from seeing this in IMAX over watching a high quality version on TV/online. So unless you really cannot wait, I would suggest waiting until the 26th when it starts airing.
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Very Disappointing - A Generic Mutant Programmer
Man992041 October 2017
This is not a bad program. But nearly all of the elements of this show have been seen before -- many many times before. Do we really need yet another "mutant themed" television series or movie franchise?

Disney seems determined to milk every last drop of programming out of the Marvel franchise. While there is a place for this type of entertainment, I think we are well past the saturation point.

This program adds nothing to the genre. All of the elements of the pilot have been seen before -- many many times before. The elements of the show have a "been there seen it all before" aspect to them. This is particularly evident in the special effects.

The script is so poorly written that it does not create empathy for any of the characters. The cast is lifeless and underwhelming. Anson Mount, who is normally a dynamic and personable actor plods through his scenes like an action figure. The other cast members, who have less experience, are even more lifeless and inert.

I wish Disney would give this genre a rest. I long to see any of these Actors play real human beings with real programs. For now, I am going to pass on "The Inhumans"

I am particularly disappointed in the performance of Anson Mount. He is normally a passionate and engaging Actor. Mount stumbles through every scene as if he is heavily medicated. The other actors who have less experience are even worse.
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*Positive* Review
taccys4 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure what the fuss is about Inhumans as a television show, but it now should make sense as to why Marvel Studios evaded from setting it up as a big blockbuster film. Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus and co. all have more to explored with and within and two hours wouldn't be good enough because it would've drawn comparisons with Maximus being a matured version of Loki etc. It's not as terrible as everyone is saying, there is honestly a lack of understanding these characters properly. The show comes to a perfect close at the near end of Episode 2 where Black Bolt steals clothes as he grasps this new reality. You have to understand that the Inhumans have been living on Attilan for many years and can only speak/listen to how they've grown up plus dealt with their powers (different from how humans on Earth live their lives). That's what makes them great, that's what makes them Inhuman once properly understood. Changing the movie to a television show paid off well, it opened up many possibilities. I'll be honest, the first two episodes screened in Imax were stereotypical only because that's what the film was going to be designed as. Inhumans is, to me, the second show where l was comfortably able to watch almost the same as how l felt watching the first season Daredevil. It's a good move by Marvel Studios as they've left the storyline to break way towards unpredictability/good drama.

The reason for these bad reviews by others is all due to not understanding these characters or at least identifying with them. Still grounded like the rest of the universe, their way of life operates on the Moon and not Earth. We struggle to understand what we don't truly know and this is what the show primarily focuses on. It's not deliberately bad acting, it's how the Inhumans have come to terms with reality seeing life in a different compared to us humans. Cannot wait for the next 5 episodes, will slowly become a slightly memorable television show.

I was very pleased with how the first two episodes were directed, designed by computer graphics. Just because IMAX cameras are used doesn't mean the CGI has to be out of this world! Like l said above, the main focus is the storyline itself. Two episodes down, what could happen next in Maximus's plan during the rest of the season.

Happily proud of what l saw earlier in IMAX and very desperate to finish the season with the other six episodes coming in several weeks.

Good show with a lot of potential, 7.3/10
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whateverever-2737530 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I do not understand the low ratings ... It's actually reasonably entertaining and with the 2 paragraphs I've seen than so far I hope it's getting even better :) Give it a try and I think the bad rumor is so small falling to earth and keep in mind it's not a movie, but a series and the budget of course it's after pr section
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Good Start
andyphome1 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have read a lot of negative reviews about this show. I have seen two episodes back to back and was wanting to watch a third. I found iron fist sadly a bit dull, but this one I don't. Basically, these episodes have simply set the stage. A bit of good old fashioned back stabbing and treachery with the heroes scattered to the four winds... So what was not too like? Since this is episodic there is a lot of time for the season to come good on drama, special effects, etc. Personally, sfx add to a story they should not rule it.

The lead in Black Bolt is very good, he's playing the enigmatic BB very well IMHO. As for Medusa she's a decent actor and I liked (boo hated...)losing her hair... I didn't see that coming.

I think this show has legs yet, remember agents of shield when it started it was dull as hell, but it got better.

So i'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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As good as any other budget show on TV
malcivus30 September 2017
I'm sure this show wasn't cheap to make, but it has the look and feel of a show with a limited budget. If you think of any of the above-average shows on SyFy Channel during the 2000s, you'll get the right idea for both the feel of it and the quality. It's decent entertainment, with decent actors, delivering somewhat poorly written dialogue. The story is a good one. A good setup with great potential. It's perfectly legitimate to ignore the rage monsters who railed at this show during the early previews. Yes, paying IMAX prices to watch this is insane. It's a mediocre TV pilot. But the rest of us aren't burdened with that critical crutch. If you consider it as just something that aired on network TV (which doesn't have much interesting entertainment these days), then it's a solid start. I suspect people who know the characters from the comics will like this a little more because there's less confusion over what's going on. I didn't need anything explained because I already know the Inhumans pretty well. If you don't read the comics, your mileage may vary.
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Waste of money to make, waste of time to watch
dj_terpe7 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Haven't done a review until now, but this series was so disappointing I just had to say something. First, the hype created around it. Doesn't live up to a quarter of it. The trailers.I had some doubt while watching them, but I thought was just poor choice of scenes. Seeing the same scenes in the first episodes made me realize they hurried the production and didn't pay attention to the big picture. The Imax cameras...good idea, but the contrast between those beautiful scenes and the indoors or normal camera footage...eye soaring. The plot sounds cheap. Some stuff thrown in a bowl and mixed by hand. The actors are doing a lousy job, they either over do it and look stiff, or just simply have the range of a pool cue. Well, the main cast at least. The extras are way better and look more relaxed. The costumes and make up are one of the worst in recent series. They look second hand, maybe rented. The special effects are pretty good. The Lockjaw CGI probably took half the budget.Medusa's hair is looking tacky, like she overused the hair spray. The whole feeling about this reminds me of 2000's Syfy flicks. I thought after the pilot things might get better so i watched episode 2...No progress. After seeing episode 3 I can definitely say this series is doomed. Its digging its own grave and nothing will get it back to life.
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shows promise
dxever20064 September 2017
I saw the big hype IMAX event and i have to say that it got me hooked to the show. I thought that they gave a great backstory of who these characters are and what we can expect from this series. now i want to see where this is going and while some people might not liked this series, i do and i hope fans will give it a chance.
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