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Season 2

11 Jul. 2017
Still Still the King
Newly released from prison, Vernon Brown helps Debbie plan a wake for Ronnie.
11 Jul. 2017
Battle of the Basement
Vernon and Ronnie go head to head over which one will be the man of the house.
18 Jul. 2017
Men and Work
After growing sick of their antics around the house, Debbie demands Vernon and Ronnie find jobs.
25 Jul. 2017
Vernon's hometown is honoring him with a statue of his likeness. But when Vernon doesn't approve how it looks he recruits Walt, Charlotte and Doily to "fix" the statue.
25 Jul. 2017
Showcase Showdown
Vernon readies his band for a big gig at The Bluebird Cafe! One small problem, he doesn't have a gig at The Bluebird Cafe.
1 Aug. 2017
P.A.L.S. Weekend
Vernon and Walt are forced to attend a parolee and parole officer team building weekend with Doily.
1 Aug. 2017
The Hungover Games
Vernon goes on a "date" with a former child actress to give her some bad girl cred. Meanwhile, Debbie takes a hungover Charlotte to work to teach her a lesson.
9 Aug. 2017
Trayning Day
A TV movie is being made about Vernon's exploits and he will be portrayed by none other than Trayne Crostown! Vernon and Trayne spend the day together as Trayne researches Vernon's character.
9 Aug. 2017
Reign of Tears
When Vernon sees Trayne's portrayal of him in the TV movie, he and Walt set out to sabotage the production.
16 Aug. 2017
Hockey Tonk
Vernon scores a gig at a Predators hockey match and Ronnie uses the occasion to propose to Debbie.
16 Aug. 2017
Ronnie Brasco
Vernon fills in for an absent Ronnie and spends the day helping Debbie plan for her upcoming wedding.
23 Aug. 2017
Vernon's Single
Much to his chagrin, Vernon discovers his manager has given his new single to another recording artist to perform.
23 Aug. 2017
Who's Your Daddy?
It's Debbie and Ronnie's big wedding day! When Debbie's water breaks on the altar, Vernon races against the clock to be there for the birth.

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