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ldydmm28 August 2016
Summary: Refreshing! Oprah hit it when she agreed to this show. It has something for every age group, they are so real and all so funny. I am a 55+ year old married woman so I really "get" the elders. I am a mother too, so I really like seeing the kids and Ruba coming of age. And the stars of the show, Shanice and Flex both talented, wise, gentle loving and patient towards their family members while they love, support and encourage one another.

The last episode I saw was when Shanice and Flex planned a "honeymoon" in Hawaii. They took the whole family, by force. But, it turned out to be so funny, so real! The show deals with every aspect that a loving family goes through: struggling parents, childhood issues like bullying, the respect of their elders, the love and patients of an up and coming adult, Ruba. The love for friends, neighbors and how to conduct business. Flex leads his home like a man, loves his wife and allows her to be herself and his children too.

I say refreshing because they are "family" at the end of the day.That is what family is all about. Keep up the excellent work!
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mindless, talentless, escape
jameseoeser10 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Here is just another ho-hum reality show that offers not a single new concept or idea. Hey we can just throw some eye candy together and we have a show. I don't blame our duo for grabbing a cheap payday, I just wonder where is the pride? Shanice Lorraine Wilson-Knox aka shanice was at one point a successful pop singer that made the top 100 billboard charts perhaps 3 or 4 times about 25 years ago. Now flex is a polished actor who has starred in such blockbusters as Homeboys in Outer Space which was a classic. maybe not. Flex also starred in Backroom Bodega Boyz which is another little known film. Flex also made the rounds in many black comedy's but has done little to crossover to mainstream. if you have time to kill and do not expect much then this show will suffice. If you want to laugh and enjoy yourself perhaps old episodes of the simple life will do.
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