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26 Sep. 2015
Good Old Bad Old Days
Principal Rogerson has disappeared into Zero and a replacement has arrived at the school. Life has taken a turn for the better - or so the students think. Reality hits home with a thud when Headmaster Headly arrives and lays down the law. Meanwhile, Rogerson encounters a strange character called Papa Rainbow with his peace stick - both very misleading names. Everyone wants life back to the way it was. It seems the bad old days were good after all.
3 Oct. 2015
Deanmead for Deanmead
Card-play goes off the rails when the boys realize they can spin Denmead between worlds at their whim. Max and John are having too much fun to heed Hiro's warning and find themselves with, not one, but two Denmeads. Expecting double trouble (read double pounding!) they are surprised when both Denmeads fall head over heels with each other and are too infatuated to seek retribution. It proves to be a challenging situation for everybody, particularly for Charity who is convinced Denmead is having an affair. Imagine her surprise when she finds out who it is with.
10 Oct. 2015
School Photo
A mysterious school photographer is engaged to take this year's class photos and for once there are no complaints about the results. The reason? There are no students. Anyone who was taking part has disappeared into Zero and has been forced to serve in King Blackyard's army. Parents fear the worst, John and Max smell a rat, and the police decide an underage party is afoot. Strangely all are right in one way or another.
17 Oct. 2015
Reign of Error
The boys convince Hiro to run for school captain to thwart Charity's reign at the top. Hiro wins by a landslide and Charity is horrified. The boys are in turn shocked when Hiro reveals himself to be an old school disciplinarian in the mold of John's father. The kingmakers become king-breakers in a desperate attempt to return school life to the way it was before.
24 Oct. 2015
His Life as a Dog
The leader of the Wolf Soldiers of the 4th Water Principal, long-time allies of Hiro's clan, needs a place to hide out and the Stitt house seems the perfect choice. Matters are complicated when Peg assumes he is a dog, the fact he is 8 feet tall, has six legs, wears a tunic and wields an axe does not seem to register. He begrudgingly plays along, stay on his mat and puts up with the indignities of the social scene at the dog park. His pursuers, the lizard-like Nephlans eventually arrive - only to find he has "gone walkies".
31 Oct. 2015
Prince Harming
The school turns upside down with the arrival of a Bishonen prince. He is strikingly beautiful, deeply troubled, self-obsessed and carries a parasol - he pretty much ticks all the boxes for Charity. When she falls for him, Hiro's warnings are dismissed as the ravings of a jealous fool until it is too late. Everyone must pitch in to get Charity out of this deadly jam. Carriage rides from hell and martial arts combine with French food to deliver a rich plot with a bizarre message.
7 Nov. 2015
See Ya Later, Gladiator
When a school play is not big enough to satisfy Max's theatrical ambitions he takes matters into his own hands...which just happen to be holding the powered-up deck of cards. Stardom awaits in the other world but unfortunately for Max he finds it is in the gladiatorial arena. Not one to think much about the future, Max enjoys the present right up to the bitter end that awaits him - and those he happily drags down with him.
14 Nov. 2015
Amonsun Under Fire
When an overworked and under-appreciated Amonsun decides to go on strike, it doesn't quite have the desired effect. Hiro simply replaces him with a new sidekick, the efficient yet calculating Felintine. Defeated, Amonsun returns to his home town, but whilst there he uncovers that Felintine is not who they think she is. Meanwhile John and Charity have come to the same realization a little too late and are faced with Felintine's evil secret identity. Hiro must swallow his pride and hope he can still enlist Amonsun's help to defeat this jilted enemy.
21 Nov. 2015
Sweet Potato
An inferior set of Battle Day Zero cards is mysteriously released as a giveaway by a potato chip company. Hiro is on the case but the boys are distracted by the arrival of a giant devil baby, Sweet Potato, who emerges from a chip packet and wreaks havoc on the town. A cautionary tale regarding teen parenting ensues.
28 Nov. 2015
I'll Take the Couch
An unexpected visit by Hiro's parents throws the Stitt household and the entire town into disarray. The Karutas' arrival coincides with Charity's 16th birthday complicates matters further, but not as much as the house's utter destruction. Crashers from another dimension and plenty of teen angst combine to provide a night no-one will forget. Strangely, everyone has a good time except Charity whose attempts at sabotage all collapse - much like the Stitt house after their guests finally leave.
5 Dec. 2015
Mystic Skater
Hiro's hidden abilities with a skateboard are put to the test with the arrival of a vengeful skater from another dimension. John is keen to impress a girl and he swaps his board for Hiro's upgraded model. Glory follows - but it is fleeting, and he now has to face-off in a skateboarding apocalypse. The skate bowl has never been more alive with the promise of such chaos and destruction.
12 Dec. 2015
Dad to the Bone
The exchange kids exchange back to their original worlds for some much needed father-and-son time. However distance has not made respective hearts grow fonder. Principal Rogerson's son Leroy returns from his stint as an exchange student on Zero as a power-mad warrior determined to take his father's crown and the school with it. Meanwhile. Hiro has his hands full with an emotional Karuta after he pushes the "feelings" button a little too hard. John and Max have to wade through the mush and angst to set things straight.
19 Dec. 2015
Dead Cute
Max's shortcut to getting himself a valentine and Denmead's opportunistic nature combine to create mayhem in the form of the Malentwine, an impossibly cute creature that possesses the mind of any girl that touches it. A craze takes off and John and Max look to cash in. However, there is a downside - the end of the world as we know it. Just another day at South Port High.

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