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spoilers included: More of the same, but less
jonathan_kaijser1 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
American horror story was taking a gamble with this one. The elements that have the potential to be scary are eliminated fairly quickly. Nevertheless, I felt I had to keep watching to give the season a chance.

There are most certainly some interesting elements in this season, though. AHS once again shows the darker sides of humanity, which makes it the interesting show it is.

The performance of the actors was as splendid as ever (especially Sarah Paulson deserves a standing ovation). I personally feel a lack of depth in the part played by Jessica Lange. Not that she only makes a few appearances in the season. On the contrary. Watching her play a role that is (in my opinion) too similar to her role in other seasons rendered the depth of her character obsolete. Once again, the acting was wonderful, but the show deserved better quality in terms of story writing.

All in all, this season was amusing. I do have to say that there is not really a clear plot from early in the show, though. The real plot only gets clear when you have almost reached the season finale already. The tension then starts building up, but... suddenly it is done. The season finale was, in my humble opinion, a disappointment at best.

I will still watch season 5 with pleasure, and I still expect AHS to keep interested. But a more captivating story would be deeply appreciated.
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Love freak show
aditilamba18 October 2015
I loved this season...m a huge fan of ahs. I watch all the seasons. I love Jessica lange and Sarah paulson.They're my favourite. This season was really creative and something different. I also loved this cute little character name ma patite...everyone and every character in this season is unique in itself.this season is so full of drama and thrill that you cannot keep yourself waiting until the next episode and just restlessness would grow inside of you. You would surely hate the clown in it especially his fake teeth. He really doesn't have teeth and that's real weird but in all the freak show is all about freaking you out and the lovely performances by the characters and i would just lastly like to say that the freak show is a must watch and would surely freak you out.
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maslinee25 December 2014
This is the first show ever that I stopped watching. I was so curious about the new season and it turned out to have no plot, no story, nothing. I made it to episode 5 and couldn't watch any further. It's not horror, it's not even scary. Just disgusting and meaningless. I kept trying to figure out some sense - unsuccessfully. I'm so disappointed with this season, that I don't believe I would watch another one. I don't believe that a show should be all about sex, blood and murders. I'm trying to find some connection, an explanation why people are acting some way. "Freak show" shows people with body disorders and keeps calling them freaks. Add a bored rich guy going mad to the picture and some additional characters with no humanity and try to make sense out of all that...
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