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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent content and graphic nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A group of fully nude women are seen dancing around a fire. We see some women's butts, and we see some full frontal nudity, from a great distance..
  • A nude elderly woman is seen working (See gore/violence, spoiler section) from behind and the side (non-sexual). Her butt and some side boob are visible
  • An adolescent boy looks upon his also adolescent sister's cleavage two to three times throughout the film. Not graphic or sexual at all, the film just uses these few actions to show the boy's curiosity at a young age.
  • An adult woman kisses an adolescent boy.
  • An adolescent boy is completely naked shown from behind, but the nudity is obscured. As he falls to the floor you can see him naked from the front, but no detail as the fall is quick, and obscured.
  • An adolescent girl removes her clothes and wanders through the woods. You see her butt, and some side boob, from a great distance..
  • A naked baby boy is shown the scene last several minutes. (See gore/violence, spoiler section)
  • A woman is shown breastfeeding a couple times. Not graphic, nipple never shown.. One time, there is no baby. (See gore/violence)
  • As his clothes are being washed the father is cutting wood and uses a bed-sheet to cover his bottom half. No nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A child becomes ill. He behaves in a possessed, disturbed manner, momentarily suffocating.
  • A woman is hacked with a cleaver clearly off-screen.
  • A woman is breastfeeding a crow, which is pecking at her breast causing her to bleed.


  • Obscure language as some is not quite understood.
  • A few instances of 'damn' 'hell' ''bitch'' and ''whore'' are used (talking about witchcraft and the fate of their family).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A young boy is kidnapped by the witch and becomes "bewitched". It's not known what the witch did to him but the aftermath on the boy is definitely disturbing.
  • Very intense and disturbing.
  • Scenes of arguing between family members. A couple of them are mistreated by everyone else.
  • Several extended sequences involving disturbed or possessed children.
  • The film has a very intense atmosphere throughout enhanced by the cinematography, music and imagery.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is charged by a goat. He dies from that.
  • A woman smears baby blood on her body.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The witch is rarely seen through the film but near the ending, there is a scene when you see her crouching whilst sucking blood from a goat. Two children approach her only to reveal her ugly face. She then let's out a cackle and kidnapps the children (offscreen) supposedly killing them. VERY SCARY SCENE

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