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A great first season that improves over the season
alindsay-al8 October 2018
I have just finished the first season of Krypton and as a big DC Comic fan I had interest in this show as it shows a setting we don't have much experience with. This was a great first season that helped build this mythos that can be improved even more in future seasons. The premise of the season sees Superman's Grandfather Seg-El having to deal with life as a refugee on Krypton, until he receives a message from the future that gives him a purpose. Cameron Cruffe plays Seg-El and he does a good job. At first I thought he came across as quite stoic but as the season progressed I became more invested in his character and I really liked his progression as a character over the season. The supporting cast is also really good, the standout in my opinion was former Arrow actor Colin Salmon in a role I will not spoil if you do not already know. He has a really interesting dynamic on the show and I liked how his character interacted with the other characters. Georgina Campbell plays Lyta-Zod and she does a good job in her role, similar to Seg her character is quite bland at first but she grows well over the season with some intriguing twists and turns involved. Shaun Sipos plays Adam Strange and his character was a nice change up from the rest of the cast, his journey is an important one and it shows that this b-list character can be well done if given the chance. Ann Ogbomo plays Jayna-Zod and she had some time and effort put into her character that made her interesting and her dynamic with Lyta is a highlight of the season. Braniac is the main villain of the first season and even though he doesn't have much screen time he was always a presence and in the back of each characters mind. When he does turn up his look is fantastic, like it has been ripped directly from the comic books. The story of the show is very intriguing and unique, seeing these different story arcs coming together comes across very well. It keeps the show moving in different directions that makes each episode a must watch. The script has some decent drama in it that makes you care about the characters and the plight that they are in. However, there are time where it comes across as a bit forced and the elements of humor really don't come across well and feel out of place. The style of the show is grand in scope, the CGI for the citys is fantastic and way more then i expected for a tv show. But they really need to improve the quality of the action scenes for next season, there are just too many cuts in the fight scenes and usually the lighting makes it difficult to understand what is going on. Overall this is a very impressive first season of this show which should be seen by DC fans and casuals alike as it has things for everybody.
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I'm not a bot
mra-624722 April 2018
Apparently if you like a show these days you are automatically a fake account. Of course these opinions are from the same people who believe that because your parents are British you should have a British accent. Forget the fact that you were never exposed to them or their culture in the first place and instead raised on a farm in rural America. I digress.

This is an interesting new show set in the DC Universe Obviously revolving around the Superman mythos. Unfortunately much Like the rash of crazed fanboys who continually slated the new Star Trek series (solid 9 by the way, do yourself a favor and binge the whole 1st season before you judge), Many reviewers feel that you should not watch this for yourself, just because they said so.

Yes most of the actors have British accents and yes you will probably dislike some of them but aren't emotions what a decent show is supposed to evoke? It's a good start and yes there's room for improvement but there is plenty of opportunity for good story lines and I for one will finish out the full first season before I make a final decision.
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Loving this Series So Far!!!
bcjackson-716-6834686 April 2018
Not sure what the haters are on about. I think this series is great so far. Love the action, the actors and story line. The CGI is real good as well. I would certainly give it a shot. Can't wait until the next one is out!!!!
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Originally enjoyed then boredom...
dragonj-5659231 December 2018
I loved the show until episode 8, when I kinda just felt that there wasn't enough action, and it was just acting like a soap opera, it lost my attention quickly, I think what they tried to do was good, but the execution was poor, and some the plot points ended up quite cliche. I would be happy to watch this as I love the DCEU, but this was just dry.

I understand that it's cool to have an origin story to Superman, which is way better than Supergirl, but they needed to think of more plot twists. Possibly the main reason I disliked the show was because of the lack of action. I think the budget and production values are good, but they needed more set-pieces and intrigue than just relying on peoples attention spans. Maybe it's just me, but this isn't as good as other sci-fi programs I've seen. I would had rather seen another series of 'Dark Matter', another amazing show from this company than this.

I'm out on this... won't be coming back for Series 2! Scores (out of 10) Production Design= 8 Acting=6 Visual Effects=7 Script=4 Action=2
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Pleasantly suprised
kevindowson22 March 2018
As a fan of the Superman films old and new I was pleasantly suprised at this refreshing take on a story thats been told as many times as the death of Bruce Waynes parents. It's not without its issues, the acting is a bit wooden and emotionless in parts but its got my interest for now. Some people have commented on the CGI being poor, i'm thinking the exact opposite, I think its pretty good for a TV show. It's a bit strange seeing Krypton with such a modern look but thats just me thinking back to the Christopher Reeve days. Let's see how the next bunch of episodes unfold but I will be watching the next one thats for sure.
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I Feel Sorry for the One Star Reviewers
ksdouglas-236187 April 2018
First I'd like to burst a few bubbles here. I've noticed that some one star reviews have an issue with how some of the characters on 'Krypton' are portrayed. Screaming political correctness like every other urchin that looses his/her mind whenever they see a character that doesn't look the way they want that character to look.

Now I will reach across the aisle for a moment and say here that I dislike shows that make PC the center theme of the plot. 'DC: Legends of tomorrow' are notorious for this. I don't need to be reminded every episode that that one character is gay every time she/he hits the screen. I get it, move the plot forward. But when I see viewers beginning to complaining over what a character looks like, especially a character we've never seen or heard of before, then you just need to stfu.

I stumbled upon one such reviewer who claimed to have used "logic" in his/her analysis of 'Krypton.' This user had an issue with the Zod characters being black. "How was Zod in 'Man of Steel' Caucasian but the Zods here are black? Seems very PC to me Lolz."

Apparently this person's "logic" failed them. First off there is no such thing as a "Caucasian Kryptonian" there is no such thing as a "Black Kryptonian." Taking a step back, obvious the characters are portrayed by black and white actors and actress... but haven't you heard of suspended belief in sci-fi? Non of these characters are human. They are ALIENS from an alien society! Secondly, the Zod and El names are house names not family names. Lastly, Kryptonians are born Gatica style. There are no natural births (that we're aware of) until Superman comes around. Kryptonains are adopted into these houses so they can look like whatever they like.

"But... But you don't see no one trying to make Black Panther white though." Well Black Panther is a human being from Africa, not an alien born in a test tube from another planet.

Anyway with that aside. I'd like to say that this show is great for the DC Universe. For one, I like the fact that the same writers who were behind many of DC's animated series are also behind this show. DC animations are excellent in my books, far better than Marvel animations due to the fact that DC animations focus more so on the everyday side of superheroes and their reception to the broader public that they have sworn themselves to protect. I also like how DC villains come off more sinister and darker than Marvel villains.
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Picking the bones clean....
s327616923 March 2018
The bones of the superman franchise have been picked so clean it was inevitable the last and only untapped morsel left would sooner or later attract TV producers hungry for new material.

Whilst hoping to turn a profit on a well worn idea taken from a different perspective seems like a safe bet the reality, as in any business venture, is risk is where real rewards are to be found.

Kyrpton has actors with European accents, I'm guessing to try to step away from the atmosphere of leaden monoculturalism, attached to many US productions. Its hardly a new move but it has been known to work.

That said if you look beyond this not so novel ploy this is just another formulaic series that's been done a thousand times before. Dystopian society, noble family who must rise from the ashes and so on.

Truly successful series work because they offer a point of difference. The idea does not have to be new in itself (few are) but it does need to be different and imaginative enough to hold the viewer.

The other shortcoming in many many modern TV series and this is no exception, is it doesn't challenge the intellect in a meaningful way. It has some bare bones narrative but for the most part its driven by eye candy and exposition.

Until TV execs get the idea that people are not stupid, vacuous or "simply" entertained I suspect this is the future television has to offer. For me it makes the decision to re-visit my books that much easier. A disinterested five out of ten from me.
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Getting into several Characters already - don't listen to bad reports
Tigerbai130 March 2018
Seg-El and Adam Strange and the Collector of worlds, Val-El, Lyta Zod all excellent. Villians are strong and story line deep - Keep it going writers. I hate spoilers so you will get none from me. Enjoy
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Such an insult to the DC universe!
chromezz24 March 2018
I've been looking forward to this show, but was so disappointed. The cast is wrong, overacting, underacting, bad acting. Scenery and CGI is good, but it's still a stupid show with laughable script. When are they going to grow up and make a mature show? No more teen drama, like Smallville, Supergirl, etc. Grow up! Get dirty, dark, evil. Get super!!!
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Zero originality but shows promise
Dogtagz22 March 2018
I wish I'd smoked whatever the 10/10 reviewers passed around but this show starts with very little originality. It's annoying that they felt the need to dumb down the plot with a current Superman villain and try to make sense of it with a time traveler. Very been there, done that. Save yourself some time, everything is in the trailer. Wait until the end of the season to see if it improves and becomes binge worthy
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Loving it
rsoutzen26 April 2018
I normally never write a review, but when i read the first 20 or so reviews, i feel bad when i see the low ratings and bad reviews. So I need to say something.

Don't be fooled by the bad reviews!!! If you like sci-fi's you also love this. There are many series's that are so much worse then this. Especially when you like superman you just need to see this. Enjoy!!!

This is NOT a super hero serie, so if u expect that do not give a bad review just because it is no super hero serie!!!!!
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Great Backstory
womenrule-lydia26 April 2018
Grant it I never took the time to learn about Superman's origin, this is a great story line. I thought it was going to be boring but it's not. It's also not very fast - each episode has a reason and purpose so bare with it. I highly recommend for any comic lover. I don't even like Superman but this show isn't bad!
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Worth my time
lawnwangele13 April 2018
Its amazing that the story started from the roots, and not the omnipotent superman........ i love it, i have watched up to the episode 4 and i just cant wait for more. i would love it more if a story is made to make superman more powerful and distinguishing from other kryptonites.
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A surprisingly AWESOME superhero-based TV show... especially considering this is a prequel to the superhero's existence!
MessMaker30 March 2018
I've watched the 1st and 2nd episodes, so far. And I don't get all the complaints... they're a bit nonsensical. Anyway, here's what I think of the show :)

~ Well-written characters and a favourable cast! Honestly, you feel what you're supposed to, concerning the characters.

~ Reminiscent of Man of Steel (2013) and even Superman (1978), especially the music... obviously, that's all intended, especially the connection to the DC cinematic universe, to some extent.

~ Powerful soundtrack.

~ The CGI and production (sets, mainly but the costumes as well) are "super" impressive!

~ An enthralling plot with excellent pace that keeps you wanting more... so much that I audibly groaned when the episode ended!

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Krypton 90210
john-3552727 March 2018
I'm imagining the discussion between execs at WB.

"Hey, I've got this story idea, kind of a 90210 knockoff with plenty of love triangles. It's not very good. But comic book shows are trendy now and I think we can sell it if we stick and S on it and call it Krypton."

Acting is bad. Writing is bad.

Best part of the show is the Irish accents.
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uilan19924 April 2018
I expected him to be good, but he was fantastic! This part of the story has always been interesting to me and you finally screened it!
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Pleasantly surprised!
vpassenheim-425-96572324 March 2018
I have to be honest. I went into this thinking I would totally hate this Sci-fi series. Truthfully, there's very few superhero shows out there I like. 80% of them are full of eye-gouging PC drivel. Thankfully, not this one. There's also plenty of material and intrigue to ensure this develops quite a ways. Portraying Krypton as a class caste society a la ancient Rome isn't something we're used to seeing (the Inhumans did a piss poor job of it). I liked the production value. Give it a try. I'm certainly in for at least a few more episodes.
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what a waste of 42 minutes of my life
andy-sutton-9045222 March 2018
Absolute rubbish, great production values, good CGI, but awful dialogue , terrible script, totally wooden acting, unbelievable hero in SAG- EL totally missed cast. I may watch the 2nd episode if i don't have to wash my hair because it cannot possibly as bad as episode 1. 1 out of 10 at best.

I have now watched episode 2, as i feared 2 was probably worse than 1, The show is set on Krypton, why are they talking as though they are all from some cliched readon small English / Irish town. half a star
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Such a letdown
keithianw21 July 2019
I've been trying to like this show, thought I would love the story, but the show is just plain boring, the story is ridiculous, the whole Braniac thing is absurd, the characters are annoying, and it feels like this was made for 15 and under. I'm finally giving up after watching as many episodes as I could.
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fiore223 March 2018
This "show" is laughable

Terrible acting. My God these people are awful.

Terrible dialog. Who wrote this show? The pilot shows zero logic or any sense at all.

Bottom line - It's DUMB

Don't waste your time.
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Looks OK but lacks substance
dilsonbelper22 March 2018
Ok I will give this series a chance and I will see how things go, but it will have to improve on the Pilot, I thought the script was poor and acting was course and amateurish in parts, the visuals look good but some scenes the lighting seems a little to dark and dull. We all know how this ends if you are a fan, but will Krypton be Syfy's kryptonite or will they fly up up and away? We will see
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What a shame, it had promise.
dsmgdesign-3438123 March 2018
I mean it's the backstory to Superman. The father of Jor-el. So, I wanted it to be good. But Smallville it isn't. It doesn't live of to the Man of Steel. It's not even in the same justice league as Supergirl...see what I did there. The story plot felt forced, the acting was pitifully wooden, and even the set design and costumes seemed dated. The first 5 minutes seemed to start things off right, but It veered course and by about the 30 minute mark I was bored. Not a good start at all. I gave it 3 stars because it's set in the universe of Superman after all, and I have seen worse.
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How by Yawning I Almost Dislocated my Jaw
Tweetienator23 March 2018
First, don't get confused by all the hired guns writing reviews with a rate of 10 and all the fake rates of 10s - the story of Superman's grandfather should have stayed untold for the better...

Krypton is pumped up with cliche and therefore plain boring storytelling, all the characters are prototypes of the cosmos of "heroes" and mediocre acting and some good CGI-tricking can't disguise the fact that the show belongs to the kingdom of Ultimate Boredom. And yes, if already the first episode is cliche all in and already worn out for decades, well I don't believe in wonders (regarding movies and books), so my bet is, the show won't improve. Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe!) compared is Nobel Prize worthy stuff.

Well, even Superman, one of the most boring (my opinion of course) superheroes of all time deserves imo a better "prequel".

Show for an audience of 10 years and younger. Unbearable for a mature audience and recommendable only as a substitute for a sleeping pill. I had to do some squats or the mighty Morpheus would have rescued me to his kingdom..
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Utter Crap
The show looks great yet the continuity of shots is flawed, the script is that of a high school production and the direction is uninspired. It's a massive fail.
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it's like the writers, actors, directors, and everyone does NOT know their fans
ghostintheIMDB22 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
***may contain spoilers***

***warning - reviewed by a analytical mind. if logic means nothing to you this review might not be helpful. (yes, sometimes it is OK to suspend logic such as core elements like superheroes or space/time travel but the basics?)***

ok, so from the commercials going in this show already had a negative. so both the main actor and some director or producer type was trying to pander that this is not a prequel? eh? what the what? but it's superman's grandpa? alrighty then. and then they say we don't know what will happen and that superman might not even come into being? uh, if superman doesn't come into being then who cares about this show? or this story? there is NO crappy krypton show without there being a superman not to mention the dude going "back" in time to give them the crystal with the family crest & the cape. here's a pun, "super" dumb way to try an advertise the show. "super" dumb way to try to get people who are actual fans interested. here's another clue, don't try to pander to the audience who isn't even into super hero stories. sorry to burst your bubble but a super hero who has been a main stay for generations is a hard sell to try and suspend belief that he might not be. without him the name Krypton means NOTHING. you can't think and know the name Krypton withOUT thinking and knowing SUPERMAN. smh you can't think or know the name Brainiac or Kandor or Zod either, duh, without thinking of him. duh.

all of the above is minus the weird accents, the PC bs (SMH, what is with DC and this? they really are overdoing and overselling it. BTW so how was Zod a Caucasian? or are we saying in this story line the AA is the bad guy? isn't that a cliche some people won't care for?), stealing names and "borrowing" story lines (but remember, there might not be superman so why would these stolen names or story lines mean anything?), the villian incest? injection? or whatever the cross breeding with the Zod family is supposed to be (really it just taints the guy we're supposed to not think of. awesome job!), and in episode 2, really? why is it EVERY show everywhere someone has to cut their palm for some reason or other? I rarely ever read that in actual comics stories unless that's a new thing in the last 2 or 3 years. it sure is a thing on TV (and movies) stories over the last decade give or take though. but back to Krypton, uh, they're an advanced society right? so there wasn't some finger tip prick method or what not that would fit better?

one of the main problems is they are trying to do a show connected to a SUPER HERO MINUS the super hero? because on Krypton everyone is normal so to speak. since this IS the case you should have just copied Knight of the Old Republic and went back even further where none of your story would be connected and have potential non-sense and contradictions that stand out. it's like the writers are trying to work with a clean slate when they didn't really clean it. and I didn't even get into grandpa's disinterest or lack of questions to the stranger with the family heirlooms and strange insignia (I know it's Detroit) on his baseball cap.

the one small thing Krypton has in the + column is SYFY never seems to skimp on the special effects. oh, and as one of the other reviewers stated I do agree that one episode in it appears to be better than the crap theCW dishes out. then again Arrow was decent the first season so...
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