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The government army and the Red Hand brigade have taken back Ma'an from the Caliphate, with Abu Omar having escaped probably out of Abuddin and Ihab Rashid captured. This situation leads to a new reality for all involved compared to before the Ma'an conflict with the Caliphate. Barry, Molly and Sammy, reunited as a family, are all different people, with Barry having to make a difficult goodbye to Daliyah. Although they plan to head back to the US soon, they all now have an emotionally greater stake in the future of Abuddin. Despite Jamal's triumphant official televised address, Barry is unofficially seen as the savior of the Abuddin populace, which may make it more difficult for him to leave. That view is unofficially more official as seen by the return to Abuddin of Lea Exley. Based partly on Leila's manoeuvrings, Ahmed reconsiders leaving Abuddin, hoping that Nusrat will stay by his side. The one person seemingly oblivious to the air of change is Jamal, who has factions working ...

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