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Hanna Marin: [in back of police truck] I didn't think I could feel worse after A killed Mona. But the four of us getting arrested for her murder brings low to a whole new level.

Spencer Hastings: Technically, they think that we're accessories, not killers.

Aria Montgomery: An accessory is a necklace or a handbag, not a chain gang.

Hanna Marin: Call it what you want. We're all going to jail. A wins.

Emily Fields: Why do you think they're separating us from Ali?

Hanna Marin: There's a lady in the laundry. If you do her work, she gives you information. Yesterday she told me that the warden received an anonymous tip. They think the five of us are plotting something big.

Spencer Hastings: What, and they think Ali's the Big Bad Wolf?

Aria Montgomery: That make us the little pigs or Little Red?

Spencer Hastings: Doesn't matter. A wolf can't lead without her pack.

Hanna Marin: When we get there, they're probably gonna split us up too.

Emily Fields: What's it like, Han?

Hanna Marin: Do you want me to sugarcoat it, or tell you the truth?

Emily Fields: Well, if we're gonna get through it, I'm gonna need to know what to expect.

Hanna Marin: The second they slam that door shut, you feel ashamed.

Aria Montgomery: This is crazy. We didn't do anything.

Hanna Marin: They don't care about that. They treat you like a criminal. And it's hard to remember that you're not one.


Hanna Marin: The first night's the hardest. You're locked away from everything and everyone you ever cared about. And when they turn those lights out, it is the loneliest feeling you could ever imagine.

Emily Fields: On second thought, I could have used a thick coat of sugar.

Hanna Marin: You can't be ready for how it feels, Em. It's hard not to give up on hope.

Spencer Hastings: Hey, guys. They can take everything from us, but they can't take us from each other. I don't care how far apart from you guys I am, I will still be with you.

Aria Montgomery: Me too.

Emily Fields: Same here.

Hanna Marin: I love you guys.

Aria Montgomery: Love you.

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