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The. Best, episode. Ever.
joelbrookes31 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. Welcome to the dollhouse was filled with continuous surprises and concluded many story lines which were created right from the beginning of the season, and the show. This episode was full of non-stop suspense, action, heartbreak and tragedy. The episode was much different for any other, this one was much darker with a creepier theme thrown in but you could still notice those hints of light comedy and romance. Unexpected twits are thrown in throughout the episode, some of them being the best the show has ever given us.

Series 5 has changed the course of the show greatly, the show used to be much more laid back and bright but season 5 has changed that.

Episode 25 is the finale of season 5, the girls were all going to prison for accessories to murder for Mona Vanderwaal's death. On their way to the jail, their prison vehicle is hijacked by -A. A points a gun at the liars and then shoots in what's expected to be, a gas bomb. The gas bomb knocks the liars out and they are all unconscious as A enters the vehicle. Once the liars reawaken, they notice that they're in their rooms, but they instantly realise something is wrong. They pick up that outside their trapped, black concrete walls block their view and already, they're panicking. A female voice sirens and they're instructed to leave their rooms. Once they find each other, they find an unexpected friend from the past. Sitting, playing the piano, there is a blond girl, wearing the yellow top that Alison wore the night she died, the liars believe it is Alison but once the girl takes her mask off, the girl is Mona. The girl who died 13 episodes earlier. Mona Is being forced to play Alison while A watches her in their dollhouse. - already, this is within the opening 10 minutes, this is by Far the best episode opening I've ever seen on this show. Instantly the show begins with instant suspense and action and as much as I love this show, this isn't common, usually episodes start off kind of slow and then gradually build up but Welcome To The Dollhouse was starting right away! I loved the opening and I'm beyond happy that They brought back Mona.

There were multiple scenes where Caleb Toby and Ezra joined together in hopes of searching for their girls and as much as I don't really enjoy those scenes as much as the rest, they made such a new storyline. The cops and the parents now know about A which is going to be extremely exciting to see what happens. Maybe someone new will die now considering A Dislikes people knowing who they are.

Later on in the episode, it is shown that A has been mentally torturing Mona. If she is ever out of her room for too long or questions them, A will not hesitate to punish her, A will let her survive days without food or drink and while she struggles to survive, they would play the recorded cries of her moms tears at her funeral.

A then makes the girls throw a prom, I'm which they plan to kill all of the liars expect Mona/Alison because A loves Alison the most, she is their favorite. The girls stage a fake fight so that they can continue their usual antics of trickery. The girls know that they are now one step ahead of A - this is such a big step in PLL history, the girls have never been so ahead of A, A is usually always one step ahead, but not now.

At the prom, the girls plan works, they manage to trick A and the electricity is cut off. When thy try to escape Spencer enters 'the locked room'. She discovers this is A's Room and plays a family video. It shows Mrs Diluarentis holding who we assume to be Ali. Two boys are told to kiss their sister. We thought Jason was Ali's only sibling? But we should should have guessed that they were always hiding one extra secret. We discover that Spencer's prediction of A's name being Charles was correct. He's also a dilaurentis. We assume by now that Charles is Ali's and Jason's brother. If this is correct, it would also mean That it's Spencer's half brother. - this was the best reveal we've had in 3 seasons. Since the start of season 3 we never knew whether A was male or female, or what their name was, now we know everything and are about to discover his intentions and his story in the highly anticipated season 6!

Season 5 ends with the girls escaping the underground 'dollhouse'. Once they open the doors they immediately notice there are fences surrounding them, the girls run towards it until Spencer stops them, warning them that it's a highly electric fence. The camera pans around the liars and Mona and shows how truly devastated we are. This makes us feel sympathy for them as we see how broken they now are, they thought they were free only to discover they were trapped and now Charles would be extremely angry at their attempt to leave. They shall be punished greatly. The camera zooms out to reveal the girls are stuck in the middle of a forest, the camera continues too zoom out to show us just how far the girls are away from any chance of safety and survival. We fear for the girls. - this is amazing. This is like a brand new pretty little liars, the show has changed so much, I would never have imagined something as dark and sinister from this show but the creators and producers and cast members continue to astonish me. I'm proud to say I've been following this show since the start and I am not disappointed as of yet.
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