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Heretic New family in Mystic Falls .. Elena is not here "good" .. so with a new story and no slow dull characters i think the show is going to be fine this season
Aktham_Tashtush9 October 2015
Let me first express my great happiness not seeing Nina Dobrev on the show ... just felt the show went back to its high rating.

The Story goes on ,, No Elena .. a new mysterious rock appears to be the new plot .. Lorenzo is here too and the mother of the Salvatore brothers is "Trying" to adapt with the new situation in mystic falls but her new/old heretic "family" of witches/vamps are not likely to stay under control.

The script is still good .. the rhythm of the Drama is still same as the last season .. thou i reckon the thrill is about to peak in this season as there are so many indications "Exploded" ;) in this episode so there shall be a lot of thrill a lot of actions as i dearly hope.

Also imposing a new cast members from the old days with a lovely "British" accent sounded fresh and of course ditching the cast members the made the show a bit dull and slow in last season "Elena, the sheriff " .. for a new developments i wish like Damon and Bonnie fall in love "which appears soo probable this season".

Aaaand Finally, Three years from Now "Someone" is back to kill the brothers .. that's new so Let's watch and enjoy ;)
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Am I The Only One Who Enjoyed???
ZezinhooC10 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I never thought that TVD could evolve this much after several seasons standing in a moderate level, because to me the 5º season was the least good one, I only enjoyed the 6º one because of Kai and Bonnie. But back to the 7º season, I'm really proud of the episode, so many things happened, in one episode it was clear that the series is going to evolve another level, take another path, which is great and vital to every TV show. I'm seriously ready for the war, more action, and leave aside the "v. romance" for a little while. In the final seconds, that I loved, we can see that Stefan infuriated some girl who's getting her revenge and will not stop until Stefan is just another dead body, but who's she? Someone we already meet, someone who we will get to know in the future, I'm so excited, so people, give it a chance, and if you still don't like it, well...no harm, no foul.

«Let the War begin!»
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Bloodshed is not enough to get our attention any more
zakariyyahzakiyyah3 November 2015
seven years ago this show brought the theatrical twists in new original settings, and explored new dimensions in emotions and relationships. the story evolved in the following seasons with new original ideas and new extrapolations of classical myths. of course there would be a regular murder scene every few 10 minutes, with a neck break or a beastly heart ripping off, but the show was relying on the richness and the originality of the ideas. but since the end of the last season and with the beginning of this seventh season it is clear that the recycling process has reached a huge decline, the directors and the writers are now trying to keep their fans' loyalty with just fierce bloody scenes, just patching up some hybrid incoherent ideas, but with clearly no story plot. SO what if Helena died and went off the show, is it that hard to knit a new story and to try to explore other mythological horizons? OK so the regular murder scenes are the spices of this show, but now this show has become a dish of spices without any food for the imagination. it might surprise the writers but not all the viewers look for some erotic crime scene to follow a show, some viewers appreciate the originality that this show contained ... but not any more.
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New Twists, New Storyline, I'm hooked!
sexystarwarslover25 August 2017
Long time fan of the show but had a long break in between Season 4 and 5 due to getting involved in other fandoms but when the show ended in March I was like it's one show I want to finish and I love Stefan and Damon. Season 5 was up and down for me, Loved Season 6 cause Kai was a new villain which gave it a fresh kick but what he did to Alaric and Jo, not cool Now, onto S7 and I was not expecting the ending of the S6 finale to be a tease of S7 whoa!! 3 episodes in and I am hooked wanting more and even curious about these flash forwards. what do they mean, I am back in
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Awful start to a previous good show.
anyarugtved9 October 2015
I just watched the first episode of season 7 and i was horrified.

First of all Elena is severely lacking, i know everyone has a difference of opinion on this, but i loved her in the show. At least until she became a vampire, and then a little less but she is vital to the show, in my opinion.

Secondly there is the Stefan/Caroline friends/couple dilemma, that gets taken up once again. I mean come on. Been there, thought about it, move on already. Much rather see Tyler back with Caroline or even Klaus. But not Stefan.

Third there is the weird new "familiy" heretics. I thought it was crazy and weird when Kai was a vampire/witch and could use magic, but then again he was a witch once. But new crazy old vamps who can use magic?? Thats just not right..

Then there is the weird thing with Alaric, wanting to bring Jo back? Seriously? Oh well he is back from the dead too, so i guess it wouldn't be too strange.

Then there is the whole Enzo thing? I mean, fair that he has become a regular or some, but then at least give him a bit more exciting story then siding with a psychotic vampire and her lunatic family.

I got a bit excited of the last two minutes because Stefan seemed to be chased by a new vampire hunter, which is awesome news to the show.

All in all i think it is a bad start to the "new" vampire diaries.
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Feels like a new show
CyclopsKnowsBest249 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"The Vampire Diaries" (2009-Present) has had a lot of people worried since the announcement that Elena (Nina Dobrev) would be departing from the show. It seemed that her departure might really hurt the show, and its characters such as Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley). After watching the first episode of season 7, I'm happy to say that isn't the case.

The whole cast of characters seem to start out in a more refreshing light. Damon is shockingly not hung-up on Elena's "somewhat-dead" state, and isn't in his usual pouting, depressed, and angry mood. Yes, he is very saddened by Elena's eternal slumber (until Bonnie dies that is), but he still has typical "Damon humor" and seems to cherish Bonnie (Kat Graham) as a good friend.

Stefan seems to have completely moved on from Elena. He now has his eyes fully set on Caroline (Candice Accola), and their romantic tension hits a real high in this episode. The "will they or won't they" question is going to be something to look forward to this season, and will be a much needed breathe of fresh air from the "Stelena" drama.

Bonnie seems to be her same self, as does Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). There are hints that Bonnie may dive into something more than a "friendship" with Damon, but only time will tell.

Not everything is wonderful and romantic though. The villains this season are unique hybrids of witches and vampires, led by the suspicious Lily Salvatore (Annie Wersching). Lily and her "family" seem to want different things, Lily wants them all to live in a calm peaceful state, while her "family" wants to go out into the world. This creates a big conflict, and it will be interesting to see how Lily's expectations play against her "families." Someone will lose out eventually, and it seems that right now Lily is outnumbered.

Alaric (Matthew Davis) is in a very dark place as well, now that his wife was killed last season. He is looking for a way to bring her back to life. This will surely have consequences in the future, whether it works or not.

Lastly, the episode ends on an intense note. 3 years later we see a wounded Stefan running into some warehouse with two coffins. The one coffin Stefan opens has Damon inside it. After Stefan wakes up Damon, he tells him they have to leave cause "she" is after them. Next we see an unidentified woman shooting wooden arrows at Damon and Stefan, and they flee the scene just in time.

That last scene has created a great mystery to be answered later this season, as well as what has been going on during those 3 years. "The Vampire Diaries" feels new and refreshed, and it is nice to see that all of the main and supporting characters still work well without Elena there. Time will only tell how the show continues, but hopefully it will still deliver great suspense, action, and of course romance.
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