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Taken Over By Spirits
Keith and Cheryl Austin unleash something terrifying when they renovate a classic car ; a pair of murderous spirits possess a family in Pennsylvania and something demonic takes over Brenda and Tim Henry's teenage son, forcing them to take drastic action.
6 Apr. 2018
Animal Nightmares
A family is terrorized by a supernatural beast that stalks the woods around their trailer park ; a spirit leaves a disgusting calling card for Maray Francoeur-Close ; and a woman adopts a stray dog only to find it's not the only thing she brought back from the pound.
4 May 2018
Demonic Hauntings
Ryan Maki is left with a painful reminder of the time he made the mistake of antagonizing a powerful negative entity ; something dangerously demonic lurks in Alicia Babcock's closet; and a woman is terrorized by a demon who comes to her in a dream.

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