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MPAA Rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic material including sexual assault, and for some bloody images and brief suggestive content

Sex & Nudity

  • An unmarried couple are talking while in bed together. No nudity beyond upper male nudity and the female character wearing a slip, but it is implied that they are talking after having had consensual sex. The male character comments that the female character gets "better in bed" the longer she stays with him. The scene ends with the characters excitedly kissing under their bed covers (nothing graphic).

Violence & Gore

  • The main premise of the film centers around the aftermath of the rapes of a group of nuns by Soviet soldiers, but there is no actual depiction of these particular rapes themselves at any time throughout the film. It is revealed that several of the nuns are pregnant and that one is infected with syphilis.
  • There is a scene of sexual assault (an attempted rape) in which a woman is pinned down by a male soldier who gropes her breasts over her clothes while she begs him to stop. Throughout this scene he makes sexual and lewd jokes. No nudity, but film viewers get a disturbingly clear view of the male character's actions amidst the victim's screams.
  • Several semi-graphic depictions of childbirth. The most graphic is probably when the main character performs a Caesarean section on another character. Viewers see the cut being made and at intermittent intervals the baby being pulled out. In this and other instances, characters who participate in the delivery of the babies are seen with copious amounts of blood on their hands after the deliveries.
  • A few semi-graphic depictions of surgeries on soldiers hurt in the war (e.g. stitching a soldier's wound)
  • There is a scene of suicide in which a woman's body is found in a pool of blood after jumping from a window.


  • Mild and very mild bad language: Piss, shit, damn -- PG
  • Language/Manners as a whole -- PG

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adult characters are seen drinking and dancing. Prior to the implied sex scene (see first section), the woman and especially the man are shown to be tipsy, and the man half-drunkenly carries the woman up the stairs to her bedroom while she is laughing.
  • Frequent cigarette smoking by adult characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The premise of the film makes for an intense viewing experience throughout, with almost all the characters shown many times to be living in fear and suffering from PTSD. Childbirth scenes are accompanied as would be expected by long and loud screams.
  • Aside from some of the scenes described above, a doctor tries to assist a pregnant nun by examining her, but the nun violently pries herself away from the doctor for fear of violating a promise in her vows not to be touched.
  • A band of soldiers suspecting the nuns to be hiding someone burst into the convent to search it, leaving all the nuns frightened, but the soldiers leave soon afterwards.
  • A character is discovered to have been leaving newly born children to starve to death in the woods instead of finding adoptive families for them. When she is discovered and confronted, the confrontation is, as would be expected, angry and intense.
  • Contains sexual assault.

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