"Gotham" Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze (TV Episode 2016) Poster

Donal Logue: Harvey Bullock



  • [Jim Gordon arrives to the GCPD as Harvey Bullock welcomes him] 

    Harvey Bullock : It's a good thing you're here. Caught a weird one last night.

    James Gordon : That's it? No hug? No kiss? No 'Welcome back'?

    Harvey Bullock : [Bullock points to his lips]  You don't deserve these lips.

  • [Edward Nygma, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Bullock investigate the liquid nitrogen that could've killed Officer Holt] 

    Edward Nygma : Interesting. It took nearly five seconds to freeze this rose in liquid nitrogen.

    James Gordon : So?

    Edward Nygma : Well, so, it would take a human body significantly longer, depending on mass and body fat, of course.

    Harvey Bullock : Well, why would a cop stand around for hours, waiting to get frozen?

    Edward Nygma : She wouldn't. Which means your suspect wasn't using liquid nitrogen. He was using super-cooled liquid helium. It's one of the most effective substances in the world for rapid temperature reduction.

  • [Harvey Bullock makes fun of Edward Nygma by calling him a dummy] 

    Edward Nygma : [Nygma in a low tone]  I don't like being called names, detective.

    James Gordon : Easy, Ed. I'm sure Harvey was just being colorful.

    Harvey Bullock : [Bullock chuckles]  Yeah. Yeah. I was just being colorful, Ed. I'm sorry.

  • [Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon the good news and the bad news] 

    Harvey Bullock : Got some good news and bad news.

    James Gordon : Good news.

    Harvey Bullock : Nygma did some digging, found one company in all of Gotham that makes liquid helium. Wayne Enterprises.

    James Gordon : That's the good news?

    Harvey Bullock : It's not, but I thought 'bad news and more bad news' didn't have the same ring.

  • [Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock try and pronounce the last name of Nora Fries] 

    James Gordon : 'Frees.' Nora Fries. His wife, maybe?

    Harvey Bullock : Yeah, maybe, but it's 'Fries.'

    James Gordon : What do you mean?

    Harvey Bullock : It's pronounced 'Fries.'

    James Gordon : How do you know?

    Harvey Bullock : I'm really good with names.

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