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One of the best animated short of Overwatch.
Martinito_0818322 August 2019
For now it's probably the best animated short of Overwatch, but i don't know if i count it as that, because it's more like a commercial (but in the artbook of the game it says otherwise and it still counts as a short) and also to introduce four of the most popular characters that are in the game, especially Tracer, since she is featured in many promotional works and the game's cover art, while becoming one the most famous characters in Overwatch and being one of my favorite female characters in video game history.

It's still very weird that in this short and "Alive" - Tracer, Widowmaker and also including Reaper are firing in every direction, desperately trying to hit their target, but they miss all of the time. It would have been very funny and embarrassing if Widowmaker and Reaper couldn't hit Winston and missing him in many possible moments.
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