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‘Gloria Bell,’ ‘Fantastic Woman,’ ‘No’ Producer Juan de Dios Larraín: 5 Takes

  • Variety
This weekend’s third-best U.S. screen average of the year for “Gloria Bell,” which he produced, or the Oscar last for “A Fantastic Woman,” both point in the same direction: Arguably, no producer in Latin American has been so successful in the last decade as Juan de Dios Larraín.

The Ibero-American Mayahuel Larraín will now receive at Mexico’s Guadalajara Festival merely underscores that suggestion. Why is another matter. Prizes are a “consequence not a cause,” Juan de Dios Larraín argues. Variety digs deeper:

1.Fabula: A Talent Center

Above all else, Hollywood is a talent center. So too the BBC in its heydays. With brother, director and fellow-producer, Pablo Larraín, described by Guy Lodge in his Variety review of Natalie Portman starrer “Jackie” as the most daring and prodigious political filmmaker of his generation, Larraín formed a natural talent center setting up Fabula in Santiago de Chile in 2004. Talent,
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Chile’s Storyboard Media Shares First Teaser for Upcoming Drama (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Guadalajara, Mexico — Chile’s Storyboard Media has granted Variety exclusive access to the teaser for the upcoming Camilo Becerra and Sofía Gómez feature “Quizás es cierto lo que dicen de nosotras” (“Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us”).

Storyboard heads Carlos Nuñez and Gabriela Sandoval are at the Guadalajara Intl. Film Festival (Ficg), where Sandoval is a juror for the Ibero-American fiction feature film competition, looking for a minority co-producer and a sales agent.

In the teaser we get a taste of the estranged relationship between mother Ximena and her daughter Tamara, and the trauma that looms large over them.

After years apart, Tamara returns home with the ghastly news that her recently newborn baby has been sacrificed to a religious sect that she was recruited into. The police get involved and Ximena sets out on an investigation of her own to find out exactly what happened.

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Larraín Brothers’ Fabula Inks First-Look Deal With Fremantle

  • Deadline
Larraín Brothers’ Fabula Inks First-Look Deal With Fremantle
Exclusive: Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín’s Fabula, the company behind the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman, has inked a first-look deal with Fremantle to develop a slate of original English and Spanish-language dramas. Fremantle will distribute the projects worldwide.

The Fabula team will work with Fremantle’s Global Drama, Evp, Creative Director, Christian Vesper, and Fremantle’s President of Scripted for North America, Dante Di Loreto.

Fremantle and Fabula are currently collaborating on previously announced La Jauría, an eight-part Spanish-language psychological thriller directed by Lucia Puenzo. The series features A Fantastic Woman star Daniela Vega and co-star Antonia Zegers as well as María Gracia Omegna. Together they will play a specialist gender related crime police force who investigate the disappearance of student, Blanca Ibarra. Production on the series began in January.

“Working with world-class storytellers is key to Fremantle’s scripted strategy and Fabula have an
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Chilean Filmmakers Take Promo on the Road

  • Variety
Chilean Filmmakers Take Promo on the Road
The extraordinary success of Chilean filmmakers will be celebrated in the 2019 Week of Chilean Cinema, which launches in Madrid, then travels to Paris and Berlin. The week offers a larger narrative: the Chileans have won more awards, festival acclaim and global box office in the past decade than any other filmmaking industry in all of Latin America.

Backed by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín, Sebastián Lelio and a who’s who of Chilean cineasts who will conduct Q&As after screenings, the Week also celebrates 10 years of CinemaChile, the producer-backed international film-tv promotion org.

Titles will play May 30-June 2 at Madrid’s Golem Cinema arthouse over, then June 5-9 at Cinematheque Française and finally June 19-23 at Berlin’s Babylon Kino, another iconic arthouse. A fourth strand will unspool in a “surprise” city, says CinemaChile executive director Constanza Arena.

Chosen by programmers at the Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto festivals among others,
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Shooting Begins on Lucía Puenzo’s ‘La Jauría,’ A Fremantle, Fabula Co-Production

  • Variety
Shooting Begins on Lucía Puenzo’s ‘La Jauría,’ A Fremantle, Fabula Co-Production
Filming has begun on Lucía Puenzo’s psychological gender thriller series “La Jauría,” a co-production by Fremantle with Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín’s Chile-u.S.-based Fabula.

The eight-episode Spanish-language drama series, shooting in Santiago, Chile, features Daniela Vega, the lead in Fabula’s Academy Award-winning “A Fantastic Woman.”

Lucía Puenzo, one of Latin America’s most renowned women writers-directors directs the series alongside Sergio Castro (“La mujer de barro”), Marialy Rivas (“Young & Wild”) and Nicolás Puenzo (“Los Invisibles”).

“La Jauría” also stars Antonia Zegers and María Gracia Omegna, who alongside Vega play a police force specialized in gender-related crimes that investigates the strange disappearance of a young woman.

It opens at Santa Inés School, whose students stage a take-over in protest for an alleged case of abuse between a teacher and a student. Blanca Ibarra, a student leading the take-over, suddenly goes missing.

Hours later, a recording
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Ventana Sur: Chile’s Producers Look to Take Industry to Next Level

  • Variety
Ventana Sur: Chile’s Producers Look to Take Industry to Next Level
Buenos Aires — Oscar-winning Chilean producer Juan de Dios Larraín (“A Fantastic Woman”), Sebastián Freund, co-creator of Chile’s biggest ever B.O. hit, “Stefan vs. Kramer,” and Gabriela Sandoval, co-director of Sanfic, Chile’s biggest film event, Sanfic festival, are joining forces to haul Chile’s much vaunted cinema into the 21st century.

They will be joined by Sergio Gándara, Chile’s top TV producer, Macarena Cardone, from Invercine&Wood, and Gastón Chedufa, from Las Minas.

A hint of their roadmap looks likely to be heard Wednesday evening at Ventana Sur, when Freund and Sandoval deliver a short speech before a CinemaChile cocktail, traditionally a mid-market social milestone at Latin America’s biggest movie-tv market. If it ain’t broke….? Since a new generation of filmmakers, making up the so-called Newest Chilean Cinema – Sebastián Lelio, Alicia Scherson, Matías Bize – burst onto the scene at the 2005 Valdivia Festival, Chilean filmmakers have won
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Film Factory Boards Andres Wood’s Fox-Distributed ‘Arana’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Buenos Aires — Vicente CanalesFilm Factory Entertainment has boarded “Araña,” directed by one of Chile’s foremost filmmakers, Andrés Wood, and distributed in North and Latin America by 20th Century Fox.

Produced by Alejandra García at Santiago de Chile’s Wood Producciones, “Araña” is co-produced by Brazil’s BossaNovaFilms and Argentina’s Magma Cine, two of Southern America’s most ambitious co-production players.

BossaNovaFilms already teamed on Wood’s Sundance winner, “Violeta Went to Heaven.”

Written by Wood and Guillermo Calderón, co-writer of Pablo Larrain’s “The Club” and writer of his “Neruda,” regarded by some as his finest film to date, “Araña,” a political thriller, also joins a lineage of Latin American movies which in their multi-lateral co-production structure, stars – such as Mercedes Morán, who plays Inés, more mainstream tropes, and above norm budget, set out to score audiences outside their country of origin.

Wood’s credits include “Sundance winner “Violeta Went to Heaven,
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'Shoplifters' triumphs at Asia Pacific Screen Awards

'Shoplifters' triumphs at Asia Pacific Screen Awards
Nadine Labaki takes director prize for Capharnaüm.

The jury of the 12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards has awarded the best film prize to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku), continuing the Palme d’Or winner’s dream run.

Full list of winners below

The film, which depicts a makeshift family living on the fringes of Japanese society, won the highest honour at the region’s film awards, which took place in Brisbane, Australia, tonight.

The best director prize went to Nadine Labaki for Capharnaüm (Lebanon).

Shoplifters’ win marks the first time that a Japanese film has won the best feature
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Watch the First Trailer for Shawn Garry’s ‘After Elena’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Chile’s Storyboard Media, a leader in production and distribution in that country, have given Variety exclusive access to the heartwarming first trailer for the sophomore feature from director Shawn Garry, “After Elena.”

The film tells the story of Roberto, a man in his 70s who has just lost the love of his life, Elena. The typically stoic character breaks down when forced to sell his business which stands in the way of the development of a new shopping center. To get away, Roberto plans a trip which is interrupted before it has the chance to begin when his children, now in their 30s with kids of their own, return home.

In the trailer we see Roberto, clearly out of sorts, as he tries to cope with the now overflowing house and mundane issues that confront large families with children, issues he hasn’t had to deal with for 15 years.
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'A Fantastic Woman's' Daniela Vega to Star in Drama Series 'The Pack'

'A Fantastic Woman's' Daniela Vega to Star in Drama Series 'The Pack'
Global production giant Fremantle is teaming with Chilean producer Fabula on the Spanish-language drama series La Jauria (The Pack).

Director and screenwriter Lucia Puenzo (Ingobernable, Wacolda) is on board as showrunner for the eight-part series, which is described as a psychological thriller and is set to start production in January in Chile.

Daniela Vega, star of Fabula’s A Fantastic Woman, which won this year’s best foreign-language film Oscar, leads the cast, marking her debut in a Latin American drama series. The Pack also features Antonia Zegers (A Fantastic Woman, The Club).

“We are immensely proud to be ...
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'Between Two Waters' wins Golden Shell at San Sebastián 2018

Benjamín Naishtat wins best director Silver Shell for Rojo.

Spanish production Between Two Waters (Entre Dos Aguas) by Isaki Lacuesta has won the top award at the San Sebastián Film Festival, marking a second Golden Shell for the Spanish director who after claiming the top prize in 2011 for The Double Steps.

Between Two Waters tells the story of two Roman brothers who meet again after years apart, one having spent some time in prison, the other in the army.

The title is a Spanish expression that translates to “neither here nor there”, and is also the title of a classic
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Haifa Film Festival creates English-language script development programme (exclusive)

The Haifa Script Distillery will support Israeli writers.

Israel’s Haifa International Film Festival (September 22 - October 1) has launched a script development programme called the Haifa Script Distillery to support Israeli writers to develop English-language film and TV scripts.

The initiative has been unveiled during this year’s festival where 20 projects chosen from 400 entries are being presented (See full list below). Six to eight works will be shortlisted and will each receive a development grant of 50,000 Nis. Each writer will be mentored and receive training from tutors and supporting partners.

Once fully developed, the selected works will be presented to
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YouTube Sets Gael Garcia Bernal Heist Thriller ‘Museo’ As First Spanish-Language Original – Tiff

  • Deadline
YouTube has revealed details of its first Spanish-language project – boarding Gael Garcia Bernal-fronted Mexican heist thriller Museo, which has its North American premiere in Toronto.

The Google-owned company is to launch the film on YouTube Premium later this year after a theatrical debut. The film was inspired by the most infamous cultural artifact heist in Mexican history, when two regular guys looted 140 priceless Mayan and Meso-American pieces from Mexico’s National Anthropology Museum on Christmas Eve 1985.

Garcia Bernal stars alongside Leonardo Ortizgris and Alfredo Castro in the two-hour thriller.

Co-produced and co-financed by Panorama Global, Ring Cine, Detalle Films, Distant Horizon and Serendipity Point Films, it was written and directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios (Gueros), and was co-written with Manuel Alcalá (Bellas de Noche). Museo premiered at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival, where Ruizpalacios and Alcalá won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay and was also nominated for a Gold Bear
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Argentina’s Mercedes Morán Puts Her Prolific Year in Context at Sanfic Actor’s Studio

  • Variety
Argentina’s Mercedes Morán Puts Her Prolific Year in Context at Sanfic Actor’s Studio
Santiago, Chile — At the Santiago Intl. Film Festival (Sanfic) to present Luis Ortega’s “El Angel,” Argentine actress Mercedes Morán also gave actor’s studio on Wednesday night for local industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers and actors. A long time pillar of Spanish-language cinema, Argentine actress Morán is having a year that most actors could only dream of. And she is fully aware of her good fortune.

“It’s like a fantasy, right?” she wondered. “Any actress who loves cinema wants to have films that are circulating. And what cinema allows us to do, unlike theater, is to travel, and one can go where the film goes. It makes me very happy when I can travel with the movies and meet the people who make movies.”

However, to chalk up her current wave of international recognition to good fortune is to do the actress a disservice. Morán has put in her time,
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Sanfic 2018: 10 Shorts to Watch

  • Variety
Sanfic 2018: 10 Shorts to Watch
Madrid — Isolation: Chile’s distance, the walls of the Andes, make it one of the topoi of its culture. It also threads multiple Sanfic shorts this year, as lead characters – the housekeeper- wife in “The Lighthouse Builder,” the lonely janitor of “Swimmer,” the father in “Descansar,” the Colombian immigrant in “Gala,” the ex anti-Pinochet guerrillero of “” – live out varying forms of withering solitude. Another more strident theme: Sexual abuse by men in power, whether a movie maker (“Danger & Alone”), a cult leader (“The Summer of the Electric Lion”), a priest (“Deliver Us From Evil”) or a father (“Más allá de la duda”). The shorts boast performances by some of the greatest actors working in Chile today: Francisca Gavilán (“Violeta”), Alejandro Goic (“The Club”) to cite just two. Sometimes made by established talent – animator Tomás Welss, with “Magic Dream” – they also flag potential major new talent to come. Here’s a
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Pablo Larraín Reunites with Gael García Bernal for Dance Drama ‘Ema’

Chilean director Pablo Larraín had a major 2016, releasing three films in the United States with The Club, Neruda, and his English-language debut Jackie. It was thought he would continue working in Hollywood with his next project, the post-9/11 drama The True American starring Kumail Nanjiani, Mark Ruffalo, and Amy Adams. However, it seems like the production is being delayed to 2019 (and a new cast may become attached), so in the meantime, he’s embarked on a smaller feature in his native country.

Starting today, he’s beginning the shoot for Ema, a dance-focused drama starring frequent collaborator Gael García Bernal and newcomer Mariana Di Girolamo, Indiewire reports. Coming together fairly quickly, conceived just a few months ago, the script written by Guillermo Calderon (Neruda) and Alejandro Moreno follows Bernal as a dance choreographer and Di Girolamo as his schoolteacher wife. As they face the hardships of a failed adoption, they will express themselves through dance.
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Pablo Larraín Is Shooting a New Movie With Gael García Bernal in Chile — Exclusive

Pablo Larraín Is Shooting a New Movie With Gael García Bernal in Chile — Exclusive
Pablo Larraín is back. Two years after his Jacqueline Kennedy biopic “Jackie” scored an Oscar nomination for Natalie Portman while his “Neruda” was the Chilean submission for best foreign language film, Larraín is getting behind the camera again for a secret project that came together just a few weeks ago.

With his next American project, “The True American,” pushed into 2019, Larraín has begun production on “Ema,” an original story co-written by “Neruda” screenwriter Guillermo Calderon and New York-based playwright Alejandro Moreno. The movie stars Gael García Bernal, who previously worked with Larraín on “No” and “Neruda,” opposite newcomer Mariana Di Girolamo. Seeing an opening in his schedule, Larraín and his co-writers conceived of the project earlier this summer and plan to continue writing it throughout the six-week shoot, which commences Monday at the Chilean seaport of Valparaíso.

Read More: Why Pablo Larraín’s Films Deserve Your Attention

In “Ema,” Bernal
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Amazon Prime Video schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in August 2018

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that several of its original series will be debuting new episodes on the streaming service in August, including the first season of “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” John Krasinski, who is red-hot following the success of his winter hit “A Quiet Place,” takes on the role of the CIA spy that has been played on the big screen by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine.

Likewise, there will be plenty of movies making their first appearances on Amazon Prime Video including the action comedy “Gringo,” which stars David Oyelowo as a businessman who unwittingly becomes involved with a Mexican drug cartel.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon does not disclose the shows and movies leaving the service in any given month. We’ve done some digging and unearthed a few titles that will be exiting Amazon Prime Video in the first week of August. News
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Chile’s Sanfic Announces Works in Progress Participants (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Chile’s Santiago-based international film festival, Sanfic, has shared with Variety its list of seven films set to participate in the 2018 Sanfic Industria Latin American Works in Progress section.

The films will compete for the following prizes: The Chemistry Award – $50,000 worth of post-production services towards color correction in HD or 2k resolution; the Avid Media Composer Licensing Software Award – a license for perpetual access to the Avid Media Composer post-production editing software valued at $1,800; Yagan Films Award – sound post-production services valued at $23,000; and the new-to-this-year Malaga Festival Award – guaranteed participation at the 2019 Malaga Festival to be held next March.

A highly-anticipated entry at this year’s Wip is the latest from Chile’s Alejandro Fernández Almendras. Produced by Jirafa Films in Chile, one of the country’s very top film outfits, Paris-based Arizona Films and Film & Roll in the Czech Republic, “Hra” (“The Play”) tells the tale of a small-town Czech playwright,
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Daily Wrestling News Roundup – First night of the Superstar Shake-Up, New Grand Slam Champion, Rusev back in Undertaker match

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

First night of the Superstar Shake-Up

Last night on Raw saw the first night of the Superstar Shake-up took place, with no less than 19 stars making their move to Raw on the show. The following is the list of all 19 stars who were announced as being part of the Raw roster:

Jinder Mahal

Liv Morgan

Sarah Logan

Ruby Riott

Bobby Roode

Chad Gable



Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre

Baron Corbin


Tyler Breeze


Mojo Rawley

Mike Kanellis

Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn

That’s a total of 16 Smackdown superstars moving to Raw, 1 Nxt star making their debut (Drew McIntyre) and 2 free agents (Owens and Zayn) arriving on the show. This leaves a very limited number of stars on Smackdown! Live, and you would imagine that there will be quite the influx of stars arriving on the show tonight,
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