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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman pulls her shirt collar down, then in the next scene she is seen naked from behind. The camera is at an angle where nothing but her arm and part of her back can be seen, but in the next scene her breasts are visible. It is implied that she anally rapes a man as she thrusts behind him with her hand. It lasts several seconds, and her breasts are visible all throughout
  • Lot's of graphic sexual dialogue, mostly relating to children and sometimes homosexuality (characters express their desires to engage in homosexual acts from time to time, stating that they would "screw everyone in the house")
  • One of the rules of the house is that the residents aren't allowed to masturbate. Masturbation is a minor theme throughout the movie that comes up once in a while

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets beaten up in the streets, and blood is seen on his face. Later, when he is tended to, blood can be seen from his scars.


  • A few uses of f*ck, sometimes in the sexual way. Sh*t is also used more towards the end, among other minor curses that are more infrequent.
  • A woman is called a b*tch near the end of the movie

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is implied that a character is often high. He even says that the end of the movie that he needs lots of drugs to get high. None of these drugs are ever seen, however

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There are multiple scenes where characters describe how priests would molest children and it is implied that it happened in the past. They specifically state that it happened orally and anally, and often use terms like 'foreskin', 'semen', and 'penis'. It is an ongoing theme throughout the movie that this happened to one particular character
  • It is implied that one of the characters near the end of the movie actually molests children though it is never shown and only slightly implied

Violence & Gore

  • A man points a gun at a character but then shoots himself instead near the beginning of the movie. Blood is seen briefly coming out of the character's head, and later on the stairs. Afterwards the blood is cleaned up with a mop, and it stains red.
  • A man takes bread and fills it with glass, then presumably feeds it to a dog to kill it .
  • A man takes a pickaxe and breaks a dog's neck with it The shot cuts away before impact.
  • A dog is suffocated with a bag. We see a woman place a bag around the dog's face, but the rest of the suffocating is off screen, represented by whimpering

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Much of this movie, specifically the scene revolving around molesting children, may be disturbing to some viewers. The movie deals with the themes of priests molesting children, and it is even implied that one of the characters may have done it during the movie . While none of these scenes are shown, they are graphically described.
  • Towards the end when the dogs die, it may distress some viewers because of how the deaths take place.

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