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Season 1

8 Jan. 2015
Cramping My Style
Gary and Irina have a small house, two kids and not enough space. And now, Irina's Mom is coming to live with them. Mia and Rob present two great design solutions - whose will they choose?
8 Jan. 2015
My Space
Krista and Vinh love their daughter, but they need an adult space to unwind and call their own. They've called upon Rob and Mia to help them build an oasis for adults. But will a leaky situation sidetrack the team?
15 Jan. 2015
Reno Lullaby
Alex and Alexie are new parents. The arrival of their beautiful daughter has made their shift work even more of a challenge. Rob and Mia, will need to solve all their issues, but will a stinky obstacle get in their way?
15 Jan. 2015
From Maze to Masterful
Sasha and Scott love their neighbourhood and their house but the layout is beyond strange.
22 Jan. 2015
World War Three
Meet Tessa and Phil; a lovely couple with a son and a daughter who fight non-stop because they share a bedroom. Rob and Mia need to find them a solution fast, before world war three breaks out in their house.
22 Jan. 2015
Bring in the Light
Stacey and Omer feel like prisoners in a dungeon. Their rooms are gloomy, dark and lack storage. Mia and Rob are up for the challenge of creating a light filled functional space but will an unexpected discovery run them over budget?
29 Jan. 2015
Everything in Its Place
When sports enthusiasts Graham and Heather welcomed a second son, they went from a manageable space to a double purpose nursery and triple duty bedroom. Can Rob and Mia make it work for this growing family?
29 Jan. 2015
Four Storeys and Five Years Ago
Angela and Tavis bought their four storey Row House five years ago when they were newlyweds. Five years later, they've turned into a family of four and the house is proving to be a challenge for their expanding family.
5 Feb. 2015
A Happy But a Crowded Life
When Dayana and Steve first moved in, their house felt enormous and spacious. Then came the wedding, a dog, and a baby. The two are left to decide between a working kitchen or a laundry room they are no longer afraid of.
5 Feb. 2015
Up or Down
"Up Or Down" - Sabrina's and Daryl"s dysfunctional space has them cooking out of the garage and making midnight bathroom trips to another floor with their young children.
12 Feb. 2015
From Hair Salon to Family Home
Four years ago, Kristina and Daniel bought their first home, which turned out to be a repurposed hair salon.

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