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  • A marker is a blood oath sworn by two members of the organization. Essentially it is a favour that one cannot refuse when called upon to fulfill it. In this case, John Wick gave a marker to Santino. In exchange, Santino helped John Wick with his "impossible task" that allowed John to leave the Assassin world to live a normal life. Had John stayed in that life and not gotten back into the world of assassins, Santino would have respected it and left the marker unused. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Throughout the film, we are shown that the assassins are a very large organization. With different factions all over the globe. However, not everyone is a top-level assassin like John Wick. Some of them are simply associates, such as Charon, Aurelio, the bartender, the tailor or Sommelier, the armorer and so on. These people are not killers, but simply descrete servants within the organization. At the end of the film, Winston shows that everyone in the park was following his orders. When the message goes out that John Wick is excommunicado, practically everyone he passes is receiving the text. However, these were likely the same people occupying the park and not just random people out for a stroll that happened to be assassins. It's also possible that because the council put out the 14 million dollar contract on John Wick, the notification was sent to literally anyone with a cell phone. Essentially putting out the contract to anyone in the world who wanted to try and kill John for 14 million dollars. There's also a good chance that Winston has regular civilians in his pocket to keep him informed. Edit (Coming Soon)


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