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Nobody fears John Wick anymore...
offers-9926412 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Sin 1: Tossing out established canon.

The coolest bit of lore about the first movie is completely lost in the sequel. That alone is a sin you cannot redeem yourself for. In the original, it was established canon that John Wick was not a man to mess with. Even the main villain, respected and feared his abilities.

In John Wick 2, however, all of that is gone. Nobody fears John Wick. Nobody is afraid to take him on. His past deeds and reputation mean absolutely squat.

The new villain, never thinks twice about double crossing Wick. Every hit-man on the planet, and according to this movie they are every where, has no qualms about trying to take Wick out.

Sin 2: No main character growth In the first movie, we travel along with Wick as he avenges his dog and in the end moves forward with his grief. The video of his wife tells him to get up and move on. In John Wick 2, there is zero character growth. He is no different at the end of the movie as he is when it starts. Sure his circumstances have been altered, but as a character he has overcome nothing. That makes for a boring story.

Sin 3: Weak plot The original movie had a simple, but strong plot. Revenge. The plot of the sequel is weak, even by action movie standards. Wick has been called into service to kill a criminal, if he refuses he dies... but wait if he accepts, he also dies. The whole movie could have started and ended with the original premise of refusing the contract. It would have made more sense to refuse the contract and fight off the baddies coming to enforce the blood oath.

Sin 4: Video Game Bad Guys Wow. There is evidently a plethora of John Wick cannon fodder. They just keep coming, and there really is no logical reason why they do. The body count is so high that it becomes comical. The original had a big body count, but it was divided among 5 big action scenes and, for an action movie, seemed plausible. This one doubles the body count but there are so many, the coolness of each kill is lost in an over abundance of victims.

Sin 5: Invincible Superhero Hit by two cars, stabbed and shot numerous times and he just keeps on going. Must be seeing the doctor and getting pain pills, right? Nope no doctors in this one. That kind of logical realism may interfere with the killing of cardboard bad guys. At one point a fellow assassin, holds a pistol point blank in Wick's abdomen and fires a couple shots through him. No biggie Wick has another 42 bad guys to kill.

Sin 6: James Bond Gadgets I love the Continental, don't get me wrong, but the secret underground hit-man hosting hotel just goes too far in this one. Bulletproof suit coats that can be held up like Batman's cape to shield yourself from bullets? Silencers so quiet that two adversaries can have a shootout in a subway between bystanders and nobody knows even though bullet holes are being blasted into the walls around them?

Sin 7: Shallow Villains Yes there are the 140 plus cardboard video game baddies, but in the first John Wick, the main villain had a moral dilemma: turn over his son to save his own butt. The bad guys in Wick 2 have no interesting character motivation or dilemmas. The closest you get is Common's desire for revenge after Wick kills his client. And that was the most interesting bad guy on the screen. It is hard to believe the two movies were written by the same folks.

Sin 8: Soundtrack John Wick 1 had an unbelievable soundtrack that actually set the mood as he moved through the action scenes and the emotional scenes. This soundtrack just plain sucks. There is nothing memorable in it, and it does little to impart any emotion on a given scene.

Sin 9: Pacing Even the big action scenes in this movie are too long. In their desire to up the body count they went with longer action sequences. It really messes with the pace of the film. The first movie did a great job of dividing the action and keeping the viewer engaged. The longer these scenes go, the less believable they became which pulls the audience out of the moment.

Sin 10: Rehashing things that worked in the first movie There are some great scenes in the first Wick, and the director knew that so they tried to repeat them. This is a classic sequel mistake and unfortunately Wick 2 falls victim to this trope. You liked the interaction with Jimmy? We will get another one in there. Like the reload and kill? We will put a twist on that one also. It was great to see the pencil kills, that is how it should be done. Don't show us the same thing but different. Show us new, that may have been mentioned previously.

Making the next sequel look better then this one. The end of this movie sets up a very interesting plot for a third movie and almost everyone that walked out was excited to see it. That is wonderful, except when that movie actually sounds more interesting then the one you just watched. You should have just made that movie instead.

All in all Wick 2 falls short of the first one. Once again we are treated to an amazing movie whose sequel just doesn't capture the magic of the first one. I'm looking at you Red 2, Donnie Darko 2, Matrix 2, etc...
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A Masterpiece !
crytoy1 February 2017
To put it simply, the movie is fascinating, exciting and fantastic. The dialog, the fight choreography, the way the story moves, the characters charisma, all and much more are combined together to deliver this masterpiece. Such an amazing flow, providing a fusion between the 90s and the new century, it's like the assassins are living in another world, with another mindset, without people understanding it. Just one advice for you though: Don't build an expectation of what you want to watch in this movie, if you do, then you will ruin it. This movie has it's own flow and movement, so watch it with a clear mind, and have fun.
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One of the best action movies I ever seen
cscd-745-3776069 February 2017
I am retired at 41 years old and watch movies all day and night. I take my action films very serious.. From Die Hard to District 13, from First Blood to Taken... John Wick 2 is one of the best action movies I've seen. Simply put.. on a scale of the good old 80's red blooded American action films, John Wick 1 will draw you in and make you a fan, John Wick 2 will satisfy your soul with the 2017 evolution of 80's action with a feeling of have hit the gritty lotto.

This is a man's man film that should be enjoyed after a hearty steak dinner (as I did tonight).

I may have to go see this again.
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"Tell them.... Who ever comes..... I'll kill them all"....... "Of course you will" (Spoiler free Review)
Geckomaniac37 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say after seeing "John Wick" in the cinema almost 3 years ago I had high expectations on the sequel. I have watched the first part about three more times now and it never became boring. My fear for this sequel was that they couldn't get a good start into the new story. With a few similarities that chapter 2 shared with first one this could have been a huge let down. But god damn... this movie started strong and oddly enough it started in a way that I didn't even think about. I wouldn't say that the scenes were predictable just because they were so different from all the other action movies I have seen. This movie remains serious, whilst brilliantly combining dry humor with extreme graphic and violent images. If you have watched this movie you will remember this one scene... this one scene that you just can not get out of your head sheer to it's immense (and freaking awesome) brutality. "John Wick Chapter 2" is like a "Kingsman: The Secret Service" that even though being funny, manages to stay serious throughout the entire 2 hours. It doesn't seem too long nor too short and strikes a good balance between action sequences and story telling. In comparison to the first one though Chapter 2 does not seem as realistic. John Wick was a killer I thought could actually exist in real life after watching the first movie. That was the reason I and I think many other loved that film so much. Chapter 2 does lose some of it's credibility due to a few action sequences. Remember, I am not talking about a Fast and Furious like action scene here. This is criticism on a whole new level. "John Wick: Chapter 2" went beyond my expectations and is in my opinion better than the first one. Go watch this movie in the cinema if you liked the part one. If you haven't seen the prequel I would recommend you to catch up just because it's so good. Though it is not actually necessary to follow and enjoy the story of Chapter 2. I hope this review was helpful to some of you who couldn't decide whether to watch this film in the cinema or wait for the Blu-Ray and DVD release. Go to the cinema your money will be spend wisely. 8/10
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John Wick is coming for you with his gun and pencil
badmanlykme31 January 2017
John Wick 2 is a great sequel that wasn't underwhelming it produced great action scenes great performances and there wasn't a dull moment in sight, its more fast paced than the first but all in good favor, Keanu Reeves gives it his all and adds a lot to these movies I'm hopeful that this continues on to be a great franchise, we got are first peek into the mob underworld in the first movie and in this movie its more fleshed and we get to know more about wick as the story progresses as I said it adds more to the story in every aspect which is to be praised.

I also believe that the action set pieces in this movie topped its predecessor with stunts where you tilt your head in amazement. Only negatives sometimes the movie doesn't take time to stop and let you have a breather but otherwise its a very impressive movie with great acting, story and action sequences. JOHN WICK YOUR NOT VERY GOOD AT RETIRING!!
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Kick-ass, entertaining and relentless throughout. This is what every sequel should aspire to be.
trublu2159 February 2017
John Wick Chapter 2 pits Keanu Reeves' titular character against the mean and nefarious of the criminal underworld. Once again, Reeves proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in this ridiculous, over-the-top sequel that is every bit as fun as the original. These types of films are rarely known for their artistic value but John Wick: Chapter 2 sets the bar pretty high, not only in its action, but in it's set design and camera work. This is pure escapist entertainment and couldn't have come at a better time. Those wanting to take a break from watching the Oscar nominees, this film is exactly what you're looking for.

The look and feel of the film is very much in line with the first. It is nice, vibrant colors that compliment the violence and chaos. The sound is absolutely amazing with each gun sounding the way they should instead of using the stock machine gun or pistol sound which is something the original was guilty of at times. The performances are awesome, even if Common is rehashing his Run All Night character even down to his wardrobe. And the direction of the action sequences is beyond impressive. This is a bigger John Wick and one that does a nice job at expanding on this guy's world. It really becomes a pulpy and interesting world that I'm sure we'll all enjoy a third time around. The only issue that the film may have depends on your taste in action films. This is considerably longer than the original (almost by 20 minutes) but it moves so fluidly and so frenetic that it barely feels like it.

Overall, John Wick: Chapter 2 is one hell of a sequel. It has everything a sequel should have and definitely doesn't disappoint. If you loved the first one then you're probably going to love this one. It is a straight up, balls to the wall thrill ride that is more than worth the price of admission.
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Mindless repetitive story, no drama, he can kill 100 guys at the same time...
jmichael338728 February 2017
And all of this equals boredom. 2 hours of the same thing over and over. A movie for young teens who judge movies as they do video games; the more kills, the better. After the 30th guy got his head blown off, it became totally boring to me. John Wick gets hit by a car 6 times, gets thrown down a flight of stairs 10 times, gets punched and kicked 500 times...and yet he keeps fighting. He fights 30 guys at the same time, with a gun or without, and he always wins. There is zero plot, zero character development, zero's all mindless action. And repetitive. Fistfights, guns, and cars. Nothing else. Nothing creative. Well they tried to be creative a couple wasting 15 minutes with a woman doing an elaborate yet gross suicide...and for no reason other than to slap something 'original' up on the screen. It was completely pointless. How this movie is rated highly is beyond me. Like I say, it must be young teens who judge movies on number of kills. PS - I'm not exaggerating. The main bad guy simply puts a message into his phone, and within 3 minutes, literally the entire city is out to kill John Wick. So he has to fight 30 guys at a time, killing 500 guys within 20 minutes or so. Mind-numbingly stupid and boring.
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Generic, repetitive and forgettable
DVR_Brale25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Don't believe the hype. John Wick: Chapter 2 is not as nearly as good as almost everyone is portraying it to be. It's a generic movie with a dumb story line. Action is very repetitive - I got full-fed with it after seeing first two action scenes.

Best this movie has to offer is close combat, toe-to-toe fight. John employs a lot of jujitsu. Of course he can handle fifty heavy armed marksman with only a pistol. Imagine living in a world without police and emotional guilt of any kind. That's a John Wick's world; a dream-world of any teenager. Nobody in John Wick 2 displays any other emotion other than desire to kill. This makes acting non-impressive, characters forgettable and generic.

And why does almost every location look like a pagan temple? Why does every character look like a brainwashed pagan high-priest? Soundtrack doesn't help it neither; it makes everything feel more unnatural. This is an R rated movie made for 10 year old's.

If you've already seen the original, you won't see anything you haven't seen before. If you haven't seen it, ignore the second part and see the original.
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Worthy sequel
miesnekawalki10 February 2017
I'm not going to spoil the plot or any of the most memorable action scenes from the movie, I'll just write this:

John Wick: Chapter 2 is a worthy successor of the first movie, it expands the universe, giving you insight into the interior of the world of assassins and maintains the insanity of action sequences from the first movie.

Memorable scenes, unexpected humorous tone of some dialogues and shootouts, really interesting world and Keanu Reeves who, as usual, commits 100% to the action sequences (just watch his training videos on youtube, mad respect for this guy!)

I believe that true efforts to entertain you should be rewarded. In a world of shitty, worthless, cashgrab sequels (like, say, Fifty Shades Darker, released the same day as John Wick 2), sequels like JW:C2 deserve to be praised. Amazing movie!

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It's a blood oath and bloodbath,oh it's bloody alright
akramabuzait9 February 2017
Let me be honest,this is my first ever review. Just felt compelled to do so since this film is what we can call a sequel. If it's not better,then it certainly filled the shoes of its predecessor.

The action sequences are better, choreographed so well that it felt authentic. The killings are logical, even though at some points the bad guys became generic henchmen who can't shoot straight. But the world created for this sequel is fascinating in every way, making it impossible not to like the things that happened throughout the movie.

Tldr, if you like the first one, then it's a no brainer for this next chapter. And sharpen your pencil, you'll need it.
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Great Action Movie!
MichaelNontonMulu8 February 2017
Wow, this is one of the best action movies that I have seen in quite some time. It is really what I was hoping for in a good old fashion action movie that was done entirely on hand to hand combat and gun shootings. This is a wonderful kick-ass movie where the killings were done so brutally with lots of bloody scenes. It also kind of remind me of the various one man army movies in the 80s played by Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you have seen John Wick the original (which I hope you have seen it before you see this one), then you will be amazed with this sequel. It was bloodier, more fighting, more assassins trying to kill John and longer running time. What I can say is this is an even better version than the original movie. Although in term of story, there is a bit of a more complexity in the sequel as opposed to the simplicity of the original movie.

All the fighting scenes were choreographed wonderfully according to my opinion. The guns shooting scenes were entirely cool. I loved all of them and there were no fighting scenes that took too long to finish. Keanu Reeves' portrayal of a retired hit-man who had no choice but to come back was really spot on. There were also some minor characters from the original movie who appeared in this sequel and also new character played by Laurence Fishburne whom I believed would play a large part in chapter 3. Yes, there would definitely be another sequel based on the ending of this movie, which really made me so excited and cannot wait for it to be released.

Aside from the very cool amazing action sequence, the sound effects of this movie was very good such as the sound of cars screeching, guns blazing and the voices of John and Cassian's heavy fight which I thought sounded very original. My recommendation if you want to watch this movie, it should be watched in a theater with good sound system.

Since there were many bloody brutal killing scenes (including 1 suicide scene), the Indonesian censorship body had given 21 years above rating. So yeah, this movie is definitely not for kids. For those of you who want to enjoy a pure action movie with Keanu Reeves as the main star, this one should not be missed. Don't forget to watch the original movie first so you would understand the story line. But for those who do not really enjoy this kind of movie (or cannot stand the bloody fight scenes), then this might not be suitable for you.

This is one heck of a movie and I for one truly enjoyed it and would recommend this movie to any fans of action movie.

for my complete review, pls see
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Love letter for action genre written by bold bloody hallmark, and a pencil.
quincytheodore8 February 2017
If there's an equivalent of classical orchestra for untamed unapologetically brutal carnage, there's no doubt it'd be John Wick. Dancing through hail of bullets, horde of assassins straight from video game, oozing noir style from each drop of blood, John Wick: Chapter 2 is nothing short of an artistic spectacle.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns to the killing business begrudgingly as one of his old acquaintances asks for a morbid favor. The cloak-and-dagger scheme soon flies into multiple directions, partially towards the back of few characters and the rest goes straight to the chest. There's an air of familiarity as the movie visits previous characters while introducing an array of new ludicrous ones.

It keeps the formula nearly identical, adding more to its melee and shootout fun. There's everything one loved from the first, now pouring abundantly. Combat is arguably the best action choreography one could possibly ask for. Punches, kicks, submission holds, and even dirty pokes are delivered with sheer primal vexation and the finesse of ballet performance.

Both the anti-hero and his rivals press forward in locomotive of mayhem, any fans of action movies and combat sports will be gleefully entertained. In fact, such simple concept of "one versus many" is ageless and universal, it worked since Bruce Lee's time and now told by razor-sharp spectacular visual, John Wick is the finest action of modern time.
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So dumb! Did we not watch the same movie??
ekasspi21 February 2017
It's by far the dumbest, most preposterous movie I've seen in years, and I've seen some really dumb movies. I chose it because of the high score it got from IMDb... and got a movie that's so idiotic that I had to review it. I do respect everyone's right to watch a shallow action movie from time to time. I do it myself. But this is a real insult.
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Give a gun to the hero, he will kill 1000000000 people.
tmbrose25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If you have played a mobile shooting game where you can shoot as many number of people as you can, you can co relate the same with this movie.

Everybody around the hero are villains, and they all somehow have guns but they can't shoot the hero somehow.

The hero survives about 10000 bullets missed target.

One or two bullets hits him but our hero is wearing an armour, and all the villains are targeting his body only, our hero targets heads.

I strongly recommend that if you want to see blood, blood, blood. Go to this movie or else don't waste your time and money.
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Violence Without Consequences = Childish Nonsense
leftbanker-119 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"I keel you, I keel all of you. Kill, kill, and more kill." And throw in a few completely pointless and stupid car chases and lots of explosions for the mouth-breathers and you have a formula for a successful action movie. We should make violence at least as much of a taboo in film ratings as sex.

This is the wet dream fantasy of booger eaters and video game dorks with an emotional age of nine. So John Wick is like the Harlem Globetrotters and the bad guys are the hapless Generals. I think that I was nine years old the last time I enjoyed that bit of entertainment, which was about the same time I gave up on kung fu movies.

If someone kills a dog in a movie, a huge segment of our population would blow a bowel in protest. yet there is enough human death in this bomb to fill a mass grave the size of Delaware. Doesn't this seem strange to anyone? I bet this movie is the favorite of potential school shooters, serial killers, and other psychopaths all across America...but he's good to his dog...a pitbull, of course.

For all of the hundreds of people he killed in the course of this farce there wasn't a single moment of tension. Ditto this for the hand-to-hand combat scenes. We know the result before a punch is thrown or a bullet is fired. What a completely ridiculous mess.
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Over rated IMHO
artieup28 February 2017
Yes, the action was continuous, however, it was TOO repetitious..

The shooting was so repetitious throughout the movie, It should have been labeled 'John Wick the Non Stop Shooter'.. Sorry fans of this movie, just too much of the same shooting over and over, and my Goodness, with those multiple hard impact car hits and more, John Wick legs have to be made of titanium..

Sorry, too many unrealistic scenes for me.
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What the heck is going on?
xskingsx24 May 2017
This movie was so repetitive and boring but at least it made me realize that IMDb and RT have definitely been bought by some Hollywood conglomerate giving the most terrible movies awesome reviews.

Do not watch this movie and never trust the ratings on here or IMDb because they are obviously a bunch of fake accounts.

It is sad what has become of the internet these days. Very sad.

IMDb has become useless to me ever since they removed the forums. What a nice way to treat its user base.
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Excellent sequel!
rrosewater11 February 2017
When I heard that a sequel was being filmed i didn't believe it at first but then a few pictures where released and it got me super pumped for this movie. With the experience I've had with other action movie sequels, i believed that this would not be nearly as good as the first john wick movie but it surprisingly was! in fact, this is the first action movie sequel I've seen which is better than the original movie! now that's a big deal to be honest. I love how they didn't reveal the plot of the movie whatsoever and actually experiencing the plot unveil little by little was pretty mesmerizing. another thing that they achieved in the movie which was awesome was the world building. Oh and the action sequences were just exquisite! you could look at keanu reeves in the eye and tell that he's doing 90% of the action and stunts. The camera was still and you could see who's getting hit and who's getting killed unlike other action movies (cough taken cough) where the cameras are all shaky and they try to hide the stunt doubles in between the shots. personally, i wanted to know more about the secret assassins world they have and learn more about it and that was EXACTLY what they did in this movie. In short : john wick chapter 2 is a great movie and i recommended it to everyone. If you liked the first one, you'll love this one. 10/10
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worst movie
zeisobhani2 May 2017
It's so ridiculous and boring. After the first 15 min, the scenes are all fighting and repetitive. It's not even exciting because you know the hero will not die or injured, although there is thousands of bullets from the enemies. It doesn't have sensible story line. Killing all that people in the start for his car. So what? It's just like that some action scenes and fighting and car crashes and etc. are attached and created the movie. because there isn't any strong story at all. You can easily predict what's going to happen. When I finished watching this, I was like why I waste my time on this movie!
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Where everybody knows your name...
Dr_Sagan13 March 2017
  • Hello Mr. Wick. The usual Mr. Wick? - Oh good to see you again Mr. Wick! - Long time no see Mr. Wick! - Troubles John? - Ah Johnny, we missed you!

Cheers! Where everybody knows your name! Despite the fact that you are ...the bogeyman! A mysterious ghost! The man who lurks in the shadows! The man who killed 3 men and 2 dogs with a paper clip (or was it a pen?). A lethal weapon out of this world!

I have nothing against Keanu Reeves. Likable actor, good in the matrix, and a modest person in real life as I'm reading. Yet ...he doesn't look like the ...bogeyman. I can accept a middle-age Steven Segal as the glimmer man, but I just don't see Keanu like that.

And in the (two) movies his skills aren't so great. Doesn't seem like a meticulous professional. And what a waste of bullets, shooting every goon's head 3-4 times. And pressing the trigger of an ...empty gun in numerous occasions. Can't he tell his gun is empty? I thought counting bullets was a must skill for professional killers...

As a movie is full of clichés. Another "secret" society of killers, with "rules" (meant to be broken) and pseudo-wise characters willing to share their ridiculous wisdom with others. Not to mention the ancient movie tradition where the evil guy doesn't kill the hero when he has the chance, but instead ties him in ...a chair an old warehouse making it so easy for him to escape, while explaining his evil plans.

Yet it seems that the movie has a small but loyal audience. The stuntman director tries to capture some brutal violent moves up close. Long sequences of Reeves shooting foes at point blank is somehow a new trend.

Overall: The otherwise sympathetic Keanu Reeves seems miscasted here. His old pal from the Matrix days Chad Stahelski serves as the director of this typical in premise yet somehow original in the shooting sequences action movie. Not much substance, just stylized action scenes.
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Builds on the original really well and becomes almost a character tragedy
samueldshearer11 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
John Wick 2 picks up right where the first one left off; he steals his car back in a really good opening chase scene. This is a good way to connect the two films together, but from here on out the story takes a much different turn. Basically, in order to "get out" the first time to be with his wife, John Wick made an oath with a "marker" that puts him in debt with a very powerful man in the crime world. And now it's time to repay that debt. So we have John Wick, against his will and better judgment, going back in again.

First of all, of course the action is good. Was anyone expecting less? The gunplay, hand- to-hand choreography, everything is done in beautiful steady cam. Also, shout-out to the cinematographer, the use of color in the film is fantastic. Lots of neon pinks and blues.

What I really want to praise the film for, though, is how the plot works with the world building so well. We have a much more complex plot than the original here, involving intrigue, power plays, bounties, things of the like. And throughout the movie uses this as a way to introduce more lore to this universe where everyone seems to be part of the connected web of crime. There is a "high council" which plays a background role in the film(and I expect they will be a much bigger deal in the third one). The rules of the Continental hotel are played with a bit more, and we see an entire network of assassins later in the film. All this adds layers to the John Wick universe and it's really great how they use the plot to do that.

The characters are all good and the movie is well-acted. Keanu Reeves is good for this role, where he has minimal dialogue and his emoting his restrained. This is a man who is basically empty inside at this point. Common and Laurence Fishburne's characters also really stood out to me; Common and Keanu have two extended fight scenes with really appropriately balanced intensity and humor. Laurence Fishburne isn't in the movie much but he was really fun to watch.

Everyone is praising the surface-level stuff this film offers up and I can't blame them. But I just want to point out that this film is basically a tragedy. It ends with John Wick homeless, unable to return to the hotel, running from basically everyone in New York who wants to kill him for 14 million dollars. Throughout the film, you get the sense that John doesn't want to be here,killing people, and the use of reflection shots throughout the film really punctuates the theme of past choices. It's depressingly ironic that the "marker" John Wick used to get out the first time is the very thing that brings him back in, for possibly the rest of his life. The final action scene is entirely set in an art exhibit called "Reflection of the Soul" which is basically a Hall of Mirrors. This makes for an interesting action sequence but also for a very interesting thematic moment. John Wick is actually a very tragic character. I really hope he gets the redemption he deserves in the third movie.

The flaws I have are basically that the action is a little too repetitive at times, and that the assassin girl who speaks in sign language, who is built up throughout the film, gets taken out in about forty seconds. After seeing Common hold is own against Wick for two whole fights, this was disappointing.

Did I mention that the dog in this film is a REALLY good boy???
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Stupid movie
jkm011926 February 2017
I always like the main actor but the spelling of his escapes me. I have never seen such bad editing,such bad directing and such a bad script. Script? There is no script it is just flash scenes staring with the 1970's chase scenes with a mustang and then then killing scenes which have nothing to do with any plot. Speaking of plot what is the plot in this movie? I could only watch one hour of this movie as it is just a fast scene after another fast scene with no dialogue and no plot just fake action. How others rated it so high is beyond my understanding. If you have no brain and just get high from watching changing scenes and people being killed you will like this movie, If you actually have a brain and want content forget this movie.
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Wow. Studio shills abound - this movie is terrible
rabbitmoon1 March 2017
More and more, big budget films that happen to be rubbish suddenly have one-review users writing glowing 10-star reviews. Some of the quotes in the 10-star reviews for John Wick are absolutely laughable. "Best action film of the decade, superior to the original in every way". NO WAY.

It a terrible film. The action scenes are well choreographed, but highly repetitive, monotonous and unengaging. Not a single head shot compares to the impact of ones in The Town or The Departed for example. Its like watching a kid play a video game. The bits between are flat, hypnotically boring, and border on the absolute stupid in places. Its often like watching a weird dream, like The Neon Demon if written by morons.

The first had heart and soul, and was likable and engaging for that reason. The sequel doesn't. Its hard to appreciate even in a mindless late-night who-cares kind of way, because its that unengaging.

The cinematography was nice in places, and I enjoyed the soundtrack.

But shame on the marketing team for employing fake reviews, a really sad strategy.
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John Wick: Chapter 2 Completely Lives Up to the Original
CANpatbuck36648 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was able to catch an advanced screening of John Wick: Chapter 2. The original John Wick was a great surprise. It really blew most of the movie going public away, concentrating on tight action and creating a cool world to explore. I was looking forward to this because the original was so kick-ass but I would also have been okay if it had been a standalone. This movie could have been completely derivative and they could have just followed the formula again but they weren't satisfied just doing that. They delivered the bone-cracking action, some more cool characters and they expanded on their universe wonderfully.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* We pick up soon after the original John Wick, the local Russian mafia chapter is hurrying to pack up their operation. Their leader Abram (Peter Stormare) is eager to bail but his employees are confused as to why. Abram fills them in that the villains of the first movie were his nephew Iosef and his brother Viggo and they were killed by John for revenge. He tells his employees about Baba Yaga (The Boogeyman aka John Wick) as John Wick (Keanu Reeves) stealthily takes out his security. John's there for his Mustang and he won't leave without it. He out-drives and beats up most of Abram's staff until he makes his way to Abram's office. Instead of killing him, he toasts Abram and proposes peace. Abram accepts and John leaves.

The next day, after John spends the day recuperating and playing with his dog (who he picked up at the end of the original), there's a knock at the door. Santino D'Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) has shown up uninvited and is there for a favour. He wants control of his family operation but the problem is that his father gifted control to his sister. John owes him a marker (a favour promised by blood-oath) and he's collecting on it by making John kill his sister. John refuses but is aware that he could face consequences, breaking this pact is no small matter. Santino and his security force led by Ares (Ruby Rose) start to leave until Santino unloads a grenade launcher and blows up John's house. Now that he's homeless, John heads toward the city with his dog to plan his next move.

The plot of the first John Wick wasn't complicated, it was a man on a mission for revenge. This movie's plot is best described as lean. It's not that deep and the motive is similar. But I think that's fine for this movie, nobody expects Oscar calibre writing from an action flick. Instead of introducing a completely new story line, they do a great job expanding on this universe that was one of my favourite parts of the first movie. They bring you into this secret world where dangerous killers interact but they have strong moral codes. The idea of the Continental Hotel was awesome in John Wick and they build on that in the sequel. They introduce memorable new characters and they brought back some of the best supporting characters from the original. The creative team did a good job figuring out what worked and what didn't in the original and while I wouldn't describe this movie as complex, it provides enough of a story to help string together the fantastic action set-pieces.

John Wick is a character that's well suited to Keanu Reeves. He's the strong-silent type, he's an unstoppable force one moment and pretty vulnerable in the next. Keanu slips into this role again and delivers some more solid work. I actually liked Riccardo better than the villain in the original John Wick, his character makes some questionable decisions but I found Riccardo to be more menacing and collected in his role. I was happy to see Common in a role which gave him the chance to shine. He's not given much backstory or dialogue but he's very intimidating as Cassius and his fights with Keanu are great. Ruby Rose was also really good. She fits into this genre excellently and she also shined in her reserved yet physical role. Laurence Fishburne seemed to be so happy to be there, he looked like the cat who swallowed the canary and he was chewing the scenery the whole time. I really liked that they brought actors back from the first one like Lance Reddick and Ian McShane. They helped sell the mystery surrounding the world of John Wick and they helped the concept grow here.

The biggest reason to go see John Wick: Chapter 2 is the jaw-dropping action. There was no drop in the quality of the action set-pieces and they even improved upon them in some ways. The choreography was tight, the gunfire was loud and explosive and fighting packed the requisite punch. The cinematography was pretty interesting and the locations they picked accented those scenes perfectly. The action bits were also well balanced, they were gory when they needed to be and they were fun to watch. I continue to be impressed by director Chad Stahelski, he knows how to shoot the hell out of a gunfight.

I love a good action movie and this movie was a superior one. Instead of resting on their previous laurels, John Wick: Chapter 2 ups the ante and furthers an excellent franchise. I think this movie will be widely appreciated by action movie junkies (I'm a member of that group) and for that crowd I can't recommend this high enough. You won't find a better movie of this type in the theatre right now and for the adults out there who appreciate this material, it will provide a memorable experience.
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Baba Yaga Is Finally Back!!
emx-4212211 February 2017
John Wick Chapter 2 was everything I had hoped for, and more! I had high expectations for this movie because I LOVED the first John Wick. I almost overdosed on violence with this movie and I loved it!

We got to learn more about The Assassin World and The Continental. We got to learn more about John Wick and how strategic and deadly he truly is. There are a couple of scenes that slightly reminded me of The Matrix trilogy, which internally kind of made me laugh.

There is some slight humor to this movie but it has perfect time and is very well done. It's not cheesy or corny at all. It fits the movie style.

I seriously hope they make a 3rd John Wick.

I am definitely going to watch this movie again, next weekend.
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