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*uckin' awesome movie. Not your regular Bollywood trash. Strong, realistic n brilliant acting by Mr. Devgan.
Fella_shibby31 July 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie inspite of seeing the Japanese movie not the novel. Ajay was brilliant. He got into the skin of the character. He looked like an ordinary guy. He lost all his muscles. Even the kind of shirts he wore with full sleeves did justice to the role. Tabu acted well too. I think she should settle down as she was looking old. The movie is something very different from your regular Bollywood trash. I have seen many Korean, Japanese, French, Hollywood thrillers. And drishyam was a good drama/ thriller too. I am *uckin' fed up with majority Bollywood stars and movies. Even if the script doesn't require, the hero is showing off abs and dancing skills. Majority of 'em is filled with vulgar item songs which is getting monotonous. People who enjoy thrillers should check out the treatment, confessions of a murder, bereavement and malevolence, marshland, poker night, 13 sins, the secret in their eyes, the shrine, freeway killer, ittefaq (borrowed from signposts to murder ), adam green's spiral and frozen, the keeper of lost causes, cell 211. People who expect item songs, hero bashing goons ala matrix style action, hero showing dancing skills, hero flaunting abs, the same *uckin' monotonous Bollywood obnoxious films should be with care before watching this film.
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Edge-of-the-seat thriller with surprising twists and turns
harshcalling31 July 2015
Casting – 4/5

Acting – 4.5/5

Story – 5/5

Screenplay – 5/5

Editing – 5/5

Cinematography – 4/5

Background Score – 4/5

Wow, finally a good thriller movie after a long time. Drishyam is a remake of the Malayalam movie by the same title. The movie is nestled in a Goan village, the kind where everyone knows one- another. The protagonist is a middle-class Goan Vijay Salgaonkar( Ajay Devgn) for whom his family's well being is paramount.

Ajay plays the role of a 5th class school-dropout who runs a local cable-service provider shop. He is a big movie-buff and spends most of his time at work looking at the motion pictures.  

Vijay has a cozy life with his wife Nandini(Shriya Saran) , elder daughter( Ishita Dutta, 'Poonam  from Ek Ghar Banaunga'  & Tanushree Dutta's sister) and younger daughter(Mrinal Jadhav).  The coziness of his family is shattered one night following an offhand chain of events.

Vijay's character development is myriad throughout the film and it compels you to think away from the extreme principles of black vs white,  right vs wrong, yin vs yang.  His strong will and steadfastness to protect his family at all costs forms the backbone of the story.

The unfateful night's chain of events leads to a massive police search headed by the stern and steely IPS Meera Deshmukh (Tabu).

Tabu's acting is top-notch in multiple interrogation  scenes throughout the movie with a distinct no-nonsense persona on display at all times.

Ishita Dutta is remarkable in her Bollywood debut with a wide palette of emotions. Mrinal Jadhav plays the role of the innocent and adorable younger daughter splendidly, generating a few interspersed audience laughs.

Rajat Kapoor has a knack for playing the upper-class, businessmen –roles and is casted perfectly as Tabu's husband. However his character is a bit monochromatic, probably due to the script.

The movie has multiple twists arousing the curiosity of the audience culminating into a superb climax.

Even though the film is 2 hours and 43 minutes long, it binds the audience to their seats till the very last scene.

I strongly recommend this film, especially to the thriller genre lovers.

P.S. The film also teaches you why watching movies can impart you with paramount life-skills. So, definitely a connect with the movie buffs :)
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Family Drama With an Exciting thrill
chillax_amit198631 July 2015
As everyone is aware it is a remake and the movies made before are exceptional. So, definitely the expectations would be high at least by the people who have seen it.

The movie is super entertaining and comes off as a new genre. The first half gives you a beautiful picture about the characters, how they are simple, funny, trying to meet ends and commoner.

Just before the interval you get a glimpse of the story and how it is going to screw everything up.

Second half is just an intellectual battle between Tabu and Ajay. How they try to out do one another. The climax is brilliant.

Ajay makes up for the time he was away from serious movies and excels scene by scene, Shriya is gorgeous and does well too. Tabu is menacing and yet a mother aptly supported by Rajat.

Its a must watch!!!!!
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Drishyam: A Perfect movie for ending my tiring Thursday
ankul1730 July 2015
Just came back from the Premier Screening of Drishyam. The reason for me to catch the movie was the reviews of the original Drishyam which is a Malyalam movie with Mohanlal as the lead actor. The trailers of this Hindi remake with powerful existence of Ajay Devgan (or Devgn, as he writes it now) and Tabu, motivated me to go for this movie after a tiring Thursday in office, (mentioning the tiring day as disappointment was the last this I was willing to accept after the day, Glad I chose this movie). So the movie starts with a small happy family of Vishal Salgaonkar which is living happily in the ever happy town of Goa, there family was disrupted because of an unwanted person entering into their lives who happens to be the son of the Inspector general of Goa, Meera Deshmukh, then an accident happens which changes the life of this family for ever. The way this 4th grade failed person (Vishal) plays with the police department is commendable. So the movie is about how actually Vishal safeguard his family and himself against powerful Meera and her Police Department.

My special suggestion is to have patience and sit for the first half of the movie as nothing much will happen but the story will be built up. After the interval when you come back with that tub of popcorn, its then the real investigation and the never ending plot of Vishal to safeguard his family starts, the proceedings will sometimes give you goose bumps and at times you will expect something to happen which will not happen and hence the tag line of the move "Visuals Can Be Deceptive" The Camera work of the movie is good. it features some of the beautiful locations of Goa (I am not sure if all of that was Goa) The acting done by the whole Salgaonkar family is superb along with Tabu's never disappointing appearance in front of the camera. The movie has limited songs, Two, actually, if I remember correctly, but both the tracks are good and perfectly goes with the situation. The side characters in the movie are also done by good actors and so they mix in the screenplay very meticulously. Overall, Its 100% worth a watch on this weekend, so go ahead book your tickets and go for it, I am sure you wont be disappointed, specially people who like Ajay Devgn on screen should go for this movie for sure.
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A must watch!!!
subbu958231 July 2015
A great movie and superb story line!!!. A must watch if you are a fan of thriller and suspense movies

I have seen this movie in Tamil as well but I would give an extra star for the Hindi version. Tabu in a role of a cop and a mother has done a great job, it was a treat watching her portray this role so convincingly and at ease.

Shriya does justification to her role as a mother and a wife of Ajay Devgan. Last but not least, Mr. Devgan has done a good job as a father who goes out of his ways to protect his family.

If you are a Tabu fan, you would regret if you miss this movie. I would request you all to please go the movie theatre and watch the movie.
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Its Shawshank Redemption in bollywood. A masterpiece. The best south remake ever made in bollywood.
DRISHYAM REVIEW- Hell yeah, just watched the Masterpiece, gem of thriller. Wow is the only word is in mouth now for this movie. Heard a remake of national award Malayalam movie is coming in bollywood and i was just waiting like anything for this movie. Trailer didn't offered much but it was promising. Then critics reviews came which took my expectations to sky level. And finally after watching it i must say movie worths it. A rare thriller which was made to look realistic only not as filmy masala content. First half takes time to set platform, sets movie plot then 2nd half blows you away with its masterclass planning and scenes. A simple plot, a common man who is 4th std failed not much educated tries to hide his family's crime from so called educated police officers. But the content and screenplay is so realistic that it makes this simple story a masterpiece. Even a Long runtime of 2 hrs 40 mins looks too tight and glues us to Our seat. Writer has done an extraordinary job, people will not forget this story in lifetime. Kudos to him and screenplay maker . Music wasn't much needed for movie,still 1 song after interval is situational which plays important role to make scene much tight. Entire star cast acted like real incident and really made me feel that its all happening in real in front of me. Ajay devgn the man who is the soul of this movie. His acting is just out of the world. Those intense eyes, innocent expressions, scary scenes and some emotional scenes as if this movie made for his acting only. Surely best performance of the year till date and i don't think someone will give better performance than him in this year at least, he deserves an award for this movie. Tabbu role is exactly half to Ajay according to runtime of movie. She did whatever expected from her role. Other star cast did fab job, each and every actor gave his best for their roles. Director Nishikant Kamat proves his skills and talent metal again here. He never left movie's grip till the end. Even the last ending scene of the movie was watchable and gives goosebumps. Hats off to him. He already had remake in hand which made direction much easier so there was no chance to make movie a crap. Overall a must watch for all. Only kids wont understand it, but other audience like classes, masses, youngsters and even seniors will love it. Go for this one, take 3 hrs from your life and enjoy the rare and the best thriller ever made in bollywood. Don't miss, you cant afford to miss this masterpiece. Here we have got the best movie of 2015. Last line, 'Its like,'Shawshank Redemption in bollywood. 9/10 * stars by me :)
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A Cinematic Masterpiece!!
vishaal8116 August 2015
What are the necessary requirements for making a good movie? I guess strong acting, realistic judgments made by characters, complementary music and tight pacing are essential elements in achieving this. In all these departments, Drishyam stands head and shoulders over every other Bollywood movie that has come out in this year. Even though it is a remake of a Malyalam movie, there is no loss of quality and it delivered emphatically.

The essence of the movie is that due to some unexpected turn of events, a normal middle-class family gets itself involved in the missing case of the son of Senior Police Officers. As they never intended to do anything wrong, they decide to forge a story to dupe the police and save themselves.

Ajay Devgan and Tabu are the two established actors in this movie, and both of them prove their mettle. It is a welcome change for Ajay Devgan as he has made one bad movie after another despite possessing great acting talent. He plays Vijay who runs a cable TV network and leads a modest life that revolves around his family. Tabu, on the other hand plays the IG officer who is the mother of her missing son. She once again proved that she is the finest actress in Bollywood with a menacing, layered performance that will leave people spellbound.

Drishyam is a suspense movie and the director does well to include several trademark techniques that are used in such movies. The slow- zoom, slick editing and the tense background score all add another dimension to the well-written thriller.

The movie explores several elements of Indian life such as the rampant corruption of police officers, unyielding devotion to family, and the longing for revenge. Drishyam is a well-made movie that deserves wide recognition for its achievement in making something that everyone can relate with. All the actions that the characters made were justifiable and any other person in that situation would have done the same. I have not revealed much about the movie in this review because you have to see it to understand the power of this movie.
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Best Family Thriller Movie In Bollywood
DRISHYAM:: Meaning by it-'seeing is believing', a wonderful crime cum family drama cum thriller; so spine chilling keeping you adherent to the chair totally not relaxed, we feel that as if we are the part of the disturbed family. Great involving director, great story, told so nicely, very very interesting, superb editing and wonderful role played by the total cast. Ajay Devgn after long time in so balanced underacting(Totally not Singham type);but a most responsible struggling hard-worker family man, who is ready to anything for his family. Shreya Saran; who is most glamorous heroine from South( remember Shivaji- the boss-Rajnikanth-Shankar?) has done role of typical Indian housewife.Tanu is role of brutal and tough cop and her husband; who is a big businessman-role played by total underacting and balanced work by our marvelous actor RajatKapoor- all steal the show. We have shortage of such spine chilling suspense crime thrillers in Bollywood as last was 'Wednesday'. In Hollywood Alfred Hichckok has given so many spine-chilling thrillers and I do recollect Edward Fox's 'The day of the jackal' and Bruce Willis+Rachard Gere in 'Jackal .'The executive decision'- was also such spine chilling thriller and we do recollect 'Taken-1,2,3,' and 'Unknown etc. The year 2015 has been so luck for the cinema viewers that we have received so marvelous and wonderful movies throughout the year and this is one of them. A great family drama cum thriller cum suspense movie cum crime movie, filled the stuff of police brutality, innocent child acting, burning problems faced regularly by the teenager daughter and their parents-we are reading of news papers and seeing in all medias-mms scandal, blackmailing, etc. This movie tackles so many our social problems in so nice way to digest easily and provoke the thoughts and succeeds to win the sympathy of the audience.10 star or more. A must watch family drama cum thriller cum spine-chilling suspense movie. Very brilliant movie. For me its better than The Shawshank Redemption
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Drishyam give a message to young generation..
gillgurusharansingh31 July 2015
worth watch... family is what we all have.. the movie really show how one can do anything to save one family.. starting to end movie is great ...how a man who is 4 class fail done things that amaze you every time differently... great movie.. straight..no filmy drama just genuine story with real concept... great one... :) movie describe how a middle class family have small events of happiness.. how one man do anything to see a smile on his wife face.. and kids... also how he try to save money :P visuals of the movie is great... direction by director done is a ways its seem like more close to reality... songs of the movie are very soothing and heart touching... the little girl acting is too great for her age.. she is very bold in the movie and done a great role... Ajay Devgan acting is very strong in this movie.. he done so many comedy movies but the seriousness he shows in this film is great and different... Halla boll, Gangajal , Aakrosh.. he done so many great serious role movie but every time he is different in his acting.. Shriya Sharan done great...her acting is worth for her role.. genuine.. Drishyam give a message to young generation.. that message you know once you watch the movie... families destroyed because of that mistake.. must watch
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Drishyam :- Sheer Class and excellence, this is it
vimarshmunsif31 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well, visuals can indeed be deceptive. When the maker knows what he wants to present, you know you are in for an absolute treat. And for the ones who haven't seen the South Indian make of this movie, like me, are in for a masterpiece.

Drishyam is inspired from a Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X & has been adopted into various languages in movies. When the roots have already been built, it is about proper presentation in a particular amount of time which is where Nishikant Kamat and his team come out triumphant.

The best part about this movie is that it was presented and portrayed with utmost perfection in a manner in which the makers wanted it to be shown. The buildup was slow but every aspect was properly covered with enough evidence to win the audience.

Suddenly, after a poor 1st half of 2015, Bollywood is coming up with tremendous flicks. It was the emotional journey of Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2 weeks back, critically acclaimed Masaan(I haven't seen it) last week and the gripping Drishyam now.

Coming to the story, it is about the family of Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) ,his wife (Shriya Saran) ,his elder daughter Anju (Ishita Dutta) and the younger daughter Anu. Vijay is a 4th fail illiterate (as has been emphasized a lot in the movie) who lives a happy and satisfied life. He has his own cable service and he loves, watches, uses the scenes in movies in real life. Life takes a turn when the elder daughter (adopted) encounters a sad incident while on a School Nature Camp.

This is the bitter reality of life:- We become culprit for no fault of ours and evil intentions of few spoilt rich. It was a mischief by a boy called Sam which came back to haunt the Salgaonkar family. Now, the only aim of Vijay is to protect his family from the police. It was to save themselves from blushes of the incident. But they were up against a tough & scary(I mean threatening) Inspector General (IG) Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) who was inclined to find the truth, after all Sam was her son.

The way the planning is done, the manner in which it is portrayed, the confidence with which the family handles tough interrogations, the way the sequences are shown is all just perfect. Hats off to the original writer Jeetu Joseph, he left no stone unturned. The adaptation by Upendra Sidhaye is really good with a few changes here and there. The story unfolds wholly in Goa.

The writing & script was so good that for me, it easily comes up amongst the best Bollywood has ever had. And the way Nishikant Kamat has handled it is simply phenomenal. The less said the better for Nishikant Kamat who has won my heart with such a wonderful vision and achieving the ultimate goal through this vision. You might feel that the pace is slow in the 1st half, but it doesn't bore you as its gripping. Some of the sequences are just scintillating especially after the arrival of Tabu.

We have seen ample of movies regarding catching the criminal but this one is different, it's about saving the family. Will Vijay succeed? Or will Meera find out the truth? Watch it in a cinema theatre near you to find out.

Direction by Nishikant Kamat is stupendous. It was an immense pleasure watching the movie on a Thursday night Premiere. When audience shouts and applaud towards the end, you know that the movie has won. Quite a lot of credit has to go to the casting director Vicky Sidana for coming up with a tremendous blend of actors. Apart from the big guns, it was the superb selection of supporting cast of Rajat Kapoor(Meera's husband), Ishita Dutta, Kamlesh Sawant (Inspector Gaetonde), Martin Uncle(Owner of Martin's cafe) etc.

In such thriller movies, editing is a key aspect & with Aarif Sheikh, you know he will set it up perfectly & he did. Cinematography by Avinash Arun is also really good with the frames being simple yet catchy and beautiful rendition of Goa.

There are just 2 songs comprising of the evergreen duo of Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar Saab but music isn't what matters in this movie. It's the haunting & terrifying back ground music by Sameer Phaterpekar which makes you deeply involved. I would specially like to point out the background music during the interrogation involving Tabu with her deadly eyes & the haunting music.

Coming to the performances, Ajay Devgn delivers a phenomenal performance, one that will be remembered. His eyes speak a lot & he lived the character of Vijay Salgaonkar. Tabu is simply outstanding as Meera, playing the role of a tough cop & a concerned mother. She chooses her roles wisely and delivers a great performance most of the times. Shriya Saran is too young to play a mother but she also performs wonderfully well. She had a couple of difficult scenes and she did it really well. Debutant Ishita Dutta is someone whom I have seen earlier in the serial Ek Ghar Banaunga & I knew she would make it to Bollywood. She makes a really good debut. Rajat Kapoor is at his fluent best as he usually is. The younger daughter also does a decent job. But its Inspector Kamlesh Sawant who impressed me a lot, he was simply sensational. Martin's cafe plays a crucial part in this movie and so does Martin uncle. Others were brilliant as well.

All in all, Drishyam is a perfectly made movie which won me over. For me, it was flawless. I would rate it 4.5/5.
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Exceptional Piece of Writing
anupapu830 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Drishyam- Less are the cases present in any film industry where a film is made with brilliant piece of writing (By Jeethu Joshep in case of this movie)and every other thing just revolve around it. Drishyam was one of those cases. One thing i would like to clear before you watch the movie is that this is not a suspense movie. It has been wrongly promoted same as happened in case of Aamir Khan's TALAASH. But yes its a part family movie and a part thriller. From the very start culprit will be in front of your eyes , but its hard to prove. Its all about how deep the truth has been dumped and how difficult its gonna be dig it out. To say about the plot will ruin the movie. Like the trailer shows Vijay(Ajay) is a very good man , with a golden heart , but somehow his family is being caught by the police to prove that they have kidnapped the son of Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) a cop. After that starts a thrilling ride in which Meera want evidence to prove Vijay and his family guilty , and Vijay will do anything to save his family as he say - "EK INSAAN KE LIYE USKI FAMILY HI SABKUCH HOTI HEI AUR UNHE BACHANE KE LIYE WO KISI BHI HADD TAK JA SAKTA HEI". The character of Vijay literally lived up to this quote of himself . But the movies seeks for your patience . The first half up to the crime happens was a little too stretchy. Length of 2hr and 43min for a thriller is too long. Some editing was needed on the first half. Although i personally didn't find anything boring , as it was good with light moments , making base for title characters , some good humour and a nicely picturized song CARBON COPY. Still its true that some editing could have made it better. Its like a tasty cake has been made but the Cherry was missing. But wait , the cherry has been provided by the 2nd half. For me which compensate all the minor errors of first half. You couldn't imagine how the writer has managed to write such a plot with so much details of investigation and specially the interrogations. This movie has some of the best interrogation scenes which Bollywood haven't shown us till now. Nishikant Kamat is one hell of a director. His land marks includes 1. making movies in 3 languages 2. have directed the highest grossing Marathi film. 3. Is very good with remakes - first FORCE and now this one. 4. Lastly he can dig out acting out of John Abraham. And any director who can make John Abraham act , is a great director for me. Nisikant truly amazes me with showing how good he can control intense scenes. Ajay Devgan shines again in a serious role. He brings all the seriousness to the character and also provide some comic moments on the first half. The character he played has made some decisions with ethical difficulties , which could be right from someone's eyes and can also be wrong in someone else's view. Vijay makes us believe that his decisions were right for the situation and any person would have done such things for safe guarding his family. About Tabu , she is one of the greatest actress Bollywood have. She doesn't have any comparison . Only rivalry she had or have or will have is she herself. As cop she was tough , and you cant imagine how tough she was. You have to watch it to know how she mixes up her emotions of being the mother of the victim with the emotions of a tough cop who is investigating the same case. About Shreya Saran , i love her smile. And i missed that smile since i had seen her in Awarapan. Although she didn't get much of the meaty role but she was decent as Ajay's wife. Same goes for Rajat Kapoor as Tabu's husband. Some unique cinematography has been done , as the movie shows Goa not from a tourist point of view but from a resident's point of view. Vishal Bhardawaj as music director was OK as he doesn't get much chance to impose good songs in the movie but the background score by Sameer Phatarpekar was brilliant. Yes i have to cut some marks for a stretchy first half , but m going with 7.7/10 which is not bad at all. The thing i said for PIKU i would like to repeat for this is that there exist no reasons why should anyone not watch this movie except in case you have seen the original one. Just one request , DON'T EXPECT ANY SUSPENSE , be patient and FLOW WITH THE INTENSITY. By ANuP APu KuMaR.
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one the best bollywood movie, story wise
moosasyed10122 August 2015
Where do I start? I am speechless literally; when the movie started I thought in first 10-15 minutes, that it was just another Ajay Devgan flick with Police & Stuff. As later on the story took a 180 turn and started escalation from interesting to the whole new level of awesomeness and interest. I don't care if its a copied version of some movie or not, but hats off to the writer/screen writer! Acting was top notch from all characters, not even a single one, whether a big famous actor, or side roll; small time actors; everyone acted to the nearest of perfection. My best movie so far, story wise. Literally it blew off 3 Idiots, PK, Bajrangi etc. from my top lists A must watch...
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Best Thriller Movie Of Bollywood
harendra897715291731 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Its definitely a golden period for Indian cinema as they are producing some great back to back movies... now Dhrishyam its been made in multiple languages before...n no surprise the reason is surely the script that's d reason the stars are not promoting this movie... So hats off to the person behind the story...He is the main Hero...!! Talking about the stars:- Ajay is fabulous in the role n I'm happy to see him doing such movies as i was very much disappointed by Action Jackson(It was one of his worst movie after Himmatwala), Tabbu n Shreya has done their part well n in fact everyone in the movie acted so well(including the little girl) that u will feel that everything is happening in real...special mention to Kamlesh Sawant(Inspector Gaitonde) he has done a great job...he was one of the main reason movie looked so interesting...!! Its the best thriller movie i have watched in bollywood... Its a flawless movie n its nearly impossible to find any mistake in this one... Great direction..! Please Bollywood come with some more movies like this one... Watch it for one the best engaging screenplay, powerful script, great direction n brilliant performances...!! ****A MUST WATCH ****
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rajat_srvstv1 August 2015
If you thought Ajay Devgan and Tabu's riveting performances would be a reason sufficient enough to watch this movie,then let me tell you.It is the film's story which wins in the end. First half is lose and needs editing,however the second half doesn't let you even move your eyeballs off the screen. Shriya Saran is good in looks n below average in acting.Both her daughters look convincing and act decently well. The story keeps you glued till the last frame,and the last 1 minute of conclusion gives you goosebumps and deserves claps.Intense,engaging,sharp and an intelligent thriller.This visual is DEEPLY DECEPTIVE.
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This Is a Solid Piece of Entertainment But it Could Have Been So Much More
ctowyi7 December 2015
Drishyam is a Hindi remake of a Tamil monster blockbuster. I have not seen the latter so I can't make the comparison (but I have just found out that the Tamil movie with English subtitles is on YouTube ... Yeah!).

Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) runs a cable TV network in a remote and hilly village of Goa. He lives a happy life with his wife Nandini and two daughters. A 4th grade dropout & an orphan, Vijay has worked his way towards success with his sheer hard-work & street smartness in order to provide for his family who mean the world to him. A man of few means & needs; Vijay believes life is to be lived simplistically - his wife, while she loves him devoutly, wants Vijay's thrifty & miserly behavior to end and wants the world for her family. If there's one thing that Vijay cannot live without, it is his passion for watching films. Such is his 'filmy' obsession that he doesn't mind staying up all night at his office binging on TV movies! In a bizarre turn of events; a teenage boy goes missing; he is the son of a headstrong & no-nonsense cop; IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) and the Salgaonkar family is the prime suspect! Will a humble & middle class man, be able to protect his family from oppression of the powerful? How the family weathers the storm that ensues during the violent investigation forms the rest of the story leading to an unexpected & shocking climax.

Drishyam is a riveting entertainer. The first half lays the foundation for a rip-roaring second half and it didn't disappoint. The cast is great with Ajay Devgn leading the ultimate "how to get away with murder" plot line. We are treated to his ultimate foe in Tabu who has the killer look to match her crime brain. Elsewhere, I really enjoy watching Rajat Kapoor who plays Tabu's husband. His character moves in brilliant counterpoint to Tabu's relentless pursuit for the answer. Love the superb cat and mouse games and how the tables keep turning till we were tearing our hair off, but everything hits the groove and reaches a satisfying climax.

Drishyam could have been a classic but several creative choices baffled me. The humour in the first half feels laboured and forced. How it paints the family of four is too obvious to me. But thankfully I love watching Vijay who is a character after my heart. He loves watching action movies, law and crime dramas, and the accumulated wealth of knowledge help lay the path of deceit and red herrings for the police. He is a character that is very easy to root for. Tabu also puts in a superb shift and it is easy to believe in her smarts, but it is her cold cruelty that puts a shiver in my heart. Overall, I find the writing couldn't match up with the characters and story, and it felt very "by the numbers" rudimentary to me. In more capable hands the shades of the characters would have been more layered and the theme of wrong versus wronged shining forth. Fans of the Japanese film Suspect X will find this quite familiar but thankfully with a good mixing up of elements and locale. As it is, it comes off just as a solid piece of entertainment than superb character studies.
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What a movie!!!
amandeepk-sondh8 August 2015
Very nice thriller after Manorama Six feet Under.Ajay Devgn is doing what he does best !!! ACTING !!! He swiftly slides into the role of a commoner and keeps on mind boggling you with his performance. Tabu is a legendary actress.. She is the only one who could play Meera with such finesse. This is my first Shriya Saran movie so can't say much about her. I am sure she is a very popular actress and she was good playing the role of a docile and gullible mother and wife. The kids were good too.. I personally feel that they could have taken Prakash Raj for the role of Gaitonde.. I missed that guy throughout the movie. Rajat Kapoor looked wasted as he didn't have much lines but he has that upper class appeal and looked good with Tabu as her husband.They could have avoided the first song in the movie and just keeping the Rekha Bhardwaj song (which made sense).Otherwise,The story is 10/10. I am giving it 9 because i felt the first song was unnecessary and I missed Prakash Raj as Gaitonde... !!!
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A classic dark movie never made before
callingfromkolkatta13 August 2015
This movie is about the power of love someone possess for his family. It is about the enormous strength to save his loved ones from all the odd of this world. And sometimes, yes sometimes we even forger the fine line of difference between right and wrong when we try to protect our family from being destroyed.

This movies is about this man who is illiterate yet very intelligent. In his day to day to life he shows a sign of honesty and kindness. He is strong but loving at the same time. But when one day someone tries to harm his little small world he becomes furious but keeps his head cool and fights against the corrupted police department with enormous strength and dignity.

Even sometimes I was petrified with the fact of the story-line, but eventually had to agree it is family what keeps us alive and get going. So when it is time to protect our family anyone will do what Vijay has done in this movie.

Kudos to the directer and all the cast and Crew. Tabu and Ajay Devgan proved one more time, they are one of the finest actors in Bollywood.
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Best movie of 2015
rohit_m498 August 2015
i have not seen original one, but i really enjoyed this movie very much. i think a movie like DRISHYAM can never be made again in Bollywood film industry, this is something new for Indian cinema. i was expecting something different ending killing n all like other Hindi films. But that did not happen. this movie is really fantastic By stretch of the imagination. must see if you are a Bollywood fan.this movie deserve 8.0 rating that i gave. this is the best movie of 2015 in my opinion. if you liked ''BASIC INSTINST'' ''PRISONER'' This is also a must see movie for you. must watch this movie you will not be disappointed.
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Master Piece
suchitpandya882 August 2015
I usually do not write feedback, but for this movie I had to. This one of the best stories in India Movies. Excellent writing and direction. Acting is also good. Start is little slow but after 30 mins movie really picks up and maintain great suspense till the end.

Script is very strong, acting of co-starts(Ajay devgans wife, daughters) is great. Its most realistic story and flawless movie. Usually Indian movies are never realistic, there will be lot of spice and fiction, songs, crazy emotional melodrama etc. But this one is a master piece and it has the perfection of Hollywood level.

In short great movie and must watch. Only reducing 1 star because I read some reviews that original Malayalam movie had better actor and start of the movie could have been improved. Else this would be the real perfect movie. Must watch..!!!
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Moviemanic2216 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Drisyham is a remake of the 2013 south Indian movie of the same name. It starred Mohan Lal and at the time of release gained a lot of popularity and was declared a hit at the box office. I have not seen it so I can not be in a position to make comparisons between the two movies. Unfortunately not many people are aware that the original movie is inspired by a Japanese novel titled "The devotion of suspect X'. I'm sure that information like this can be disheartening to many when they automatically assume that what they are seeing is breakthrough cinema. The problem here lies with the the lack of knowledge of the movie watcher. Not every person is going to research a movie before seeing. They will take whatever they are spoon fed.

The film made with a mature approach. It is well structured. Direction and performances are to good standard. The basic theme itself is very reminiscent of what was seen in RGV's "My wife's murder 2004". Only that in this movie the victim is the police inspector's son, not wife. In terms of realism I found it pretty hard to believe how a family man can orchestrate such a evidence cover up in short time. And to control his family members in a perfect way to support each other was beyond belief. Especially the young girl who would not even admit anything despite seeing her family being brutality attacked by the law authority. A lot of suspension of disbelief is required here.

The running time of 20 hrs 40 mins is the let down factor. There was no need for the film to be that long. Tabu gives a fantastic performance as usual. Very convincing in her role. Ajay Devgun sleeps through his role and doesn't seem to be engaged with the story as one would expect him to be.
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Drishyam is an Epic movie 10/10
pan-pandey6 August 2015
First the Acting. The Actors did terrific acting that lifted my mood. Without good acting movie viewing is not pleasurable. Secondly the music. The music adds spice to the movie. It takes your mind inside the movie. You feel like you are a part of the movie. Thirdly the direction. The director narrated the movie in such a way that I did not even took a pee break during the interval. The direction made the film interesting. And finally and most importantly, THE STORY. The story is awesome. The story is the soul of every film. If the story is bad, nothing can save a film. It will surely die. This film's story is brilliant. It stays strong in the first half and also in the second half. The unexpected and surprising climax stole the show. Finally only one thing to say. "Outsanding"
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Many might like it who haven't seen the original, but as a remake, its the weakest one till date, missing the much needed soul, energy and fire.
bobbysing2 August 2016
With all honesty, the Hindi version of DRISHYAM gives me no energy to write about it in details being the weakest 4th remake of the original Malayalam film featuring Mohan Lal in the lead.

Using a fresh backdrop and a local feel it has got its impressive moments that obviously come in the final hour when the proceedings become high paced, intense and brutal too with police interrogation crossing all its extreme limits at the orders of its own IG. But at the same time, it doesn't make any change in its slow first half, following the fixed format that was also pointed out as the weaker portions of the original by few critics. Still, despite the not so happening first hour, one might like it as a crime thriller that doesn't allow the viewers to move in its concluding hour, offering many unexpected twists and turns keeping them thoroughly engrossed.

However it's the missing emotions, lack of energy or fire, average performances, a loud-inconsistent background score, avoidable spoon- feeding and few unnecessary (ridiculous) commercial insertions that don't let you rate the film more than anything above average or decent. Thankfully they use only two songs out of four (in the soundtrack) as required but fail to en-cash on the emotional aspect of the script that should ideally have been its key feature becoming a 'family- thriller'.

As a bitter truth, the theme of the film didn't require any kind of philosophical soundtrack both Vishal and Gulzar are known for. The weak acts of Shriya Saran, kids and more contribute a lot in its feeble impact. Plus confirming my doubts Ajay Devgn remains a miscast in the role of a clever minded, cinema loving father guarding his small family. Moreover the most disappointing feature remains Tabu, who doesn't come up with anything even close to what was being expected quite surprisingly, whereas Kamlesh Sawant as the cruel sub- inspector scores the most.

In comparative terms, it seems DRISHAYM (Hindi) has been made hurriedly in some kind of available time with the star or team, without giving any major emphasis on solid characterizations as seen in the original. In clear words, where in all the four regional films, the actors seem like sinking deep into their given characters, the Hindi version has them all doing it as another of their professional assignment standing in front of the camera with no home-work done of any sort to play their given roles. Mentioning it specifically I didn't find any concerning FATHER in Ajay Devgn or a MOTHER in either Shriya or Tabu disappointingly, that was supposed to be the main requirement of the script as my personal conclusion. So would suggest to go for the original Malayalam film first if you wish to enjoy the subject more in the right manner.

Note: Hope after DRISHYAM many passionate Hindi filmgoers get enlightened that in reality our Indian Regional movies and makers are miles ahead than the present mainstream Hindi Cinema in all respects.
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This is India's answer to 'Gone Girl' (2014)!!!!
Rawal_Afzal2 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Discaimer: everything written below in praise of the film should also apply to the original South Indian (from 2013) that this one is a copy of, or perhaps even more for having come up with such a masterpiece.

Yes, it's a masterpiece and mind-blowing concept and it goes down as one of the most entertaining films that I have ever watched. Not only does it keep you on your toes throughout but it makes you chew your nails in between. A thriller of the highest quality! This could be India's answer to 'Gone Girl' (2014), or even better I would say.

One important point was to make the public side with the hero and his family and to sort of create an understanding for everything that he had done. This of course wouldn't have been possible if they had shown it as just some deliberate murder, or had shown a completely innocent guy being murdered. So that was quite smart.

This film is all about self-confidence, trust in one's ability and about sticking to your decision come what may. I have gone through something somewhat similar to this in my life a few years ago, although I wasn't the one accused and neither was I on the wrong side - even more similarly to this film, perhaps no one was entirely on the wrong side - and add one more similarity, the only person on the wrong side had not intended for things to escalate to this much as that person was on the play trying to achieve some other goal. It's amazingly mind-blowing seeing the similarities! A bit sad that I can't elaborate much on the story to explain how similar things were, from character to character!

Not to imply that I am as smart as the hero was, but I have one stunningly striking similarity from my very life with this film, and something that my friends often find hard to believe. To come to the point, all my English is based on what I had started from news channel and the commentary of cricket matches, then to the Internet and hence the articles etc. read online. Add to this learning very good, pure Hindi from online dictionaries and Urdu from reading the news-slide on Pakistani news channels. Add to this I am a complete film freak! Alone in July I have watched 23 films! So quite a few similarities there.
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Scene to scene copy of original
silvan-desouza17 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Drishyam was first made in Malyalam and then recently it was made in Tamil as Papanasam and in Telugu and other languages as well. Director is Nishikant Kamat who gave us Mumbai Meri Jaan(2008) and FORCE(remake of Kaakha Kaakha) The film almost just replicates the original Drishyam almost scene to scene with a few minor changes, like the religion In the original Mohanlal was a catholic, here Ajay is a hindu(thankfully no artificial catholic character), Also in place of going for a retreat there go for a Ashram trip. The film is set in Goa, thankfully no focus on beaches and bars.etc yet there are some stereotypes like the character of Martin who runs Martins corner, he offers the cop a beer at breakfast. But this can be ignored. the film keeps you on the edge though it does lag behind compared to the original yet it is watchable

Direction is decent, though most of the film is a copypaste job Music is decent

Ajay Devgan though not to be compared to Mohanlal,Kamal Hassan does his role in his style and is good in his role Shriya Saran however doesn't suit the role, as she looks too young to be Ajay's wife and Daughter of Ishita Dutta(sister of Tanushree Dutta) as the latter is hardly 8 years younger to her. yet she is okay. Tabu is admirable in the role of a tough cop, Rajat Kapoor is exelmpary. Ishita Dutta is superb though she looks older for the role, Mrinal Jadhav is good, Prathamesh Parab as Ajay's assistant makes a good Hindi debut. Kamlesh Sawant is superb as always, Rishabh Chadda is superb as Sam rest are all okay
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Beyond excellent!
diaju_vampprincess10 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this is the real psychological thriller. No, this is not a slasher type or a haunted horror movie, but definitely will thrill out to the spine. . The story is simple, looks modest, not visually fancy, but it's a mind-blowing! Every part is at its portion. Not too much, yet not less. But brilliant acting with an outstanding directing of all. Each character has a strong solid performance. Every scene is very well-delivered. Even though the first quarter is to build and introduce the character, but it's done perfectly smooth. I didn't even realize it. And then the story goes. . As when the problem occurs, the audience can feel the pressure, the tense, the stress. It is so realistic so you can see how it feels so relatable. And i can feel my heart throbbing at some scenes, wishing for nothing bad happens. Just when i think what the story will be, it's twisted. The more i'm guessing, the more i'm wrong. . People say it is one of the best Bollywood movie, and i can't agree more. Definitely the best, indeed. A lifetime masterpiece. This movie deserves a wide acknowledgment to all over the globe. This is a hidden gem. And i'm really very late watching x))

Spoiler : if you expect some dancing or singing like common Hindi movies, you won't see it here. Ah, and i really love the way the main role create such a deceptive reality into people's mind.

A. Must. Watch.
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