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A Honey Trap
gordonl5631 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
DEUTSCHLAND 83 "Atlantic Lion" (2015)

DEUTSCHLAND 83 is cold war television series made in Germany. The 8 episodes are set in 1983 during the height of the sabre rattling between the West and the Soviet Eastern Bloc. Stuck in the middle are the two Germany's, East and West. This is the third episode of the series.

Jonas Nay plays an East German border officer who is seconded into the East German Stasi. The Foreign Intelligence section needs a body to slip into West Germany to spy on a German General. The man, Ulrich Noethen, is in charge of working with his American counterpart to set up Pershing Missile sites.

In this episode, East German operative, Jonas Nay is at a NATO conference in Brussels. He is there as the aide for West German General, Ulrich Noethen. They are at a meeting with other NATO types discussing the results of a war game. The Americans call it a success but the European countries see it differently. This is of course because the war will be fought on their countries.

Nay is also to given the assignment of trying to seduce a secretary of a top NATO type. The woman, Nikola Kastner is receptive to Nay's advances and the two are soon engaged in a round of horizontal cha-cha. Nay is to use his new "friendship" to plant a bug in Kastner's office. Nay plants said listening device in a new desk being delivered to Kastner's NATO boss.

This all makes Nay's East German bosses at the Stasi very happy. That is till it turns out that the desk is going to Kastner instead. The bug though is still supplying decent intelligence. There is a side plot with General Noethen's son, Ludwig Trepte. Trepte is becoming involved with an anti-war movement. (Which is of course ran by the East Germans)

There are plenty of intertwined stories popping up in this enjoyable cold war romp. Some real thought went into this production.
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