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25 Mar. 2018
John Brown: This Guilty Land
Spotlighting radical abolitionist John Brown, as he raids Harper's Ferry, setting the scene for the Civil War.
1 Apr. 2018
Abraham Lincoln: The War Begins
Abraham Lincoln becomes frustrated with his cautious commander, George McClellan, whose army gets routed at Manassas, Va.; Confederate Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson earns his nickname.
8 Apr. 2018
Robert E. Lee: Choosing Sides
Robert E. Lee, who once turned down command of Northern forces, becomes the top Confederate general; Ulysses S. Grant scores Union victories in the West.
15 Apr. 2018
Frederick Douglass: The Dawn of a New Day
Former slave Frederick Douglass pushes President Abraham Lincoln to free his people; Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, after the bloody Battle of Antietam.
22 Apr. 2018
Stonewall Jackson: Friendly Fire
A Confederate victory at Chancellorsville, Va. comes at a high price; a Southern bullet accidentally mortally wounds Stonewall Jackson.
29 Apr. 2018
Gettysburg: The High Water Mark
The North turns back the South's invasion; a heroic bayonet charge led by Maine's Joshua Chamberlain; the doomed Confederate charge led by Gen. George Pickett.
6 May 2018
Ulysses S. Grant: Intoxicated by War
Once drummed out of the army for drinking, Ulysses S. Grant earns his place as the North's best general; the Union's first black regiment marches into battle;
13 May 2018
Jefferson Davis: The Black Flag
A U.S. senator, war hero, and presidential aspirant who has much in common with Abraham Lincoln; Jefferson Davis answers the call to lead the Confederate States of America;
20 May 2018
Abraham Lincoln: The Campaign
George McClellan poses a tough challenge to Abraham Lincoln's re-election; Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee clash on the battlefield;
27 May 2018
William Tecumseh Sherman: Total War
Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta and marches to the sea; Abraham Lincoln's re-election; Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Virginia.
3 Jun. 2018
John Wilkes Booth: The Killing of Lincoln
John Wilkes Booth assassinates President Abraham Lincoln, potentially reversing the South's Civil War loss with a single bullet;
10 Jun. 2018
The Civil War: Brother vs. Brother
The defeated South attempts to rewrite history by denying slavery was the root cause of the Civil War;

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