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5 Jan. 2016
Perfect Physical Specimen
When Sara and Gerald learn Jimmy hasn't been to a doctor in more than a decade, they trick him into seeing theirs; Gerald and Vanessa fret over Edie's surgery; Annelise and Ravi discover Jimmy's secret.
12 Jan. 2016
The Sat Pack
When Jimmy reunites with his old buddies in the "sat pack," Ronnie gives him a hard time about his new life as a family man.
19 Jan. 2016
Baby Model
Vanessa and Jimmy get Edie involved in baby modeling - without Gerald or Sara finding out. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Annelise loses her composure when she falls for a restaurant staff member.
26 Jan. 2016
Tableside Guacamole
To give the restaurant a hipper vibe, Jimmy tosses a bash for a big pop star and gives the place a 1980s look. However, Ravi's idea to boost reservations is to prepare guacamole table side.
2 Feb. 2016
Budget Spa
In an effort to prove that he doesn't always need validation from women, Jimmy spends an evening at a Korean spa with Ravi, Gerald and a few guys from the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sara, Vanessa and Annelise go out for a girls' night at the hottest new bar in Los Angeles.
9 Feb. 2016
The Biter
Edie gets bitten at school which leads to a man hunt for the biter. Gerald and Vanessa look for investment for a co-parenting app from a familiar face.
16 Feb. 2016
Gerald Fierce
Jimmy tries to protect Gerald from an Internet bully; when Sara and Vanessa visit the bully's mother, things get worse.
23 Feb. 2016
The Boyfriend Experience
When Sara invites Jimmy to accompany her to an ex's party and play the role of her boyfriend, Jimmy realizes his feelings for Sara may be deeper than he thought. At home, Gerald and Vanessa panic about their parenting abilities when Edie starts acting out.
1 Mar. 2016
Catherine Sanders
Jimmy finds himself out of his element when he falls for a stunning, powerhouse CEO who always manages to be one step ahead of him.
8 Mar. 2016
Some Guy I'm Seeing
Jimmy navigates the realities of being in a real relationship, while Gerald and Vanessa try to find work-life balance.
26 Apr. 2016
Jimmy's 50th, Again
When Jimmy has trouble admitting that he's 51, he throws himself a second 50th birthday party. The party triggers flashbacks of where he was a year ago, showing Jimmy what a difference his family has made in his life.
3 May 2016
The Memorial
Jimmy plans an emotional memorial service while processing a painful loss. Meanwhile, Sara is faced with a difficult decision after Craig asks her to take the next step in their relationship.
10 May 2016
The Cure
Jimmy and Sara wonder if they should give their relationship another shot, but Sara is hesitant to put herself in a position to get hurt again. Meanwhile, Gerald plans an elaborate proposal for Vanessa.

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