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Season 4

3 Dec. 2018
La Barbie
Altagracia, Saray and Zulema will rejoin Cruz del Norte once their plans for freedom have failed. In his transfer, Zulema will be involved in a major accident in a new escape attempt that will leave in evidence the policeman in charge of his custody, despite the recommendations of Inspector Castillo. In Cruz del Norte, Sandoval, the new director of the penitentiary, will await the arrival of the escaped prisoners in the midst of a regime of terror that will be implacable in the face of disobedience. Inside the Mercedes prison, leaving behind her innocence and ...
10 Dec. 2018
La fuga
Altagracia is hated by Cruz del Norte officials and by inmates. She knows she will not last long in prison if she does not escape before they kill her. Zulema returns to Cruz del Norte now facing Saray and with the incorporation of Hierro as a new official. While Rizos makes a decision that can expose it to the reprisals of Sandoval, after what happened with Mercedes.
17 Dec. 2018
El umbral del dolor
Sandoval is angry about the flight of Altagracia. He knows that Zulema knows his whereabouts and tries to extract information from him, but Zulema is not willing to tell anything. Sandoval imposes extremely rigid and unfair rules between the prisoners until Zulema decides to speak. Life in prison becomes a hell from then on, generating a growing tension between Zulema and the rest of the prisoners.
7 Jan. 2019
Sandoval has transferred to prison Fatima, the daughter of Zulema to press her. However, it is not willing to bow to Sandoval. But her maternal instinct begins to awaken when Fatima becomes the target of Goya. For its part, Altagracia has another plan to take Zulema out of Cruz del Norte. A plan that will put in check all the North Cross.
14 Jan. 2019
Saray makes the most difficult decision of her life regarding her daughter. Palacios organizes a choir in the prison that plans to visit a nursing home for its first performance. However, some dams have other plans in this exit from Cruz del Norte. Fatima resorts to Sandoval to feel protected after the aggression suffered by Goya, which can lead her to face all the prisoners. Meanwhile, Zulema is brought before Mrs. Cruz, who tries to negotiate peace with her in prison in exchange for privileges, but Zulema is not one of those who give in. An old dam re-enters Cruz ...
21 Jan. 2019
Mala persona
Sole's condition worsens day by day and Sandoval begins to prepare his transfer to another center where they can take care of it as they should. Fatima takes advantage of Sandoval's favoring treatment to take revenge on the other prisoners. Zulema tries to warn Fatima about Sandoval, but Fatima does not want advice from anyone and less from her. Tere is reunited with Piti, her former boyfriend, at the funeral of her father. Hierro also tries to intercede unsuccessfully for Fatima against Sandoval. Mrs. Cruz and Sandoval play their last trick with Zulema to find ...
28 Jan. 2019
Vuelta a casa
Macarena awakes from the coma and Castillo meets with her to take her back to Cruz del Norte. In a registry, the officials find the pills that Sole kept to commit suicide before losing her head and she has to ask her friends for the biggest favor of her life. After the aggression suffered, Fatima is going to be transferred from prison, but before leaving she leaves a letter for Zulema. However, Sandoval has other plans. Macarena enters the jail to find a welcome party, to Rizos in isolation and to Zulema swearing revenge on Sandoval. The attempted transfer of Sole ...
4 Feb. 2019
La marea amarilla
The prisoners control the jail after the riot for Sandoval's attempt to move Sole out of Cruz del Norte. They take hostages from prison officials, including Palacios and Millán. While Sandoval tries to flee since he knows that Zulema goes after his steps and wants to end his life. Maca meanwhile goes to look for Rizos, locked in isolation. Outside the forces of order begin to prepare the assault on the prison, a decision that Castillo does not share, but the presence of Mrs. Cruz within Cruz del Norte makes it difficult to carry out this plan.

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