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Great humour combined with a detective called Terry makes for a delightful watch
nzswanny28 November 2016
This was a great experience viewing Terry Teo. It was funny, comical, mocking, cheesy, and a whole lot of fun. In fact, I think it is one of New Zealand's best shows. Not because the story is Oscar worthy, or because the main characters motivation was deeply touching...it is because the TV show knows it is a cheesy fun watch, not a serious drama. I think some shows take themselves too seriously, especially if the story-line is silly. However, this show knew it was silly, and it knew it was a cheesy fun show. It was self aware, and knew what it was. You will love this show, especially if you want to cheer up after a bad day. Hopefully, this show becomes more popular so more people can have the joy of viewing this. I hope they make more episodes of this show for my enjoyment, and possibly yours, Trust me, you will love this show. 8.6/10.
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Better than anything currently on US TV.
OrangieTooDope26 April 2017
I never heard of Terry Teo til a few days ago but after watching this series I researched him and was very surprised to learn he was a comic book character from the early 1980s.Not only that but there was an 80s show called Terry and The Gunrunners.I have only watched a few minutes of that old show but from what I have seen I find it amazing that they even considered making a new version.Well I'm really glad they did because this show is great.I usually hate when a TV show does things that don't make sense but Terry Teo has turned not making sense into an art form.If you spend a lot of time analyzing the plots, you may not like this show but that's the beauty of it.It's extremely silly and I love it.I can't wait for season two.
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Average comedy/detective show
tenshi_ippikiookami15 December 2016
Young Terry has no relationship with his father and is heading down a life of crime, when the death of aforementioned father makes him rethink his lifestyle and become a young detective that goes around solving crimes. It all makes for an average show, that starts well, but dissolves like a sugar lump in water.

The show consists of six very short (around 20 minutes) episodes, that cover four different stories. The first two, that tell the raise of detective Terry are fun. The production shows its limitations, and the humor is a little bit juvenile, but it is tongue-in-cheek enough and doesn't take itself too seriously. And it sets the characters' relationships in a good enough manner.

Sadly, there has been very little effort put into the other four episodes. The plot is lame, the characters' arc close to nothing, Terry just goes around googling at girls, and there is a strange 'simplistic' understanding of European cultures (French are very Frrrenjsh and people from the East Europe are thieves and do cheap rapping). And if the humor was childish but fresh enough in the first two episodes, it devolves into just poor juvenile, only occasionally making the viewer smile.

"Terry Teo" could be worse. But it could have been way better. Not good enough.
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