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Season 2

3 Nov. 2018
Joshua Jones: Origins
Joshua Jones is in for just another boring summer at his grandparents' home when events suddenly take a turn for the better. At the Seattle airport, he meets a mysterious martial arts trainer and is accepted under him as a potential trainee. The man sends Josh and other selected nominees on a quest to retrieve some ancient articles. The prize for completing the quest is the chance to train under him as a student. Josh is faced with many trials, including newfound love and a bully who isn't afraid to fight for what he wants as they race through the bustling Seattle ...
10 Nov. 2018
Sands of Love
The heroes stop at a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific on their way back from Australia. It is in this remote tropical escape that they decide to store their acquired treasure. However, Josh and Grace head off exploring and find that the island is more captivating than at first glance. After meeting up with a mysterious parrot, the two travel in search of more treasure. Along the way, many adventure await them, including dangerous encounters with death and love amid the romantic aura of the Sands of Love.
17 Nov. 2018
The Garden Estate
While their teammates are sent to Australia to recover a piece of the almighty Golden Dragon statue, Austin and Caitlan head for British Columbia to find a treasure of their own.
24 Nov. 2018
Story of Brooklyn
The story of the Ryan family in the days following the assembly of the Golden Dragon. Follow the story of Brooklyn Ryan, from birth, to growing up, to being whisked away on a mind bending adventure that will change the fate of everyone.
1 Dec. 2018
The Cairo Project
The team reassembles to chase down a myth leading them to the heated desert of Cairo. The group sets out to save Brooklyn from certain peril while fighting with the discovery of a secret that leaves the group scattered like the wild sands of Egypt.
7 Dec. 2018
Campfire Tales
Upset with the way things were left in Cairo, Josh sets out for an adventure of his own. As he travels to the wild west, he realizes that he is the main protagonist from his favorite novel of all time. Discovering his courage, Josh comes to terms with his worth to his team and battles to make it back home safely.
15 Dec. 2018
The Meeting of Moscow
After the breakdown in Cairo, Austin sets out on a new adventure towards Moscow. Partaking in a very important meeting, Winters realizes that his quick decisions could change the fate of everything he's ever known. Learning consequence, he discovers something and insists on reforming his group.
22 Dec. 2018
Day of the Dead
Grace must deal with the consequences of Cairo by chasing after a newfound enemy of the team that she knows all too well. Her travels bring her straight back to a Day of the Dead festival in Mexico that she has visited before. She must act quickly against the new threat to ensure the safety of the people she loves.
25 Dec. 2018
The Golden Dragon
After facing all odds in Cairo, Blake and Caitlan travel on to ancient Japan in search of Brooklyn. Rekindling and rediscovering their love for one another, the two battle side by side as they race to the top of a mountain on fire to reach something they know about all too well: the idol of the Golden Dragon.
25 Dec. 2018
After reawakening the Golden Dragon, Blake and Caitlan are lost in a distant Christmas village with no way out. As they settle down for the holiday festival, the rest of the team decides it best to band together to save their friends. Is the feeling of Christmas in the air enough to keep Blake and Caitlan safe from harm?

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