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  • As the defense presents its case, Box's actions on the night of the murder are called into question, and tragedy strikes at Rikers.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Dept Box is at a new crime scene, a young woman is dead in the street with bloody wounds. He tells another cop it looks like Andrea Cornish.

    The DA shows the Court photos of Andrea Cornish's murder scene. Weiss ties in the knife, the Coroner Dr. Chester says Naz's hand wound was hand slipping. Safar Khan leaves the Courtroom. Kapoor brings in the 22 wounds, questions the knife wound in her cross. She brings up a disputed testimony in the past, and makes Chester look bad. After adjournment,Taylor goes out for a smoke, Stone follows.

    Kapoor tells Safar Khan it looks bad for her to leave, but Mrs. Khan has lost belief in her son.

    Taylor has lunch with another woman, Stone watches.

    Salim Khan walks by some anti-Muslim graffiti, a woman in Hajib disses him. The three Pakistanis plan how to get into the cab business again, the other two want Salim to sell his share but they low ball him with $75,000, he walks out calling them thieves.

    Naz takes more crack in his cell.

    Someone throws a rock through the Khan's window as Safar looks at Naz's childhood pictures.

    The Court goes over the scratches on Naz's back.

    Stone questions a fitness trainer as Taylor works on the other side of the gym.

    Stone meets the Accountant, he gets the lowdown on Taylor's maxed out credit cards and how he has declared bankruptcy twice.

    Stone meets another of Taylor's ex-wives. She's a cougar and divorced him after some violence.

    Weiss grills a classmate of Naz, who had bought Adderall for $10 for 10 mg. Naz had a prescription and was re-selling.

    Waking up, Stone notices something on his ear, he curses the cat. Stone goes to his son's school, to show him his shoes and also to offer the cat. The teen is dismissive and has to go. Someone follows Stone.

    Naz sees Petey and the other crew member Victor going off together. He see's Petey's mother in visitation, assures her he is fine, then palms the speedballs, looking dismayed.

    The basketball coach talks about the Grade 9 incident. Kapoor brings up how badly Muslim students were treated after 9/11. The coach surprises the court by saying Naz was the only one who sent two others to the hospital, Naz had thrown a full coke can at another kid. Kapoor is silent, Weiss says the State rests.

    The Khans sell their gold and silver.

    Taylor confronts Stone at the barbells, and threatens him.

    Naz calls his mother, now working as a cleaner. She refuses to take the call, he goes to watch TV with Freddy.

    Kapoor has Det. Box on the stand. She wonders why Naz hadn't confessed, the detective believes in the evidence.

    Stone goes to play with the cat wearing a mask and rubber gloves. Later the cat escapes the room and goes to sleep with Stone. In the morning he wheezes and hurriedly puts it back in the room and goes to the Chinese doctor to have his ear examined.

    Det. Box fills out retirement forms in a bar.

    Salim Khan and his Pakistani partners close a deal at a bank, he takes his cheque.

    Kapoor draws out the drugs, the ketamine and ecstasy sold to Andrea by the waiter.

    Naz and Kapoor meet in a cell. He wonders why she is working for him, only his father believes in him. She says she does, they have a moment, they kiss, then Chandra pulls back and leaves the holding cell.

    In a Copy Shop, Stone is getting graphics printed, the clerk thinks they are for "Law & Order"

    Dr. Katz, the defense expert witness, tells the court there is a missing knife from a unique set of four. The knife game, mumblety-peg, is discussed. The front gate is introduced, rusty and ajar for many years. The rear gate is also open, and the 2nd floor window was open, accessible from a tree. Also, the view of the kitchen is screened by anyone going from the front door up the stairs. Weiss tries to shoot down Katz as a fame seeking celebrity pathologist. She pulls out a quote when Katz had praised Dr.Chester, he dismisses it as a polite dinner comment. She gets him to concede the fourth knife could have gone missing anytime, but Katz holds firm on the wounds.

    Stone finds out about the asthma inhaler, tagged as #39. Stone subpoenas Box on his last work day and Kapoor has him on the stand. They go over Trevor Williams, Duane Reed, the undertaker. Then the asthma inhaler Box returned to Naz. She labels his actions as unprofessional, and he may have subconsciously tried to hide it.

    In jail Naz takes a leak, and finds Petey has slashed his wrists, is dead.

    Box goes to a bar, his retirement party.

    Freddy is puzzled why Petey did it, this messes up their drug running. Naz says he has something to tell him.

    In the morning, Freddy kills Victor, the BJ receiver, while Naz distracts the guard.

    Box ponders his golf club and other gifts.

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