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Crackling banter between Weiss and Dr Kratz
suprabhattacharya8 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Hell of a scene it is..the interrogation scene between Dr Kratz and Weiss..was one of the best edited and written scenes in this series..the case also gets a breakthrough as Naz's defense gets firmer..
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"The State Rests"
lavatch3 July 2017
In this penultimate episode, the State, under prosecuting attorney Mrs. Weiss, rests its case. Chandra now mounts her defense of young Naz.

In the course of the episode, it becomes clear that there are three principal suspects:

• Don Taylor, the sleazy stepfather: Stone interviews the ex-wife (one of the "grey ladies") who asserts that Taylor was prone to violence. Stone also learns that all of Taylor's credit cards are maxed out.

• Mr. Day, the creepy mortician: Mr. Day was driving the hearse that appeared to follow Naz's taxi cab out of the gas station. Mr. Day is also skilled with knives as an embalmer and had a strong antipathy towards Andra Cornish.

• Duane Reade: Reade was on the crime scene, and his friend Trevor was shielding him from the police. We know that Reade is a violent character.

In a subplot, Detective Dennis Box is thrown a retirement party and given a set of new golf clubs by his colleagues. But he is clearly a lonely and sad figure. He also dropped the ball in not investigating the three suspects described above.

In presenting her case, Chandra calls a skilled forensic pathologist to refute the findings about the wound to Naz's hand. The game of mumbletypeg is described in lurid detail. Along with the mumbletypeg, the breaking of the glass could explain the blood on Naz's hand. Chandra also points out that Detective Box was not interested in interrogating other suspects.

The episode closes with another violent prison scene. Petey takes his own life, and Naz rats out Petey's lover, whose throat is slit by Freddie.
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NAZ is full on convict, as his case continues on.
jedly2 September 2016
THE NIGHT OF, Episode 7, ORDINARY DEATH and….well….um...OK, Naz has gone completely convict, because, hell, it's the in thing this season. He's become much closer to Freddy, who seems to trust him. And, why not? Naz has done everything Freddy has asked. Naz is still smuggling drugs in, and he's also addicted them.

More reasons to doubt his innocence have come to light in the form of a second assault incident, and profitable college drug dealing in the form of Adderall. Was he really ever a good kid? Or was the naive 'golly gee' clueless look just an act?

Chandra Kapoor brings Dr. Katz (Chip Zien) and expert pathologist and photographer to discredit the state's case. As the audience already knows, Katz's assumptions are correct, but Weiss isn't buy into it. But, then again, that's her job.

Despite this being her first big case, Chandra's actually doing a pretty solid job as lead attorney, but he seems attracted to "bad boys", and kisses Naz. That's not going to end well, I think. The whole scenario sort of reeks of cliché. 'Rookie attorney finds her stride, but it abruptly derailed when he doe something monumentally stupid.' I hope I'm wrong.

Stone, who's egcma is cured, has grown suspicious of Don Taylor, for all intents and purposes, is a gigolo with a temper to boot Unfortunately, John Stone isn't as stealthy as he though, and it doesn't really end well from him.

The story seems to finally be coming to together. I still believe the story up to this point was a tad clunky, but it's coming together. These last two episodes were pretty damn good. We're learning more about Naz. We're finding more suspects. The case and the characters are becoming more layered. I am interested to be if they can keep this momentum going through the next, and last, episode.

As long as you stick with it, this show is worth the watch.
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