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ersbel7 May 2017
A man has done something. It was deemed wrong by his superiors. And he is going to be punished for that. Sure, others can be promoted for similar acts. And most probably punished for the same act. But the lines have to be blurred to make up a story. To make an upper middle class man a victim of the system that he was playing so well. And here starts the unpleasant part.

The man knows who are the superiors. But this kind of details are forgotten. I can get the actions of the man. He does not want any more trouble. But the weasel reporters are simply using him to generate an exploitation story: nice man crushed by the system. The man is nice because he wears a white shirt. Most probably he is not that nice. But for 30 minutes the producers need a knight in shinny armor.

Why aren't there any names? The system is a monolith. It is an evil emanation without source and of unclear nature. Who is doing what? Nothing. What is hidden by punishing this man? Nothing. Prosecutor? Judge? Nothing. Any question is left unanswered beyond the simple minded "evil system".

And than I see it: Laura Poitras. No names. She does not want to upset anything. She just lives on this vampire story line. If the source would be uncovered people like her would be on social security. So never mind the problems: the viewer should just get upset and late on pay for the next dose of depression.

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