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The season ends with a blast!
hinkevanabbema13 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is amazing! I was so impressed by all that happened, and it was a lot!!

First of all, I have to rectify what another reviewer said about Thomas. He does not commit suicide. He tries to, but he fails. Oh my goodness, that was intense, I'll tell you. And when he lies in bed recovering, Master George visits him and gives him an orange. That was so endearing.

What Mary did to Edith trumps all family betrayal. What a bitch! Hurray for Tom for really giving it to Mary, he was so angry at her! And justly so.

It felt hurried when at the end Mary did marry Henry, but I am happy for them. So curious now what the Christmas special will bring. Hopefully some joy for Edith and Tom, too, they deserve it.
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A bit rushed!!!
ohlabtechguy24 February 2016
Lots happened in this episode. Started on a comical note and then turned into personal crisis for Edith, Mary and Patmore. Felt as though Fellows was rushing to get all his characters and plots wrapped up before the end of the series. Both Tom Branson and Violet stepped a bit out of character, acting as tools to get Mary to acknowledge her love for Henry. Branson didn't seem to have a compelling reason to advocate so strongly for a Henry/Mary LTR. And would Violet really side with romantic love over the more practical and useful elements of social power, money and status? I wouldn't think so. Otherwise, a great episode and I will miss the series when it ends. BEST EVER TV SHOW!!!
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The Magic is back!
abuonvinorosso2 December 2015
I wouldn't disparage season 4 or 5 at all. I loved them both, but I felt they lacked the same level of lascivious and sanguinary undercurrents that kept all the pageantry and opulence afloat in those first three seasons. After all, it was this combination of beauty and darkness that initially allowed a rather unlikely tale of Anglo-centric romanticized Edwardian privilege to capture the interests and hearts of ordinary modern people from all around the world.

But that initial spark has most certainly returned here. This lustrous penultimate episode was with out any doubt, the best episode of season six (Xmas special excepted) and likely bodes well for the Downton Abbey finale, which will, no doubt, end this show's run with much of the same bang that started it all.

Glad to see Lord Fellowes has not lost his love for the melodramatic!
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Best episode ever
showr_949 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I doubt everyone would agree with me, but, for me, it was the show's best episode ever. It had everything, literally. Right from Henry lashing out at Mary to Mary showing her true colours to Tom giving Mary a lecture to granny coming to the rescue to a pretty satisfying ending. All this, while leaving a few unanswered questions for the Christmas special. Oh God, i'd miss this show.

Did I mention about how good the actors were? My my. There isn't a single soul in the cast who do not fit the part, or better, do not excel in the space given. What an ensemble! (I know it's too late to say this, but once you've watched this episode you'd understand why i'm reiterating it)

Story wise, it has moved forward leaps and bounds, all, in the span of a week. Gist? 1.Mary causes a wreck 2.Edith's heart is broken, 3.Mary gets married 4.Barrow commits suicide 5.Mama(Dowager) returns and repairs the damage caused by Mary 6.Spratt has hidden talents 7.Molesely comes around with his teaching 8.Mrs.Patmore is saved from a scandal by the family and her business will most likely prosper 9.Mr.Carson and Mrs.Hughes have a little romantic tete-a-tete (which is so adorable, gosh!) 10.Berty Pelham becomes a Marquess (Yes, the agent is now of a higher rank than the Granthams)

Phew, so much, isn't it? So what happens when you pack all that into an episode? An explosive finale!
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Downton Abbey Keeps Getting Better
jp28199511 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mrs. Patmore opens a bed and breakfast, not knowing that her first customers are a man and a mistress, so her small business is branded as a "house of ill repute". It's become a laughingstock. Of course, it is also touching that Robert, Cora and Aunt Rosamund decide to eat there to help Mrs. Patmore flourish her business. As Robert says, " Mrs. Patmore has been loyal, so we must be loyal to her". I wonder if aristocrats at those time really are that kind. It's moving, really.

Mr. Molesley finally finds his own path, that is, to become a teacher. It's really touching.

Poor Thomas is in a depression. How I pity him, finally we understand why he acts so mean at times. His mind is simply not healthy. He is disliked by many and has no friends, and he feels very lonely. We can blame him, I mean after all the things he did, who wants to associate with him? But this time, his illness strikes harder and he considers suicide. Luckily, good-hearted people like Miss Baxter and Anna help him. Finally we understand Thomas better.

Perhaps, the biggest incident is Edith vs. Mary, finally, in a last battle. I'm so happy that Edith said those words to Mary, a cold-hearted and scheming woman at times. Edith has learned to fight at last. Mary deserved those words. And the acting is superb.
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Worst Downton Abbey episode.
Harhaluulo5424 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The slow pacing is now gone and everything must suddenly change for whatever conclusion possible because the series is about to end."

-The writers of this series probably, possibly and apparently.

If you liked this episode, you have 0 understanding of the characters and you most likely never truly liked this show. Most of the characters had massive out- off-character behavior during the first part of this 2-part finale. Saying stuff and acting in a way they never would have acted in the first 50 episodes nor would they act like this now if they kept in character.

This sudden personality change on all the characters is cancerous and against everything else that has happened in the past 50 episodes. The shipping of Mary and mister car driver - who is the worst husband candidate yet and apparently the canon pairing of this finale - is nauseous and has ruined my day.

The quality drop is simply insane and a total disgrace. Any of the characters from the first 50 episodes would agree with me - not suitable. Seeing how IMDb has this episode ranked as the 3rd best Downton Abbey episode is a perfect example of how right the Dowager Countess of Grantham was and is about change.
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rules and traditions..
Arth_Joshi29 January 2019
Downton Abbey

Fellowes has successfully managed to make a soap opera melodrama, luxury rather than a necessity. This royal family and the impact it casts upon others surrounding them is the ultimate definition of royalty, in terms of that it spews each of our assumptions of the livelihood of people residing in such palace onto the screen with elegance and stature that does more than people-pleasing work. The emotions comes in plethora of it- hence arguable the titled genre melodrama- but what doesn't come in hand is the content, the writers fiddles with you with such panache that you are rumble down to be gullible enough to nod at anything offered. And this is primary the reason, why in its middle seasons, where the writing was questioned and yet loved and accepted by us effervescently.

Its primary theme that it adapts or conjures for an episode is shared by an entire cast that makes the episode balance and all the tracks, no matter how long they may carry on later, gets a definite period within that hour for you to pin down your decision. The most difficult part of the writers is to pass on information or rumors in this too-big-a-palace but with flawed three dimensional characters, it is weaved out with excellent justifying reasons leaving you in an awe of it.

Fellowes doesn't share its cast, nor a scene, nor humor, nor any anchor that would weight him down to take bold risks, he doesn't compromise on lopping off a character from the screen or adding one despite of being shared by so many, he has managed to reboot the drama until every last viewers gets that point jaggedly on mark. The series is also blessed with incredible cast like Dockery, Bonneville, Carter, Coyle and Smith that stands out among plenty other performances. Downton Abbey is, yes, cheesy, but each aspect of the series owns it, and with commitment like such comes maturity and just good storytelling.

Season 06

The final act can arguably be considered as the aftermath of all, polishing the dull mistakes and unsatisfied characters hanging on a thread, the makers have decided to keep it low on possibly every bit of drama since they have already been through a lot

Episode #6.8

Forming allegiance and unknowingly breaking them, this episode as it often does revolves around Dockery and her mistakes, Dockery and her love track, that leaves not only her shook but the very base of Downton Abbey itself.
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