Nobel Poster

(2016– )

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Season 1

13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.1
A lieutenant arrives back from an Afghanistan mission, after forcefully stopping a woman from running into a bomb explosion. Back in peaceful Norway he sees an abuse, and is conflicted in if he should intervene or not.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.2
It went horribly wrong. The SMS which seemingly came from a certain source has backfired. Erling Riiser finds himself in a predicament, obviously making trouble for the government.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.3
The conflict with the land owner Zamani is coming to a head and Jon Petter is deeply affected by the death of Sigurd. Burås decides to confront the enemy with peaceful means. A friendly Buskhasi match. Men on horses fighting over a dead goat. That turns out to be a bad choice.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.4
The Foreign Minister is visiting Afghanistan, and organizes a meeting with an elusive guest. In Norway the press has got hold of material which shows that the soldiers fire at seemingly unarmed men. The Special Forces and the Foreign ministry join forces to save the honor of the Army.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.5
Erling is exposed in the tabloids as a cold blooded killer. He has to clear his name, but first he has to get his son to safety and then he has to go to the police.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.6
The American Secretary of Defence is at an official visit in Norway and is interested in the Foreign Minister's talks with the Taliban. He also has a special surprise for Erling and Håvard, something Erling receives with mixed emotions.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.7
Erling think that Hektor is behind the killing of Sharif to avoid being exposed for dodgy business deals in Afghanistan. Johanne is of a completely different opinion, and Erling is starting to feel uneasy abut pretty much everything.
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.8
Erling is no longer suspended and is head of security for a meeting to sign the oil deal in Afghanistan. As Erling expects, the meeting has tragic results.

 Season 1 

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