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panta-423 July 2015
What I wan*ker this guy is! This is how was this documentary described: "El Latindio gives us a glimpse into Anand Bhatt: The unique Indian artist to rock the Latin Music scene..." I will tell you one thing, this guy could only rock his bad with a sock in his hand. I downloaded this thinking to use some music for tomorrow night's Latin Dance Party, because I work as a Latin DJ Friday and Saturday night, and believe me, I could not find one decent song in it! If you are interested in self promotion of a sexually confused guy who has two strapped girls on a leash, a guy who is a half musician because a hair drier is preferred to be used more than any instrument, a guy who probably has his own poster on a ceiling admiring himself when he wakes up... combined with cheesy video footage, bad editing, atrocious directing... watch it!
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