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perfect in every way
zshah201011 July 2015
This show is one of the best that I've ever come across. its slow, its well paced, it has lovable characters and it doesn't take too long with its conflicts, and resolves them in realistic ways. relationships are portrayed accurately, which is very difficult to find in modern media.

every character is very likable and does everything to add to the story and make it interesting. the conflicts themselves are also surprisingly realistic as well. Two things that were especially huge surprises to me. one, the fact that this was an anime that felt like a genuine love story, and is grounded in reality. i haven't seen too much anime ill admit, but this is the first time I'm seeing one this grounded. second, i don't hate a single character. yeah, this is a personal quip, but every show i love, i hate or at least dislike at least one character. thats not the case here. every character is wonderful and memorable, and I'm glad I'm happy it broke my record. all in all, highly recommend, especially if u like romance or slow natural stories.
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My Love Story!!
Tweekums2 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This shoujo series shows the development of a relationship between high school students Takeo and Rinko. Takeo is a kind and thoughtful person even though his enormous size means others find him intimidating. One day he protects the diminutive Rinko from somebody who tries to molest her on the train… from this moment on Rinko falls for Takeo. He has feeling for her to but initially believes she has started hanging out with him because she fancies his best friend Suna… this is plausible as all the girls seem to fancy the handsome Suna even though he shows little interest in them. Eventually Takeo learns that it is him that Rinko fancies and they become a couple. Over the course of the series it becomes apparent that both of them have other admirers but nobody else has a chance as they are clearly in love.

If you are looking for a series with action, tension or something a little racy you are in for a disappointment; instead 'My Love Story!!' is a gentle and rather chaste romance. While others may take an interest in the protagonists few people would suspect their relationship might flounder. That doesn't mean this is boring though; far from it; the characters are likable and it is enjoyable to spend time with them. Takeo is the obvious star of the show; this gentle giant is a likable character and his insecurities regarding Rinko are believable… he isn't conventionally good looking so one can understand how he'd worry that he wasn't going to be able to keep a girl like Rinko… even though her feelings are obvious to those around him. Rinko is a likable female lead who is equally nervous about whether Takeo will like her. The other main character, Suna, is a good supporting character without getting too involved with the story. The character designs are good and distinctive and the animation is decent. Overall this is a charming love story with plenty of gentle laughs along the way… definitely worth watching.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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A Hartwarming Experience
Thehagengnome15 April 2019
This show is one of the few romance shows that don't get stuck up on the pre-relationship part but actually focuses mostly on actual love and care within an actual relationship. there is a lot of depth to this show as well as having a truly heartwarming charm. Every episode I feel like smiling and laughing, it is truly well made in that sense. This is a great show, and I think it is a truly great show if you can relate to some of the feelings and dilemmas going on, like I myself can.
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Kind of boring.
invisibleunicornninja25 January 2019
I'm really not a fan of romance in any medium, but this one is very good. It well written and cute with strong characters. The animation is also very good. My problem is that its not very interesting. Other than the romance, there really isn't much going on and its honestly kind of boring. If you like romance you will love this, but if you need more in a story, then you aren't going to find it here.
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A sweet, cookie cutter anime.
BoydudeReviews24 October 2018
This shows is about Takeo, a 16 year old hogh school who falls in love with a girl, but will she fall on love with him? Going into this show, I knew what I was expecting. A simple slice of life romance. And that is what I got. What I wasn't expecting was it to be very funny. I love how certaim characters take simple, ordinary things EXTREMELY serious, like their lofe dependong on it. Takeo does this alot and is possibly one of thw funniest male protagonist I hace seen in a while. Suna is his best friend who all the girls fancy, which is the exact opposite to Takeo, who is always not respect by girls. But along come, Rinko, an EXTREMELY, maybe too far , cute girl. The relationship she has with Takeo is just quirky, awkard, strange, but adorable. The other characters are also decent in the show. Visually, the character designs look pretty basic and blabd, except for Takeo. The background colours and designs, however loom really nice and have this warmth to it. My issues with the sbow is that it's far too nice, and not enough conflict. My problems with the show is definitely the writing. It is just so sickly sweet. It's like you have eaten far too much of an EXTREMELY sweet chocolate. It sometimes makes you gag, I suppose that's it. To be honest, I'm not sure if I should recommend this. It really isn't for me, but if you lime sweet cookie xutter romamces, this is for you.
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